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Prelude To A Fall

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During the first two weeks of the World Contamination Tour, Gerard has a scary encounter with Pedicone.

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A/N: This one was written for a request.

“Almost as soon as I began touring with MCR I ran into problems with a member of the band's crew who I'll not name. The problems were many, big and small, but some of them were large enough that they began to greatly impact me and, by extension, my family. I'd reached my wits' end, and I made what was certainly the poorest decision of my life. Rather than address the issues that I had with the crew member in an open and honest manner, I tried to make them look irresponsible. My intention was to make this person look incompetent. I had no intention of profiting whatsoever. Again, I cannot overstate how poor my judgment was in this situation; it was a tremendous mistake, and it's one I'll regret for years to come.” – Michael Pedicone, 09/06/11

Prelude To A Fall.

The final notes to Vampire Money had just concluded. Gerard Way threw his arms up into the air for the last time, eliciting a wave of screams from the audience. Their enthusiasm caused a genuine grin to spread across Gerard's face, and he felt thrilled to see the satisfied faces all around the venue. More than anything however, he was relieved.

Their new album Danger Days had brought many a change to their long running band My Chemical Romance. They were currently on the second week of the tour for its release, and they all had been rather nervous as to what the reception would be like.

"GOODNIGHT HOUSTON! WE'LL SEE YOU SOON!" Gerard assured the self-titled 'MCRmy'.

He walked away and off stage, following the other members of his band. He barely even got backstage before he was bombarded with the usual after show pats and side hugs. This time he seemed to receive a few extra, and Gerard figured that they were all feeling as accomplished as he was.

There was one person in particular however, who Gerard felt deserved more congratulating than the rest of them.

"Shredicone!" he yelled happily, tackling Michael Pedicone into a hug. Michael embraced him back, practically lifting the smaller man off of the ground while everyone laughed.

Michael Pedicone, or just Pedicone as they liked to call him, was their brand new drummer. It was always difficult, being the new guy in a band. If Gerard had felt nervous, he could not imagine how Pedicone must have felt. Yet Pedicone had performed beautifully, particularly tonight, and the fans seemed to have adored him.

"Drinks all around!" Frank yelled merrily. Cheers erupted from every mouth, and the booze was pouring within seconds.

My Chemical Romance and their crew stayed backstage at that venue for some time, and partied throughout the night. They had a day off tomorrow, which made the victory all the sweeter.

Eventually however, people began to retire back to the tour bus. For some it was from fatigue, and for others because they could not hold their drink any longer. By around 5 am, the only people that were left was a very drunk Pedicone and a slightly tipsy Gerard. They weren't too worried however, as they knew the bus would not be going anywhere until 10 am. And so they both sat on the black leather couch in the comfortable backstage lounge, both feeling too intoxicated to get up.

"Heeeyyy Geeeeee..." Pedicone slurred, and Gerard giggled at his friend’s drunken state.

"Yeah, Pedobear?" Gerard smirked. They occasionally called him 'Pedobear' as a little joke, one that Pedicone never found very funny. Just as well, Gerard could see Pedicone glare slightly at him out of the corner of his eye.

"I got a little stash right here." Pedicone muttered, a sly grin spreading across his face. He pulled out a small baggie of cocaine from his pocket, which Gerard looked at with wide eyes. "I didn't tell anyone else because I didn't want anyone hoggin’ my shit, but you're cool. Why don't we go into the changing rooms and have some real fun huh?"

Gerard shook his head, "You know I can't..."

"Oh come ON Gerard. I haven't seen you cut loose in like, ever." Pedicone argued, his words slightly hard to understand.

Gerard laughed a little, "I'm not really a 'cut loose' kinda guy, Ped."

"You seem like you are on stage." Pedicone scoffed, "With all your moaning and groaning and what not."

"That's just an act. You know that.". Gerard said matter-of-factly.

"Pfft." was all Pedicone had to say in response. Finally, he sat straight up and sighed impatiently.

"Well fine, if you don't want any, then just come with me."


"You know, just in case."

"Just in case of what?"

Pedicone glared at him again and Gerard smiled at him a little. "Oh I'm just giving you a hard time. I'll go. But let's make this quick, yeah? I don't want the guys thinking anything if they find us."

Pedicone rolled his eyes, "The guys do this shit all the time. They just don't do it in front of you because it made you all suicidal and shit before. They don't trust you. I trust you, though."

"That's bull, Ped." Gerard crossed his arms defensively. Pedicone grinned at him, raised his eyebrows, and finally got off the couch, walking towards the dressing room.

Gerard looked back at the door of the lounge before getting up himself and following Pedicone inside.

The dressing room was virtually empty at this point. The clothes and make up kits had been packed away and loaded back into the bus. Gerard and Pedicone sat on the floor with nothing to hide them.

Gerard kept looking at Pedicone with uncertainty, while Pedicone sniffed away. He would grin at Gerard from time to time as to imply that Gerard could be having this much fun too.

"Are you done yet?" Gerard whined.

"No." Pedicone said as he inhaled more powder.

"What the fuck are you intending to do, inhale the whole bag?" Gerard asked.

"Unless you're willing to help me out here." Pedicone hinted.

"I can't..." Gerard frowned, almost apologetically.

Pedicone sighed, "Well I know another way you can help me out."

"What's that?"

In one swift motion, Pedicone pulled down his pants. Gerard's jaw dropped, in shock of a few things. For one, just the mere fact that Pedicone had taken his pants off so suddenly. For another, Pedicone was not wearing any underwear. And he was very, very erect.

"Suck me off." Pedicone said lazily, as though he was asking Gerard to throw something in the trash for him.

"Wha -- what?" Gerard gaped, his face very red.

"You heard me." Pedicone waited. “You guys never have any fucking groupies on the bus, I gotta get off somehow. You look kind of like a chick. I’m high enough to pretend.”

"You are way too high dude." Gerard shook his head, already beginning to feel nervous. "We should get back to the bus."

Gerard got up to leave, not bothering to see if Pedicone would follow him or not. Yet he barely took two more steps before he found himself suddenly slammed against the wall, pinned against it by Pedicone's strong grip.

"You're not going anywhere." Pedicone growled at him, his face mere inches away from Gerard.

"Pedicone, what are you doing?!?" Gerard squirmed against his hold, knowing full well that he could not fight someone as strong as Pedicone.

"Don't struggle, and I'll try not to hurt you." Pedicone licked his lips and suddenly Gerard felt something press against his side. He glanced down slightly to see that Pedicone had a small box cutter knife held to him, and suddenly he felt paralyzed. His heart beat quickly, although he was still not entirely sure what Pedicone was intending to do with him. He could not comprehend that someone who had seemed like such a good friend could do anything that bad to him. He was still half expecting Pedicone to burst into laughter, remove the knife, and make some joke about how gullible he was.

Yet nothing of the sort came to pass. A pants-less Pedicone began to suck hungrily on Gerard's neck, while Gerard writhed against his hold.

"Hold fucking still!" Pedicone yelled, and he delivered a strong blow to Gerard’s stomach. Gerard screamed, doubling over while still up against the wall.

Pedicone took this moment to undo Gerard's belt and attempt to strip off Gerard's pants. His movements were clumsy and rough, presumably from all the drug consumption. Finally he managed to, pulling down Gerard's underwear along with it.

Gerard felt Pedicone's hand slightly graze his genitals, and the exposure caused Gerard to feel a real sense of violation for the first time since Pedicone had begun his attack.

"GET OFF OF ME! GET OFF!" Gerard shrieked, trying to summon all the fight he could muster. It was difficult --- although Gerard had always seemed like a fierce character on stage, as he said previously, it was mostly an act. Offstage, Gerard was quiet and meek, shying away from most confrontation. So indeed, this was quite the predicament for him.

Pedicode however was not fazed by Gerard's weak attempt at screams. He raised the knife up to Gerard's face, causing him to quiet down. It glinted menacingly in the dim light of the dressing room, making it somehow appear even sharper than it already was. He then lowered the knife to the collar of Gerard's shirt, pulling it down so that it ripped through the material. He kept going down until the shirt was ripped open completely, revealing Gerard's pale stomach and chest. Pedicone roved his tongue over it, and Gerard shuddered against its slimy sensation.

"STOP! YOU SICK FUCK!" Gerard screamed at him as Pedicone laughed and bit down on his nipple before sucking on it. He used his free hand to finger Gerard's other nipple, and Gerard ended up moaning against his will.

Then, suddenly, Pedicone grabbed him by the hair and threw him down on the ground. As soon as he fell, Gerard tried to get up and run, but Pedicone pounced on him as though a cat on mouse. Gerard crashed on the cold marble floor and a moment later, felt a very painful ripping sensation on his left leg. He looked down and saw blood seeping from his leg to the ground. He realized Pedicone had sliced him with the boxcutter.

Pedicone flipped him over, and Gerard was face to face with him once more.

“You want more of that?” Pedicone growled, indicating towards where he had cut Gerard. Gerard shook his head stiffly. “Then stay…fucking…still. Now if you don’t want to give me a nice blow job, I suppose I’ll have to do all the work, huh?”

Pedicone crawled downward, until his face became level with Gerard’s penis. Gerard felt the same sense of shame wash over him, as Pedicone took him into his mouth. Pedicone began to suck him off slowly, his hands gripping at Gerard’s legs to keep them spread wide. He pushed them apart until they could go no further. He licked small, teasing circles around the area between Gerard’s genitals and anus. Gerard involuntarily groaned here and there, feelings of violation and his body’s natural reaction to sexual interaction conflicting with one another. Still, Gerard never became erect, which eventually seemed to frustrate Pedicone.

He spit Gerard’s flaccid manhood out of his mouth and turned Gerard over.

“Here we go.” He grinned as he eyed Gerard’s bottom, which had always been rather thick for the rump of a male. He rubbed his cheeks with his hand gently, and then smacked them hard. He continued to spank a yelping Gerard a few more times before proceeding.

Pedicone split Gerard’s buttocks apart with his hands painfully. He inserted a couple of fingers in and out before adjusting himself so that his penis lined up with the opening. Feeling it there, Gerard tensed instantly. He was suddenly flooded with a new emotion: desperation.

“Please… Ped, please don’t do this…I’ll do anything….” Gerard resorted to begging, feeling all his dignity fly out the window.

“Shh…it’ll be over soon.” Pedicone said in what was sort of a mock soothing voice, “All you have to do is lie there.”

Gerard could then feel Pedicone push into him, and he was not bothering to be gentle. With no lubrication, Gerard felt Pedicone’s hardness inside him, rubbing painfully against the lining of his anus as it stretched out to make room for the intruder. Gerard screamed at the top of his lungs, his entire lower half feeling as though it was being torn to pieces. Pedicone’s tight grip on his waist was not helping one bit.

Once Pedicone had settled in nice and deep, much to Gerard’s discomfort, he began to thrust his cock in and out. He did so slowly at first, and Gerard was not sure if that made things better or worse.

Yet eventually, Pedicone did manage to increase his speed. He went faster and faster, the slapping of his pelvis against Gerard’s ass causing clapping noises to ring throughout the room. They made Gerard sick, as did the overall shaking his body did while Pedicone ravished him.

The faster he went, the more Gerard realized that it did indeed hurt much worse this way. At a rapid pace, Gerard was barely able to breathe. In pain, trapped, violated, and suffocated, Gerard finally began to sob. Pedicone did nothing to acknowledge this but force Gerard into a different position.

He was now placed onto his back. Pedicone had to pull out, but once Gerard was in the desired position, he reinserted himself, which was arguably more painful than the original insertion, as his intruding cock now rubbed against already sore tissue.

Gerard screamed again and Pedicone grabbed Gerard’s legs and pressed down on them, forcing them to bend against Gerard’s body.

Pedicone was sweaty and looked as though a pig from this perspective, and Gerard had to turn his face away to avoid the drops and drops of sweat raining down from Pedicone’s face.

“Why?” Gerard finally asked the question, as he sobbed pitifully.

“You’re too damn innocent.” Pedicone sneered. “You put on this act of being some dirty whore on stage, but offstage it’s no drugs, no sex, no porn, and only a little booze. You should practice what you fucking preach.”

“…I can’t believe you…” Gerard shook his head, still trying to gasp for air.

“Believe it, sweetheart.” Pedicone smirked, “I’ll break you yet.”

Gerard felt something warm trickle from his entrance. He looked down to see that he had finally begun to bleed due to Pedicone’s ramming. Not that Pedicone would have cared at the time.

Gerard had almost begun to toy with the idea that Pedicone might kill him after he was done using him, when suddenly --- the sound of a doorknob turning met both their ears.

Pedicone did not have time to leap off of Gerard before Jason Geibler, a member of their crew, walked into the room. Jason jumped back at the sight. It did not take long for him to realize what was happening, and he quickly moved to pull a shaking Gerard away from Pedicone.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!?” Jason yelled out finally, staring at Pedicone with disgust.

Pedicone growled at them, grabbed his pants, and dashed out of the room. Jason made to run after him but Gerard pulled him back.

“Let it go.” Gerard breathed out.

“Gerard…” Jason looked at him with a confused expression.

“No… Jason… please… just let it go…” Gerard said softly, his head bowed. “Please help me get my clothes back on?”

“…sure, Gee.” Jason sighed, already bending down to pick up Gerard’s belongings.

Jason had always been a good friend of Gerard’s, and had been a member of the band’s crew since the early days. So it was not a surprise that Jason showed quite a bit of concern for Gerard’s predicament. He found some cloth to stop the bleeding on his leg and helped Gerard get dressed.

“We are going to call the police, aren’t we Gee?” Jason asked as he tried to see if he could fix his shirt.

“No, we aren’t.” Gerard sighed.

“What? Why the fuck not?” Jason questioned him.

“He wasn’t in his right mind.” Gerard frowned. “I think… we’ll just let this one go.”

“He fucking raped you.” Jason said firmly, and Gerard cringed at his blunt way of putting it.

“I don’t want to deal with it, Jason.” Gerard hissed at him. Jason knew he had made up his mind and sighed. He was the boss.

“Fine.” He said, “I need to get you a different shirt, I’ll be right back.”

Jason turned away, but Gerard grabbed him by the wrist before he could walk out.

“Yes, Gerard?” Jason raised an eyebrow at him.

“Please. I don’t want anyone to know about this. Promise me.” Gerard pleaded with him.

“I promise, Gee.” Jason sighed. He pulled Gerard into a small hug, just for emphasis. “..but you have to promise that you’ll tell someone if he hurts you again.”

Gerard nodded into his shoulder, and Jason pulled away. He walked out of the room, leaving Gerard by himself. Using the shirt Pedicone had torn, he bent down and wiped off the stains of blood on the floor.

Meanwhile, Jason went back into the bus to find Gerard a shirt. On the sofa, Mikey Way looked up from his comic book, and asked, “Hey Jason, have you seen my brother anywhere?”

Jason paused for a minute and finally shook his head. Mikey shrugged it off and went back to reading his book. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Pedicone staring at him from his bunk.

It just so happened that Jason had to go to the bunks to get Gerard a new shirt. He entered it and saw that no one else was there except Pedicone, who was looking at him apprehensively. Jason grabbed a black shirt from under Gerard’s bed and finally, turned to Pedicone. Jason sneered, knowing what he was thinking.

“Don’t worry asshole, I’m not calling the police out of respect for Gerard’s wishes.” Jason muttered in a low voice, “But mark my words, I will never let you forget what you did to that boy.”

With that, Jason turned on his heel and walked away. Pedicone was left to stare after him, wondering what some petty crew member could possibly do to haunt him about it. He scoffed and laid down into bed, the taste of Gerard’s skin still in his mouth.

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