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The undiscovered truths.

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It wasn't any normal day, Me(lauren),Alex and anna were going to see The midnight beast live , We were all so excited,I couldn't wait to meet dru,Alex couldn't wait to meet ashley and anna was mega excited to meet stefan.We had arrived with our backstage passes and went backstage,me being the clumsy one tripped over running to find dru,Luckinly i fell on fim,oops,he picked me up and asked if i was alrigh,I was looking right into his eyes and he was looking back into mine,He let go of my hand and said ill be back in a second i'm just going to get you an ice-pack,Failing to look straight forward , im pretty sure he didn't wan't me of his sight,I felt honoured i came to my realisation,i loved dru,not as a famous person in a band as a real person.Whilst I was waiting for Dru i saw stefan Checking anna out anna was too busy trying to help alex find Ashley Anna turned round to find stefan with his hand on her shoulder he whispered softly in her ear are you coming to my dressing room anna giggled and nodded and shouted Bye guys have fun We smirked.Ashley was paying no attention what so ever,so evidently he tripped alex up picking her up in an instant and apolagizing and giving her a hug , alex said it's cool before passing out,Ashley Was shocked so he shouted shit and carried her off somewere.Dru was back i felt really ill,he told me i didn't look so good and gave me the ice-pack kissed my head and gave me a hug and said you want to stay here while i preform or sit right near the stage i said ill stay near the stage so he walked me and brought me a chair i was joined my anna and alex who would not shut up about the fun that they had.
The next chapter-What was the fun?
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