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How To Save A Life

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The story you auditioned for! I suck at summaries, so... Please Read!

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Jasmine's Pov:
He wasn't sleeping again. He'd roll over, begin to fall asleep, start whimpering, then I'd have to wake him up again. The date: September 18, 2001. One week after 9/11. Gerard wasn't the same when he came home. He always seemed deep in thought, or unreachable. At first I thought he was in shock, after all, he had seen it all with his very own eyes. "Hunny, can I talk to you?" he said, sitting up in bed. "Of course, Gee." I said, usually I would be unbearbly cranky right now, but I sat up too. I hoped he was going to tell me what the dreams were about. "Well, it's just... It came out of fucking nowhere! And I couldn't even help anyone!" he said, I looked at him, I was concerned. "Well, are you saying you want to join the force?" "No, I just want to... I want to save kids lives. I want them to know that it's okay to be messed up a little! I want to start a band!" he said, starting to sound excited. "I know! I'll call Ray!" he started looking around for his phone. "Toro?" "The very one! He's the best guitar player I know!" "You can't call him now! It's 2 am!" I know he's excited, but I don't think Ray would be too pleased if he got a call this late. "Okay.. And Mikey! Mikey could play bass! And Bob! He loves the drums!" he started brainstorming out loud. I smiled, hoping that for once, he'd get a goodnight's sleep.
The Next Morning
Gerard's POV:
I got up around 9:30, and headed over to Mikey and his girlfriend's apartment. I was glad we lived in the same building, he was always there if I needed him. I took out my key, and unlocked the door. Walking in, I spotted Mikey, fast asleep on the couch with Mel. Mel was wearing his prized Anthrax shirt. "Hey. Mikes!" I whispered, and Mikey slowly opened his groggy eyes. "Wha-yawn- what's up, Gee?" he said, slowly getting up with out disturbing Mel. He ran a hand through his untidy, caramel brown hair. "I was thinking last night, and I was wondering if maybe you'd like to join a band I'm thinking of?" I said, hopefully. "Gee... We already tried that. Raygun Jones?" he mumbled. "I know, but I have a good feeling about this!" I said enthusiastically. He rubbed his eyes, then looked at me. "Ok..." he agreed. "Thanks! You won't regret it! Come by my place later!" I opened the door, and jogged down the hall, back to my apartment. Jasmine was already up, making coffee. "So, what did Mikey say?" she asked. "He said yes! This is going to be great!"
Mikey's POV:
I smiled as I watched Gee run back to his place. This is the happiest I've seen him in a week. I shut the door, and went over to the closet. I pulled out my dusty bass case, which I haven't touched since Mel and I moved here a year ago. I gingerly took the bass out, set it on my lap, and began tuning it. I looked up every so often to see if I'd waken up Mel, but she continued to snore quietly. Once it was tuned, I played a little tune. "Wow. You still got it." I heard Mel say groggily, she got up, and sat next to me. "What made you take it back out?" she asked, as she brushed a few specks of dust away from the case. "Gee wants to start a band again, and I told him I'll play bass." I said adjusting one of the tuning pegs. I looked at her and saw her smiling. "I'm glad he's starting to feel better!" she pecked me on the cheek, got up off the ground, and started the coffee machine. "Are you kidding me? It's like same old Gerard!" I said putting my bass back in the case, and walking into the small kitchen. "By the way, thanks for letting me borrow a shirt, hon" she smiled, and turned around to face me. "No problem." I smiled. The shirt hung loosley around her shoulders, Her dark brown, almost black hair was curling slightly. The coffee pot brewed the coffee, and Mel poured two cups. She handed me one, and sipped her own. I turned on our tv set, and it was on the news. "Airport security heightened, so we will never again have to face the horrible tradgedy of 9/11." a news reporter said. Then I changed it to our favorite show, SpongeBob.
Jasmine's POV
Gerard was happier than ever before. He was humming a tune I haven't heard yet. "Jasmine! I have to go call Bob! And Ray!" he said, running down the hall, and turning the wrong way into a wall. I laughed, then he turned the right way into the bedroom. I shook my head, still laughing. I followed him, making sure he wasn't going to hurt himself trying to find the phone. "Dammit! I can't find it!" I heard him say, then he popped up from underneath the bed, although it was on his nightstand. I held it up, then handed it to him. "Oh! Thanks hunny!" he said getting up, taking the phone, and pecking me on the cheek. He's going to kill himself if he gets anymore excited than he already is I thought to myself. He dialed the numbers to Ray's apartment, which was a good two or three blocks away. "Hey, Ray! It's me, Gerard, Mikey's brother... Yeah, I was wondering, are you happy with what you're doing right now?... Me neither... Do you want to maybe, start a band?... Really? That's great! Come by my apartment as soon as you can!... Yeah, you can bring Cassidy!... Bye!" he clicked the phone off, than rushed over and gave me a huge bearhug. "I can tell your really excited for this!" I laughed, trying to set my coffee down with out spilling it all over him. "I've never felt so sure of a band!" he said exasperated. "Hey, didn't you say you were going to call Bob?" I reminded him. "Oh, right! Thanks!" he picked up the phone again once he released me and dialed Bob's number.
Mel's POV:
I was happy that Gerard and Mikey were going to be in another band together, I just didn't want it to end up like Raygun Jones. They broke up just before Mikey and I moved in here. And I remember when Mikey came home from practice, he was torn up. He really wanted to be in a band, though. I smiled as Mikey giggled at SpongeBob, when Spongebob helped Patrick write a song. "So, Gee wants us over at his place in a little while. You want to come right?" he said standing up and stretching. "Hell yeah, I do!" I replied, I wanted to see who else was in the band, and Mikey playing again. I went into the bedroom and pulled out my jeans, Iron Maiden shirt, and some socks. Once I was dressed, I brushed my teeth with Mikey, and we headed over to Gee's place. Mikey took his key out, and unlocked the door. "Hey Mikey!" I heard Jasmine call. How did she- oh wait, Mikey was the only other person with a key. "Hey!" he called back as we stepped through the door. Mikey set his bass down at his feet, and I stood beside him. Jasmine came out of the kitchen with Gerard. Gerard set the phone down on their table, and started talking a mile a minute. "So, Ray and Bob will be here soon, and I was writing a song last night, I call it: 'Skylines and Turnstiles'!" he handed Mikey a sheet of paper that had lyrics scrawled across the page. "And I was thinking it would sound like:" then he started humming a tune, and would throw in some lyrics every once in a while. I sipped the coffee I brought over with me, and listened. Mikey sat on their couch with his bass and tried playing along with him. I stood behind the couch listening to the low notes of Mikey's bass. "And then Ray would be like:" he mimicked the sounds of a guitar solo. Then as almost on cue, there was a small knock on the door.
Jasmine opened it, and standing there was Ray and his girlfriend Cassidy. "Oh my gosh, Ray! You're so much taller than I remember!" Jasmine said giving him a hug, then Cassidy. Ray was carrying a guitar case, he smiled at me, and I went over and hugged him. "I haven't seen you since highschool, Mel? Where the hell have you been?" He said, hugging back. I smiled, and replied "No where, literally!" He laughed, and I heard Mikey chuckle from behind me. Cassidy hugged me and Ray sat down next to Mikey, and pulled out a shiny Les Paul. Then Bob showed up. "Ray! I was trying to talk to you!" He whined, I noticed he was holding a practice pad, and drumsticks. Then Gerard ran them both through what he wanted Skylines and turnstiles to sound like, and they played it. I started feeling tears creep up on me. 9/11 affected us all, but it affected Gee the most. I shook the feeling of tears away as a thought crept in my head. Once they finished, I spoke up. "What are you guys going to call the band?"
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