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The Way Brothers

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There's just something not quite right about the Way brothers. [Waycest]

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There's just something not quite right about the Way brothers.

Something weird.

They live in their own little world; they barely talk to anyone and hardly even to each other and yet they're always together and always seem to know what each other are thinking. They go to clubs together, they hang out at school together, they work together, live together, share a bedroom. Hell, some people say they shower together. Some people swear they saw the younger one suck his brother off at a party once. There are a lot of rumours about the Way brothers. A lot of people stop talking when the Way brothers walk into a room. They don't seem to notice though. And no one would ever say anything.

Because if one thing's true about the Way brothers, it's that you don't fuck with them.

"Look at them; they're fucking weird."

Frank wrinkles his nose, looking over with narrowed eyes from the picnic table with his friends to the bleachers where Mikey and Gerard are sat alone, sharing earphones and a cigarette and taking it in turns every few seconds to write to each other in a sketchbook.

"How d'you mean?" Quinn asks disinterestedly, throwing a cursory look at the Ways from where he's lying on the table in the sun.

Frank curls his mouth in a grimace of disgust as he stares at them and thinks about it. "I d'know man, they just creep me out."

Maybe it's Gerard's army jacket and eyeliner, or his long hair and girlish face, or Mikey's big buckled boots and skinny legs, his poker face and strong, silent eyes, or maybe it's how they keep to themselves yet know everyone in Jersey, or how whatever you want on a Friday night they can sell you, or how they read comics in class and still get As, or maybe it's the way Gerard sits just that bit too close to Mikey on the bleachers and rests the back of his hand holding up the sketchbook on Mikey's knee instead of his own, the way Mikey's head is tilted that bit too much towards Gerard, almost leaning against his, or that Mikey's got that smile of his on that lies in hiding around the rest of the world yet flows so freely for Gerard, or maybe it's the way Gerard looks up from the last thing Mikey wrote and meets his eye from too close range and licks his lips thoughtfully and Mikey just smiles and takes a drag on their cigarette and Gerard breathes in as Mikey breathes out.

No, there's something not quite right about the Way brothers. But there's something not quite wrong about them either.
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