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what happens on AIM

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sorry, i couldn't get this part on CH. 1

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once you get into the chat room, you check for all the regulars,
they're all here, exept for one
this is one you don't know GWay is the screen name

Phork: hi

GWay: hi

Phork: what's your name?

GWay: Gerard

Phork: ha ha what's your real name?

GWay: Gerard, I'm not kidding

Phork: ooooookaaaaaaay...... mine's Aiden

GWay: coolness, where do you live?

Phork: I don't think I should say....

GWay: fair enough is MCR coming to your town though?

Phork: ummmm.... Ya, l8r this month

GWay: coolness

Phork: ummmmmm yah.....

GWay: c u then

GWay has logged out

Huh? "C u then"? how does he know he's ever gonna "c" me period. I don't even know this guy. Oh, crap, I probably will see him again, he knows my name and where I who is this guy? He said his name was Gerard, that's probably a lie. Um he went straight to MCR, which is weird, lots of bands come to our town, why did he pick MCR? Because he's Gerard Way!!!!! Omigpd I just talked to Gerard Way on IM !!!!!!!! that is totally insane!! So he just goes to these forums about himself and chats with people? Well I guess that's what I would do if I was famous....

GWay has logged in
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