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I'm just gonna rant.

by Emorockergoth 3 reviews

GAHHH my art teacher said Frank was ugly and then said he looked like him so i'm just gonna rant.

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Okay I know i'm on a hiatus at the moment but I needed to rant for a second about my stupid art department.So here are some reasons their so stupid.

1.My best friend was drawing a picture of Frank for her Art folder and then my stupid ugly art teacher came over and started going on about how Frank was ugly ,which is rich coming from his ugly mug and then he had the audacity to say that he looked like Frank ,let me tell you that pissed me off alot.I mean seriously first he says Franks ugly and then he says he looks like him,how stupid is he I mean come on grrr it just made me so angry .

2.They put the radio on in class and they always put on Capitol or some other pop channel ,I mean don't get me wrong I like some pop but most of the time I prefer rock but do they think for a second to put a rock channel on for me and my friends for a while.Nope.

3.They are always going on about how crap MCR is and how they don't like them or how their Emo and i'm just thinking what teachers judge students on their taste in music I think thats stupid and immature and it makes me mad.

4.We have a teacher in our school who is underqulified okay ding ding ding how hard is it to find good qualified teachers,i mean no wonder most the kids in our school fail with teachers like that.

5.My friend also drew a pic of Mikey and I drew a pic of Gerard and then our art teacher told us that we needed to stop drawing them pictures because they have nothing to do with our topic or our art folders.Now i'd agree if we were doing landscape or something but were doing portrait so it does have relevence,they had no problem with us drawing audrey hepburn or kat Von D .

6.They ignore that all the chavs are speaking but the minute me and my friends (the boffins,rockers) start talking they tell us to stop talking and get on with our work.Add on to the fact that they made us all sit away from each other so we couldnt talk but let everyone else sit where they want annoys me greatly I mean WTF

I am sick of my school favoring the chavs over the rockers just because we go to a catholic school and listen to slightly dark music.

Okay rant over I just needed to get that off my chest,Have a nice day.
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