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Hey everyone,
I’m really sorry this took so long to get out. I have now been at university just a little over a week but last week was only taster lectures and stuff so the real work doesn’t start until tomorrow. I’ve been trying really hard to get this chapter out but this place is really fucking up my muse. Trying to write has been like torture in my room, I feel like I’m in a prison cell. So needless to say trying to get this chapter done was a bit like pulling teeth, but hopefully when you read it it will still flow and stuff.
I’m really sorry guys, I’m trying to get my shit back together it’s just hard here.
I love you all though, your reviews keep me happy :]

Frank jumped softly when he heard a knock at the wagon door, instantly making his eyes narrow suspiciously. He sat up in his bed and stared at the door as if he’d be able to see through it to who was standing on the other side.

Cain and Silver had told him they’d probably be busy until dinner time at which point they’d collect their food from the eating tent and bring some back for Frank too. They were going to spend the night in the wagon together, just relaxing and chatting to cheer Frank up. In the meantime Frank had been spending the day in the wagon moping to himself. Cain had told him to just take a day off to cheer himself up but so far all Frank had done was think of Gerard and cry.

Now though someone was disturbing him, and Frank didn’t have a clue who it could be. Cain and Silver would just walk in, and he couldn’t think of anyone else who might want to see him. His mind instantly jumped to the worst case scenario and he gulped softly as he wondered if maybe Maria had come to confront him... Oh God, he wouldn’t be able to handle that.

Frank curled back under the sheets, trying to pretend as if he hadn’t heard the knock at the door but no sooner had he started to relax than there was another knock against the wood. He squeezed his eyes shut and continued to try to ignore it, pulling his pillow over his head and blinking stupidly when an all too familiar voice reached his ears.

“I know you’re in there Frank. Just open the door.”

Frank shot up in surprise at Gerard’s calm, silky voice and felt his heart start to race erratically in his chest. Gerard was the last person he would have expected to be at his door. He thought the ringmaster had made it all too clear that he wasn’t interested in Frank, that he wasn’t going to go chasing after him when he walked out.

“Frankie. Open the door.” Gerard called again, his voice firmer this time and Frank bit his lip hard. What if Gerard had come here to tell him to leave? What if he was about to lose his job?


At the angry tone to Gerard’s voice Frank sprung up, unable to disobey him and he rushed to answer the door, in nothing but his breeches. He blushed deeply as he swung the door open to find Gerard looking at him with a quirked eyebrow.

“Well. You took your time.” He noted, Frank’s cheeks blazing as he stood aside to let Gerard in. He wasn’t entirely sure why he was letting Gerard in, he just couldn’t refuse him. He knew now, whether he liked it or not, he would do anything for the ringmaster.

“I – I’m sorry I was... sleeping.” He lied quickly, Gerard giving a soft ‘hmmph’ as he walked in and slowly pulled off his white silk gloves.

“I see.” He said softly, looking about the wagon before sitting down on the edge of the bed. He waited for Frank to sit beside him but the mechanic simply stayed standing awkwardly by the door. “Sit.” Gerard invited, tapping the edge of the bed and Frank obediently sat beside him.

“So...” Gerard began, looking at Frank with those swirling, smouldering eyes that the mechanic loved so much. “I thought I’d come and speak to you about last night, now that you’ve had time to calm down.”

Frank blushed deeply at Gerard’s words, the patronising tone making him feel like a moody child who was sulking because they hadn’t got their way. He knew that he had had every right to react the way he had last night and he refused to let Gerard make him believe otherwise.

“You know why I was angry...” He said softly, bowing his head when Gerard scoffed.

“Actually I don’t.” He shrugged, touching Frank’s cheek with his fingertips when the younger man looked away and he turned his face back to him. “All I know is that you played the moral card on me, trying to convince me it’s wrong for us to enjoy our time together just because of Maria. But if you really cared about that Frank then you would have pushed me away right from the start.” He pointed out softly, Frank blushing even more and bowing his head with an irritated pout.

“I know that...” He whispered, feeling angry at Gerard for bringing it up, and angry with himself for never doing what he knew was right in the first place. He had known all along that Gerard had a girlfriend, he should have just said no to him right from the start. He had been an idiot, letting himself get sucked in by the ringmaster’s seductive charm, too thrilled at finally being able to feel a man’s touch and it had all backfired so spectacularly.

“So why do you choose now to make such a big song and dance about it?” Gerard asked innocently, dodging Frank’s hand smoothly when the mechanic tried to slap him. A slow smirk spread over Gerard’s face, his hand wrapping around Frank’s wrist and securing it with ease.

“Let go of me.” Frank growled softly, losing all of his conviction when Gerard leaned closer to him, those softly arched lips of his suddenly drawing Frank in. “Gerard-”

“Come on Frank, tell me. Why is it that you care so much about Maria?” Gerard demanded softly, leaning closer and closer as he spoke. Frank’s eyes were fixated on his lips, his heart racing erratically as he tried to tug his wrist free from Gerard’s grip but the ringmaster was unrelenting.

“Because... Because she almost found us.” He mewled honestly, deciding that his best option was to just tell the truth and then hopefully Gerard would leave. “Because it made me realise how much she loves you and I don’t want to be a part of breaking her heart. I may not like her, but I have more respect for her than that. I won’t do this with you anymore Gerard, now please get out.” He said softly, moving his gaze to meet the older mans and hold it steady.

For a moment Gerard was surprised, but it didn’t last long. He continued smirking and shrugged, gently cupping Frank’s face with his free hand and caressing his cheek.

“So that’s it. No more time with me...” He breathed, slowly leaning forward to touch his lips to Frank’s jaw. “Alone...” He purred, moving his lips slowly up to his ear, breathing hotly against his soft skin. “Naked...” He groaned huskily, Frank’s eyelids beginning to flutter. “Between the sheets...”

As Gerard began pushing Frank backwards the mechanic snapped back to his senses and he squeaked in shock, shoving Gerard away hard.

“Stop it!” He snapped, scuttling to the other end of the bed and gripping at his own hair. “Just leave Gerard! I won’t do this – I won’t be a part of this anymore!” He cried, Gerard scowling deeply as rejection sliced through him like an icy dagger to the heart.

“Fine.” He snarled, getting to his feet and grabbing his silk gloves. “Fine. If that’s the way you feel then you can pack up your things and leave. When we leave for the next town you will not be joining us.”

Frank’s heart missed a beat in horror though it was nothing that he hadn’t been expecting. He bowed his head and tried to hold back the tears stinging in his eyes, not wanting to give Gerard the satisfaction of seeing him cry.

“Fine, if that’s what you want.” He whispered, thankful when his voice stayed steady. “Good luck finding someone who can fix you up if you get broken though.” He pointed out coolly, looking up at Gerard through his eyelashes with a meaningful look to his gaze. It suddenly occurred to him that he was not as replaceable as Gerard was making out and Frank refused to be pushed out of a job he was so good at just because he refused to have sex with his boss.

“Pfft.” Gerard scoffed, waving his hand as if it meant nothing to him but his face had gone paler. “We’ll just put out posters again, like last time.” He shrugged and Frank chuckled darkly.

“Yeah, cos’ it worked so well last time. How many towns had you been to before you found me again?” He asked innocently, surprised by his own audacity but he clung onto it, needing it to get through this and save his job.

Gerard scowled deeply at Frank and for a moment he looked like he might hit him, but then slowly, ever so slowly his scowl was replaced by a smirk and he chuckled quietly. He was stunned by Frank’s sudden darkness but he loved it and he felt his heart flutter strangely, like its cogs were falling apart. He swallowed thickly and sighed, bowing his head for a moment before moving to sit back down on the bed.

“Okay fine, let’s be honest with each other.” He offered, Frank raising his eyebrows suspiciously at this new angle of conversation.

“Okay...” He agreed uncertainly, making sure there was still a safe distance between himself and the ringmaster.

“You got angry yesterday because... what? It suddenly hit you what we were doing?” He asked, his tone open and curious, trying to show how genuine he was being. He honestly just wanted to know what had made Frank react like he had and then hopefully he could sort it out. He didn’t want to lose what he had with the mechanic, and he certainly didn’t want to fire him. Frank may not have been anything particularly special when compared to Silver or Cain, but to Gerard he was the most gorgeous and wonderful man he had ever met.

Frank nodded slowly in response to Gerard’s question and bowed his head, running a hand through his hair. So, they were to be honest with each other huh? He’d give Gerard honesty if that’s what he wanted.

“Yes.” He said softly, looking up at the older man through his eyelashes. “I admit I was in the wrong for letting you do stuff with me when I knew you had a girlfriend, but I won’t do that anymore. And I think if you want to sleep around with men then you should break up with Maria too, because it isn’t fair on her.” He said simply, his heart racing in fear that Gerard was going to get angry; after all, it was nothing to do with Frank whether Gerard cheated on his girlfriend as long as it wasn’t him he was cheating on her with.

For a long moment Gerard was silent, just watching Frank with a curious gaze. He didn’t seem mad, only intrigued and Frank began to blush more and more under his intense gaze.

“I... See.” The ringmaster eventually spoke, delicately tapping his fingers on his chin as he considered this. “So, what you’re saying is that if I break up with Maria you’ll let me keep having sex with you?” He asked bluntly, Frank feeling his whole neck and cheeks blaze red and heat his skin.

“Th – that wasn’t what I said!” He squeaked indignantly, Gerard raising his eyebrows innocently at him.

“So... You won’t keep having sex with me if I do break up with her?” He confirmed, Frank avoiding his gaze as he floundered for the right words. This was the last thing he had been expecting. Was Gerard offering to leave Maria or was he just asking hypothetically? Was Frank still fired or not?

“I... I... I never said... I don’t know... I...” Gerard smirked at how flustered Frank had become and shook his head fondly, reaching out to cup his cheek with one hand.

“You’re adorable.” He told him, leaning forward to kiss his forehead and Frank just felt frozen to the bed, unable to do anything about it. “If you want me to leave Maria then I will.”

Frank closed his eyes tight and pursed his lips as he concentrated on composing himself. Gerard’s words were just knocking down all of his walls and destroying all of his conviction until he wanted nothing more than to fall into his arms and hold him tight.

“Th – That isn’t enough.” He insisted softly once he finally felt the strength to get the words out. He slowly opened his eyes and met Gerard’s gaze, holding it steady even as his heart raced. “If you leave her I still won’t have sex with you.” He whispered honestly, Gerard looking stunned for a moment before he slowly frowned.

“So... you just don’t want me?” He asked softly, the rejection splitting his heart and cutting right through his stomach. He felt sick and angry and hurt all at once, his head aching from the shock. Frank was the only person who had rejected him, the only person who had said he didn’t want him and Gerard just wasn’t sure he could stand it. “What you’re saying is... I’m not good enough?” He breathed.

Frank was stunned into silence, not entirely sure whether Gerard was being insecure or whether he was imagining it. Soon enough though he found his voice, growing indignant in his irritation.

“Will you stop putting words into my mouth!? I didn’t say that!” He snapped, Gerard blushing – actually blushing – and falling quiet. This sudden submission almost threw Frank off track, so unused to it. But he was undeterred.

“What I mean was,” He sighed, explaining to Gerard as if the man was a child. “Was that I don’t want to just be another plaything to you. If you want to be with me then be with me. Make me your boyfriend, or just leave.” He said simply, Gerard gawping at him.

The ringmaster suddenly felt like an idiot, unable to believe he hadn’t realised that that was what Frank was upset about. A slow grin split his features, his heart fluttering. It wasn’t that Frank didn’t want him, it was that Frank didn’t want to share him.

“Oh... Ooh.” He gasped, Frank blushing at his smirk. “I see... so what you’re saying is, you want me to break up with Maria and stop sleeping with Cain and Silver.” He chuckled, shaking his head at the absurdity of his never realising it before.

“You don’t have to sound so smug about it.” Frank retorted, wounded and a little embarrassed by Gerard’s reaction. He had no idea what it meant but he didn’t like the way Gerard was slowly crawling closer to him, forcing him to move backwards on the bed and fall back onto his elbows.

“If you wanted to be my one and only all you had to do was say so...” Gerard purred delicately, his smirk gone and his face suddenly open and honest. His churning hazel eyes were full of conviction and Frank’s heart leapt as he wondered if perhaps the ringmaster was actually being genuine.

“B – But Maria...” He began stupidly, biting his lip when a hand lay softly on his thigh and forced his legs to part so that Gerard could settle above him.

“Is history.” He shrugged, leaning down to touch their lips ever so softly. “I’ll leave her first think tomorrow. I’ll never touch Cain and Silver again, whatever you want.” He promised, Frank shivering at his words and mewling when their lips met and he pouted gently against the ringmasters mouth.

“You don’t mean that.” He sighed, knowing it couldn’t possibly be true. How could Gerard just offer such a thing after so long? Surely if he had wanted to be with Frank all along then he would have done this long ago.

“I do mean it.” Gerard insisted, pressing soft, tiny kisses to the mechanic’s lips until he managed to coax his mouth open and gently touch their tongues for just a second. “I want to be with you Frankie, I mean it.” He whispered, Frank unable to think straight enough to properly consider if maybe he was lying.

“O – Okay...” He finally accepted, just wanting to kiss the gorgeous ringmaster and not think about their argument anymore. He just wanted to feel amazing and he knew Gerard was the only man who could make him feel that way. He would worry about whether he was being honest or not later.

“Mmm... Trust me Frankie.” Gerard purred as he sank against his younger lover and kissed him deeply and passionately. He was well aware that Frank was torn between whether to believe him or not but deep down Gerard supposed things would always end like this. He and Maria weren’t right for each other. Of course they weren’t... if they were he wouldn’t feel the need to go around sleeping with men all the time. And well, Gerard had never considered having a relationship with Cain or Silver, they were gorgeous men but that was all they would ever be to him. Frankie though... He was different.

Gerard didn’t know exactly what it was he liked so much about Frank, all he knew was that he didn’t want to lose what they had. He was never good at handling rejection but when Frank had walked out on him it had almost torn him apart. He couldn’t stand for the mechanic to leave him, and he certainly didn’t want to fire him. Now he considered it he didn’t feel like only being with Frank was such a bad thing after all. Sure he liked sleeping with Cain and Silver, but he would give that up if he could have Frank whenever he wanted... and imagine not having to keep it a secret. In fact, Gerard couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought of this before.

Frank began to relax as Gerard kissed him, his heart racing at the thought of maybe becoming the ringmasters boyfriend. If Gerard meant what he said then Frank couldn’t deny he’d be thrilled, but he was well aware that he could be naive at times and in the back of his head he could hear Cain and Silver’s warnings. But damn he just felt so good.

“Gee...” He mewled, tilting his head back as the kiss broke and the older man began kissing down his neck. He closed his eyes and sighed softly, Gerard’s hands smoothing down his chest and stomach to touch the waistband of his breeches and work at removing them.

“Mm... Let me make you feel good Frankie.” Gerard whispered huskily into Frank’s ear, nibbling gently on his lobe until Frank nodded and sighed in delight. He was already semi erect as Gerard removed his breeches but Gerard himself wasn’t hard at all. He kept his hips elevated just a little so that Frank wouldn’t notice, hoping his kissing and touching was enough to distract Frank from trying to make him feel good in return. It wasn’t that Frank didn’t turn Gerard on, because he did, usually without even trying. But after such an explosive climax not even an hour earlier with Cain and Silver, he just didn’t feel like having sex all over again. But the desire to feel Frank cum for him was too much to ignore.

Frank sighed and rolled his head to the side as Gerard kissed down his throat and began sucking on his collar bone, his hips lifting to help remove his breeches until he was naked beneath the still fully clothed ringmaster.

“Mm... Why aren’t you naked yet?” Frank groaned in slight frustration, his fingers tugging needily at Gerard’s shirt to try and remove it but Gerard only chuckled fondly and nudged his hands away.

“Ah ah, contain yourself my love. Today I want this to be all about your pleasure.” He purred, Frank mewling but obediently dropping his hands as he realised Gerard was not going to be joining him in his birthday suit.

“But...” He mumbled, Gerard laying a finger over his lips to cut him off before he could point out his pleasure was mostly a result of the two of them being naked and slotted together in the most intimate way. But he didn’t need Gerard to spell it out for him to know that the ringmaster simply wasn’t in the mood right now so Frank tried to be grateful that Gerard was giving him anything at all.

“Just let me do this Frankie...” Gerard smiled seductively, leaning in to kiss him gently until he relaxed again and he continued kissing down his body.

Frank sighed and soon just forgot everything but the way Gerard was making him feel as long fingers wrapped around his semi and began teasing him up into an erection. A hot mouth enclosed around one of his nipples and began suckling gently and Frank’s head began to spin in delight.

Gerard gazed up at Frank through his eyelashes to make sure he was enjoying himself before he moved across to suck on his other nipple, nudging it with his tongue and grazing over it with his teeth until it was a hard nub in his mouth.

Frank was already breathing heavily, his hands playing through Gerard’s hair as his penis filled with blood and began to swell in the ringmasters fist. He moaned softly and arched his back, pushing his hips up until Gerard began pumping his hand faster around him.

Gerard softly released Frank’s nipple and began kissing down his stomach, peppering it in open mouthed kisses, soft sucks and tender bites. Frank’s skin rippled in response, his hips gyrating slowly as he sought more friction, pleasure tugging softly at his insides until he was relaxed and serene, his body savouring every sensation Gerard provided it with.

Gerard closed his eyes and kissed softly down over Frank’s hip bones and to his thighs, licking a wet trail to his inner thigh and nibbling gently as he rubbed his thumb over the head of Frank’s erection. The mechanic moaned huskily and lifted his hips just a little, eager for more and Gerard was just as eager to provide it.

When a hot, wet tongue dug into the tiny slit on the head of his penis Frank couldn’t stop himself from crying out in delight. His hands in Gerard’s hair tugged harder and he threw his head back, whimpering softly as Gerard quickly swallowed his length down and began bobbing his head back and forth. Their argument had felt as if it had lasted for years Frank had been so eager for it to end, and so it felt as if he hadn’t felt pleasure like this in forever.

“O – Oh Gee... s – so good...” He mewled, Gerard suckling harder around him in appreciation of the praise.

The ringmaster really was good at giving head and he used his talent to the best of his ability to ensure that he made Frank feel as good as he possibly could. He hollowed his cheeks and rubbed the flat of his tongue against the fraenulum with each bob of his head, one hand holding Frank’s hips down and the other gently caressing his balls.

Frank was beyond himself within seconds, his head rolling from side to side as he struggled to keep his hips down. His heart was racing frantically and he moaned soft words of encouragement as his fingers massaged Gerard’s scalp. He felt so right like this, like he belonged with the ringmaster and he truly hoped Gerard had meant it when he said they could be together.

Gerard looked up at Frank through his eyelashes as he sucked at his length, gently grazing his teeth over the foreskin and revelling in every twitch and pulse he caused. He closed his eyes again so that he could savour the feeling of the velvety flesh in his mouth. Soft foreskin coating the hardened shaft and feeling so good against his tongue as he licked and sucked for all he was worth. He had always enjoyed sucking dick, but Frank was really something else.

“Mm... Mmm...” Gerard hummed softly to send vibrations down Frank’s length, lapping up pre cum out of the slit and digging the point of his tongue inside for more. He gently rolled Frank’s balls in his palm and swallowed the extra cum that dripped onto his tongue, Frank starting to groan huskily as his climax built up inside him.

“G – Gerard... Oh God... Gerard I’m gonna cum...” He gasped, his grip on the ringmaster’s hair tightening as he cried out and arched his back up high, his whole body growing tense as he suddenly exploded his release into the older man’s mouth.

Gerard didn’t miss a beat when Frank came, swallowing every drop of milky fluid with ease. He ‘mmm’d softly to himself, eagerly bobbing his head and milking Frank dry as he suckled at the tip.

The young mechanic moaned huskily as he pulled at Gerard’s hair, his cock over sensitized from his orgasm and he whimpered as he gently pried Gerard away from it. The ringmaster gently licked Frank clean, as tender as a kitten lapping at milk before he crawled back up his body and pecked his cheek.

“Mm... Love.” He purred, Frank sighing and weakly wrapping his arms around Gerard’s neck. He smiled as he felt the ringmaster’s lips gently trailing along his jaw and he moved his head to the side to tenderly peck his lips.

“Mm... Did you mean it Gee? Am I your boyfriend now?” He asked softly, Gerard chuckling and cuddling Frank fondly.

“Of course you are sugar...”


Maria’s moustache was flaring as she glared down at Cain and Silver, stood with their hands linked looking at their feet. She had seen Gerard wandering to the tent where he had been stitching clothes all day and had been assuming he’d just nipped out for lunch or something, but in his hands he had been carrying a wash bowl, and as she had watched he had only been inside the tent for five minutes before leaving again.

Intrigued as to know why Gerard would be taking a washbowl into a tent and then leaving she had gone inside to investigate, only to find – much to her horror – Cain and Silver naked as the day they were born washing a suspicious white liquid off each other’s bodies.

Filled with rage she had questioned them angrily for two hours (once they had made themselves decent of course) but both men insisted that they had done nothing with Gerard, that the ringmaster had walked in and found them like this and had been angry at them but very kindly left to get them some water to wash up with despite his rage. Maria didn’t believe a word of it, since if that was true then it meant Gerard hadn’t been in the tent making clothes when he said he had been, but Cain and Silver refused to change their story.

In the end though she had finally managed to force out of them where the ringmaster was now, and after much crying, screaming and shouting it had become apparent that Gerard was in the wagon that Cain and Frank shared.

The wagon where Frank was currently alone.

Maria knew in that instant that when she had first confronted Gerard she had been made a fool of. It was now clear to her that he had indeed been cheating on her and she was not going to stand by and take it anymore.

“You boys should be ashamed of yourselves.” She snapped at Cain and Silver who were still refusing to look at her. “Be grateful that it is Frank who I am angry at and not you.” She snarled before turning on her heel and striding out of the tent, her eyes black with rage and her fists clenched.

She was a woman scorned, and she would get her revenge.
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