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Robyn, Ola and Frank

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Robyn starts at a new school, accompinied by a new friend. But IS he a friend?

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Blasting my playlist of 523 songs was the only thing I could do in this situation. At the moment, "Time Is Running Out" by Muse was playing. Matt Bellamy's voice hypnotised me, forcing my head to nod to the beat.

"Turn that racket down you stupid child!"

I twisted the volume knob to the left, increasing the volume. I wondered how I was going to suffer 7 hours of silence tomorrow. Maybe not silence, teasing, shoving, shouting, screaming...Or maybe they would be sympathetic, I doubted it though.

"I said TURN IT DOWN!"

Stupidly, I ignored Ola. Ola was my stepmother. A stern woman, originly from Norway. She had replaced my biological mother, who had dissapeared around a year ago.

I heard her stomping up the staircase. I muted "Sssnakepit", the song currently playing by Enter Shakiri, and dived onto my bed. Getting out a notepad, I pretended to draw

"Finally, you shut that noise up" Ola looked around my room in disgust. The red walls covered in anime posters, band t-shirts covering the old gray carpet. Her glare stuck on my family photo that had been taken when I was 10. There was me, with my natural blonde hair, that was now dyed purple, my little brother Niall, perched on my dad's shoulders, and my mother, protectivley holding me. "You keep living in the past" Ola hissed. She carefully took the framed picture of the bedside table, and laid it on the floor. "Live for the future" Her stiletto landed on the glass, and shards flew everywhere.

"What did you do that for?" I demanded. But the answer was going to be the same as always

"Because I love you sweetheart" She leaned in, and kissed my cheek. Then slapped it. Ola gave a smirk and marched out.

School started at half past eight, but I leaved an hour early, so I didnt have to face that bitch I called my guardian. I wondered what people would think of the new bruise on the side of my face. Would they guess? It was unlikley. I decided to take the cemtery route. No reason really, just to pass the time.

I heard a sigh. "Cemeteries are peacefull"

I turned around, to see a small bloke standing behind me looking into the horizon.

"Yeah" I agreed.

"Frank" He said, still staring into the horizon


Frank turned to me. "You headed to Carl Pennington's High School?"

"Yeah. First day"

He whistled "Bad luck"

Uh oh. It was going to be worse than I thought. Frank started walking "Come with me" He didnt look back. I followed like a hopeless puppy. Maybe he could be a friend
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