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Gerard shows Frank a magic trick! Frerard one-shot. Mini Story.

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'Watch this Frank!' Gerard exclaimed as he sat down, pulling a pack of cards from the back pocket of his skinny jeans. Frank sat down at the table, opposite him, a quizzical look in his eyes as Gerard started counting cards. 'Tell me when to stop Frankie' he said happily. Frank let him count a while before saying stop and picking up his chosen card. 'I bet I can guess what it is' Gerard said as Frank put his card back in the pile, shuffled them and returned them to Gerard. Gerard looked through the cards before picking one out and showing it to Frank: his card. 'How did you do that' Frank asked his eyebrows stitched together in awe and confusion. 'magic?'

'Just a trick' Gerard replied smiling lightly, moving the cards away as Frank leant over the table. Franks lips gently brushed across Gerard's mouth, in a soft kiss. Their eyes closed slowly, foreheads pressed together. Gerard exhaled, a small smile playing across his lips. 'Now that's magic' he breathed.
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