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The Plan

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“Snap out of it Gerard,” my brother grumbled at my fazed expression with attentive eyes, before beadily rolling them in my direction. “Talk about gays.” He muttered with a puff.

“Wha-Mikey!” I yelped outraged, instantly clasping my hand over his running mouth before he spills out any more secrets of mine for the whole of the students to hear. A great urge to kick Mikey right now consuming me.

“Ewe, gay germs,” Mikey spoke flippantly, in a disgusted tone through my hand, making his hot breath radiate onto my palm making it feel hot and clammy, whilst he loosely flopped his hands around like an overrated preppy girl. None of the less, his purposely-inconsiderate behaviour was making my skin crawl, almost making it jump out of my skeleton more than the plane did.

He tore my hands away from his lips and teasingly sniggered.

“Dude, you’re too paranoid,” Mikey stated.

“Dude, you’re too stupid, idiotic, you want me to go on?” I questioned sarcastically, but already feeling myself heat up.

“Yep I was correct, paranoid,” Mikey triumphantly informed himself again with a smirk, before advancing down the line of students to the airport.

Wait a minute.

I whizzed around in a circle, looking around my new surroundings, realizing they weren’t new at all. New Jersey. I had stepped back into my home, the hot and humid breeze briskly brushing against my cheeks, making all my problems seem a million miles away. The sizzling sun shining upon me and everyone else, bringing their silhouettes alive, something I missed back in England. I inhaled profoundly, only smelling the aromas of the stuffy plane engines, but that was not strong enough to cover the rich luscious smells of New Jersey that lay underneath, a place that is terrible, but a place I have terribly missed. Being back at home will defiantly do me the world a good. Right?

I realised that most of the students were in waiting cosily in the airport, so I zoomed in to wait eagerly for my coach ride home, trekking behind the last few, but firstly stopping dead in my track seeing my brother tap his foot impatiently at me, clear in my vision and clearly in my way.

“About time,” he huffed, shaking his head disappointed.


Being back in the warmth satisfying presence of my home, felt great for about two minutes, at the most. After that all the excitement, adventure and everything was gone. I craved it all, but truthfully, I craved Frank, Frank Iero. The one who has had my mind clouded with confusion, grief, upset, happiness, questions, decisions, His stunning searing coffee-coloured eyes with that touch of cinnamon, that affections devilish grin that displayed his dimples, sun-kissed skin so flawless so perfect dare I touch and make a imperfection, that shapely posterior and scrumptious lean body not to mention that face, just all too much for me to take in. Fighting for that very important feeling to finally break through, all those thoughts that were filling my head were just trying to tell me that my love had to find a way and my love had found its way to Frank. He is the excitement, and he is the adventure, he’s...everything, everything that I had ever wanted, I just didn’t know that until my heart led me to him.

Every time he enters my presence, I feel compelled to glide my hand so lightly down his glowing face and hook my hands around his chiselled jar and bring them luscious heart shaped lips to cover my own. The way he captivates me with his charming husky deep voice, making my heart lurch and the need to hear that voice mumble and moan into mine all too much.

How can I sit in this ridiculous attic, complete disarray for a bedroom and do nothing? Frank forever crammed into my head all day and every day. Mikey might think I’m paranoid, but after it has took me this long to realise that I...I might even l-love Frank more than I thought, of course I’m going to be paranoid, it can’t all just disappear so quickly. I know that I have probably missed my chances, as I have been so fickle and stupid, but I have to try, the only thing I can do is tell him the truth. The lies have already came back to me therefore the least I can do is be honest. I will tell him on Monday, when we go back to school. I just hope he forgives...

“Oi skid mark, you have to get ready!” my loving brother bellowed from the landing.


“Gerard, you look great. Why are you worrying?” Mikey asked looking bewildered.

“I don’t know, you really think I look great?” I questioned baffled.

“Yes, c’mon I know I’m your brother and such but seriously, compared to how you looked before you look like a super model,” he indicated, nodding his head.

It was true; I could not argue that I did look like a walking disaster before (breaks into sum 41 XD) not just physically but mentally. Now I practically glowed, there was finally a source of life behind my eyes, it may only just be glistening slightly, but it was a start. I might even agree with Mikey, and believe I look great; he even summoned my mind away from the doom, and gloom greyness that accompanied me earlier.

“Hmm, well I don’t know whether to thank you or punch you for that? But I don’t think your face would make a difference even if a bus pummeled you in the face,” I laughed teasingly.

“Thanks,” Mikey smiled sarcastically, looking very unamused.

“Thanks for helping me Mikey, I just hope you can keep up the good work with this plan of yours,” I told him.

“Well I have faith in us,” he spoke confidently.

I on the other hand was already feeling slightly sick to the stomach by the so-called brilliant plan of his. Sure, I look great, but that would only work if his plan does too. I could already feel my body go tense, the stiffness in my arms not jerking, and I haven’t even confronted the scary part yet. Clenching my teeth in frustration, I told myself to be strong.

Mikey had chosen for me to wear a fitted blood red button shirt underneath a nice snug but not too tight worn leather jacket, my personal best, black skinny jeans with a few tears here and there and my black Dr Martins tucked tightly underneath my jeans. The toe on my docs ragged and scuffed just like my jacket but I liked it, and hopefully Frank will too. I would have never got dressed never mind looking good if it wasn’t for Mikey. My sable bangs were freshly washed and tamed, leaving it from its bed mess to sex mess. The back of my hair that once was dyed a vivid red now a shining a light fluffy brown and my eyes rimmed with black eyeliner circling my eyes nicely but smudged as always, however, this time adding a touch of beige eye shadow darkening my eyes just that shade more, looking hazy and more enlarged. All done by Mikey, which was making me consider his sexual orientation, to which I aired my thoughts about and defiantly let my young sibling a good brother I am

“ me over the plan again,” I demanded, turning on my heel to face him after viewing my reflection in the full sized mirror.

“Well, I’ve told Ray about what went down with you two and we have organised a lake side party, claiming that it is a welcome back party for everyone so Lucy, Romy my girlfriend!” he informed, raising his voice a little louder assuring me of his sexuality, making me chuckle. “Bob and everyone will be there and will probably invite more people from school and such. We have said that you should go into one of the rooms we have rented in the house so then Ray can tell Frank that you need to speak to him. Once he does, you can both talk and settle this and you can hopefully make him see you’re the one for him, then you can have bum sex and live happily ever after” Mikey finished, inhaling deeply at his very long explanation, but not finishing it off without a devilish cheesy grin.

“Mikey! that...doesn’t sound half bad” I smiled to the thought of Franks golden lean body hovering above me, like an angle as he would thrust into me being a little less innocent than an angle, “Wait he ok about it...wait you did tell Ray didn’t you, you know who that is don’t you” I franticly rushed.

“Yes yes captain fluffer...I do know G,” he said in an obvious tone raising his arms to emphasize.

I let out a sigh. “Oh, ok, as long as he is ok with it. Wait...what if he doesn’t come to the room to speak to me...I’m pretty sure he hates my guts right now Mikes,” I confessed with a slight breaking in my voice.

“Look G, we know what you did was pretty bad but...Ray says he has his ways...oh that rhymed,” he squealed with excitement, giggling very pleased with his rhyme, to that I had to giggle too.

“Ha-ha, you’re a poet and you didn’t know it.” I joined in. “Oh man, I really hope this works...tell Ray that I need to speak to him so badly and...”

“G...don’t sweat it, we have it all planned out,” Mikey assured me, patting me on the shoulder giving me a reassuring smile. I can do this; I have to be relentless, to know that it’s now or never. He’s the only thing on my mind and I plan to keep it that way.


It was an hour into the lakeside party, yet already it felt like I was back at the stuffy filled club in England. All the staggering bodies and air mingled with alcohol, cigarettes, and other substances I really didn’t want to smell...or hear. This place was really filling up and I had a feeling there were a few gatecrashers that decided to rustle in and stir the night up even more so, as if it wasn’t obvious. However, as if I thought that would be a big enough distraction, when the biggest one of the night so far was that a very important person was missing...well I suppose he would have to turn up first to be missing. Frank fucking Iero wasn’t here, the whole reason why I came tonight, my best evening attire, best aftershave, hair, and face everything done for him and he wasn’t here to see it.

Man, I am so fucking stupid, I’m a complete spaz, as if he is going to come here never mind come to a room to speak to me, he won’t want to hear me out, after all what am I, nothing. I’m fucking nothing in his eyes and I never will be, he hates my guts and to be honest I don’t blame him.

So here I am, supposed to be enjoying this time with my friends, giggling, just like Romy as she twirls her silky long hair in-between her lacy delicate fingers flirtatiously, whilst talking with Mikey who was in his usual jeans, sneaks waistcoat, and blazer. Bob and Lucy nearly sitting on one another’s lap they were that close, sharing a glass of wine with Lucy’s hair that laid straight just past her shoulders showing Bob her new dark blue streaks. Then over by the pool Danny completely wasted waggling his hips pretending to be some sort of drama queen when in actual fact he is, all happy and giddy with a bunch of fucks and then there’s me...stuck in the middle of two drunks two I didn’t catch the name nor want to catch the name. I was literally slummed on the couch with these guys, hiccupping and all boozed up ‘ready for some action’ I recalled them saying. I was on the verge of breakdown, almost in hysterics, I didn’t know what to do, and I don’t even know where Frank lives to tell him. Therefore, what did I do, drown my misery with a cheap can of beer.

“Gerard!” Lucy called, as she skipped over to me wearing a huge gloss covered smile as she approached me.

“Hey Lucy pop,” I said budging a smile to repress on my saddened expression, not so convincing as she noticed my sadistic face and knew all too well that my persuasive smile wasn’t so persuasive.

Her face dropped “What’s wrong?” she spoke delicately, her voice not matching the pleasant smile she wore earlier.

I huffed, shrugging my shoulders sluggishly as I slid further down the couch that lay just underneath the shelter, already feeling overwhelmed and salty tears threatening to fall.

“Ugh, everything,” rolled off my tongue, just as effortless as my position.

“You can tell me, I’m here for you,” She replied, giving me a half-heartedly smile as she encouragingly placed a soft hand on my shoulder, looking into my eyes knowing that I could confide in her just like my brother.

I was about to begin my long tale of trouble that I had got myself into, and the mess that I have caused, fearing that I wouldn’t be able to regain his trust, but just as I was, Ray had flew in. He was nearly knocking all the alcohol and other liquid drinks off the low table as he rushed over to my brother. Romy had stormed off looking very pissed for some unknown reason, then Mikey suddenly looked up to Ray to receive some unheard news and once he did he slid his gaze over at me, catching my eyes and motioning me to go upstairs to the room, myself already knowing that Frank can’t be far, that he really is coming. My emotions racing almost lifting and thankfully lifting up with me as I fled to the foot of the stairs in the house turning to see Mikey smiling at me, raising a very odd bent thumb at me for luck, with a few odd glances from the guys. I smiled back at Mikey as I bounded up the stairs to the only free room that Mikey had reserved for me, promptly collapsing onto the bed, all nerves, and excitement boiling in my blood.

I settled waiting on the bed, my hands sandwiched between my legs to stop them from shaking, only having my legs doing that in return. The door creaked open and my nerves lit, tingles expressing and my confident lacking. Just then, a whimpering mess staggered into the room, to which I later found out was Romy. She stumbled over to me in her drunken state, swaying side to side wearing a tear stained face and finally landing next to me on the end of the bed.

She lifted her drooping fringe from over her eyeliner-smudged eyes, surprised by my presence, sitting here just staring at her in disbelief as she entered.

“Ge...Gerard...I didn’t kno-know you we-were here,” she slurred.

“What’s wrong Romy?” I asked curiously, still looking wearily from her face to the door.

“We-well ...M-Mikey hates me...” she quivered the sentence and immediately burst into tears, gripping a hold of my shoulder, weeping tears onto my leather jacket leaving it sticky and mascara stained.

She mumbled words I couldn’t muster into my shoulder and scrunched my jacket into the pits of her hands. I held her to my side and let her tears fall, comforting her in her time of need. I waited for her to calm her tears, to come face to face with her once again as her weeping had sub-sided, meeting her mascara-clogged lashes, spidery stuck together, and darkening her tear filled puffy eyes. She was so gorgeous and wonderful it pained me to see her this way.

“Hey...hey now,” I said looking at her face, her make-up mostly wiped off, partly on my jacket and her eyes so smudged I could compare them to a pandas. Her dark hair plastered to the sides of her face dropping down just like her smile. “Don’t be silly, Mikey adores you...he really really likes you Romy, why would you say he hates you?” I questioned puzzled, wrapping my arm around her back and hooking my hand on her shoulder blade comfortably; letting her head, rest upon my neck.

“Heee...doesn’t has any time for me...a-annnnd he h-h-hates me,” She stuttered through her words in her drunken haze, repeating the many tears from before.

“Romy, you’re great and Mikey...”

She had abruptly leaned her way in and instantly to my shock kissed me, her sloppy uncontrollable lips connecting to mine, her messy drunkenness form leaning against me and wrapping her slim arms around my body. Her bony structure was uncomfortably digging into me as she continued to force the kiss. I saw a cast of a shadow appear out the corner of my eye, and knew another presence surrounded us. I immediately freed my lips from hers and craned my neck around instantly. And that’s when my eyes found Franks.

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