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Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

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California, 2029. The Missile Kid seeks out her revenge.

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California, 2029
The Desert.

She lights a match.
"You know, I wasn't always like this."
She smiles, stares at the flame as it burns wood. It rapes the darkness around them.
She smiles, cold.
"Oh, no. I had a life. And happiness. I was a happy, happy little girl. I had friends."
She can feel her breathing, cold air. Freezing desert nights.
The match burns her fingers. She drops it, but doesn't yelp.
The Missile Kid lights another match.
"I had a family, too. I think you know all about them, don't you?"
Her lips curl into a smile again as she crouches down and waves the flame inches away from the men at her feet's faces.
"You knew everything. You knew what they did. You knew what they looked like, before they ran into the desert. You knew it all. And yet, you never found us. You searched, and searched, and searched - the flame flickers and licks one of the two unmasked Draculoids' faces for a fraction of an instant. He doesn't react.
"Oh, that's right. They taught you not to feel."
She leans closer, presses her lips against the man's ear.
"But I can smell your fear." she whispers.
"You knew so. Much. You had my mommy, too. You had her. You took her away from me. You took my life away."
The Draculoid swallows, uneasy. He and his teammate are tied together, their guns have been kicked by the girl into a ditch. They are alone. They are unarmed.
They are dead.
"You took everything I've ever loved away from me. - she digs her nails into the man's shoulder - You took it away and you laughed while you did so."
She stands back up.
"But you know what I'm gonna do now?-"
The Drac with whom she hasn't interacted yet is staring at her, eyes wide and scared, shining in the darkness.
The girl licks her lips.
"You wanna know what I'm gonna do?"
She grabs a gas can, and the two Dracs start thrashing.
And they're begging for mercy, and they're nearly sobbing.
The Missile Kid smirks as she pours gas onto them.
They're crying now. They're sobbing.
She laughs one last time.
"I want my life back. I want the revenge that I deserve."
She says this calmly and lights her third, and final match.
"And that's exactly what I'm gonna get."
The match falls without a sound.
She turns back, and feels the heat.
They scream, she doesn't say a word. She walks back slowly towards the bike parked a few feet away.
She doesn't look back.
She doesn't need to.
"Tell BL/ind I'm coming, little ones."
Tell BL/ind their time is up.
The burning men's screams echo and tear through her brain, mix with the sound of laser beams, and laughter, old records and car oil.
A lifetime ago.
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