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Chapter 5

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It's time for Scott and Jean to talk. What's going on? Read and find out!

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We're you really surprised that this turned out to be aPhoenix story?

(Sung to the tune of Disney's Kiss the girl) Sha la la lala Kill the girl, you wannakill the girl, you gonna kill the girl... I swear that song stuck to my head while writing chapter 4...Logan really gets to the point, does he?

Cuckoos are only talked about. They won't do anything here. It's not logical for me to write them in EVEN THOUGH SOPHIE IS HERE. I'm making Sophie her own character - not just another cuckoo.CHAPTER 5

The following days showed no signs of Phoenix or Sophie. Everyone was still on guard in case something happens. Jean is now well and able. She didn't need the infirmary anymore and she was able to sleep in her own room. She had been under the watchful eye of the professor since she got out of the infirmary. Her powers are basically gone - save the psychic rapport she shared with Scott, though it was incredibly weak.

"Professor, I need to ask you something. Why is Scott so distant from me?"

"I don't know, Jean. He cares for you. You know he does."

"...But he hasn't even tried to see me. He got back yesterday and he still hasn't spoken to me since."

"He's busy. That's all. He'll do it when he's ready."

"I just have a terrible feeling about this. It's like when Ifirst came back as Phoenix... He was married and had a son... And no one told me about it... And he's still my husband right? Or did death already part us then and so now we're not married anymore? And he cheated on me... Oh, and Emma..."


"He's still with Emma, is he? God, this is confusing - I told him to live on..."

"Jean, Emma's dead."

"What? How?"

"On our battle to defend Utopia... She had sacrificed herself for the sake of the rest... Just like you did. Scott was devastated - he has been distant from all of us since. Now, it's like his new persona. He has the lives of hundreds of mutants to care of, and he does it well."

"Are you proud him?"

"Incredibly proud. He has taken care of his responsibilities as a leader - and as a mutant... He has become a greater man than I will ever be."

"I'm sorry, Professor. I have to go. I just have to talk to him. We NEED to talk about things."

"I understand, Jean. Good luck."

"Do you know where he is?"

"I believe he was headed to Cerebro."

"Thanks, Professor."

Scott, Hank and Kurt were discussing things about time travel. Hank was busy putting some sort of contraption on Kurt. He strapped it on and faced the computer and typed something on it.

"Will it work? How far in time can it go?"

"I'm not sure, Scott. We don't know if Kurt can even take the trip."

"I can. So, what do I do?"

"Well, I'm going to need you to teleport at the same place you're standing now."

"Will I travel in time?"

"No, your port will simply create a riff in time. It's kind of like creating a doorway."

"Alright, I'm going."



Suddenly, a small riff appeared where Kurt teleported."Kurt, get out of the way! We don't know what the riff would do!"

Kurt moved back and stood beside Cyclops. Then, the portal disappeared.

"We have to open it longer, Hank."

"I'll try, but without a steady power source we might not be able to."

"The F.O.H soldiers that attacked us, they left their machines," Kurt suggested. " Maybe we could check to see if we can use them."

"Good thinking, Kurt. I'll see what I can do about that. Can you take us there?"

"Sure, Hank. Scott, are you coming with us?"

"No. I have to organize things here."


Jean made her way to Cerebro to see Scott. She was so nervous. She was just a few more rooms away from Cerebro and she stopped before entering the door. She was thinking of what to say and what to do. She breathed slowly and paced herself. She was just about to open the doors but she stopped again.

"Jean, I know you're there." Scott declared. He was still fixated on the computer. He was going through the progress they had made.

"Can I come in then?"

"Sure." Scott didn't face her.

"What're you looking at?"

"Time travel data."

"What for?"

"I'm trying to find someone. I'm trying to contact Cable."

"Nathan?" Jean looked puzzled. "Why do we need him?"

"Well, it's complicated. It's about Phoenix. Maybe Cable could stop it."

"Is Nathan alright? Will he be able - Can he stop it?"

"I'm basing this on a hunch. Last time you... Phoenix - came it went looking for my powers. I'm hoping it could come looking for them again, except now it'll hopefully look for Nathan."

"Are you willing to risk his life for that? Scott, he's our son! He can't lose his powers. If he does, the virus will kill him!"

"I told you. It's complicated," Scott sighed. "Do you ever think about him?"

"Every day."

"I do too, and I can't help but think that... It's all my fault..."

"Don't, Scott."

"Our son is sick, Jean. I haven't lost him yet - I won't. I- "

"Talk to me, Scott." Jean placed a hand on his shoulder."Tell me."

"I - I can't, Jean." Scott didn't even look at her.


"Jean, I can't do this now."

"We need to talk about this. About us! Scott. I - I still love you."

"No. Jean. Not now!"

"Why can't we? You haven't spoken to me at all since you got back. I have to know why. Is it because you don't care about me anymore?"


"That's it. Isn't it? I told you to live on - you and Emma. I came here knowing you couldn't possibly have kept loving me, but at least Ihoped that you still cared!"

"It's not that, Jean. You don't understand."

"Who are you kidding?! Why can't you even look at me!?"

"I cheated on you." Scott said as he walked away, leaving asurprised Jean alone in the room.

Jean remembered. Scott had a psychic affair with Emma. This had happened before Jean died. It's true that he never touched Emma, but apsychic affair was as real to Jean as any other. She then thought about the time Mastermind influenced her to loving him and the time she was kissing Logan. She thought back to the early years when the five original X-men were the only X-men around. She had liked Scott, but she went out with other men instead of taking a chance on her true feelings. She had led him on at some point, but they pushed through and eventually came to each other's arms. Then she died. She came back, but Scott had married someone else. After everything that she's been through , Jean Grey still loved Scott Summers. The question is: does Scott Summers still love Jean Grey? Jean couldn't help it and started to cry.

A few hours later, Scott sits on his bed. "Ah, crap," Scott mumbled, hitting his head with the palm of his hand. "Missed my chance on that one... I gotta go clear things up... tell her how I feel. I can't take my time on this one - just like I did then. Crap. Crap. Crap."

He got up and started to look for Jean. Jean was in her room as well. She had stopped crying now. Her thoughts still fixated on Scott.

Knock Knock

"Who is it?"

"It's me, Scott."

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