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just another day

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sad frikey oneshot...frank never got the chance to say goodbye

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franks p.o.v
todays the day i thought to myself as i pulled on my dark grey skinnies and a faded band tee, i looked in my mirror and smudged some red eye liner around my hazel eyes.then i spiked up my black and red mohawk and straightened my fringe then slipped my phone and my ciggies into my pocket and pulled on my red all stars and quietly left my house and made my way up to the house that the cutest guy in the world lived. my best friend gerards brother mikey.i have basically known them both the whole of my life and my feelings for mikey have been growing since we were 15.i reach their house and gently knock on the door with my tattoed hands. i hear the lock slide open and then i see gerards head peeping round the door'heya frankie,come in' he says quietly.i immediatly know something is wrong.i sit down quietly and look at gee who sits next to me 'whats up gee gee' i ask and he looks at me and tears start rolling down his face, i pull him into a hug and he sobs into my shoulder.he pulls away and hands me a letter.i look at it questioningly and open it slowly.its a letter from mikey ' frankie, i cant hide my feelings for you anymore so i'm gonna tell you before this happens, i love you frankie, the way you laugh makes me feel happy iside, im so sorry to leave you like this frankie but i cant handle things anymore.see you soon... love mikey xx' i look up at gee with tears streaming down my face, he loved me but now he's gone.'where is he gee?' he looks at me and nods towards mikeys room. i stand up slowly and make my way towards mikeys room, i pause outside the door and take a shakey breath then open the soon as i open the door i see mikeys lifeless body hanging from his curtain pole. i break down. i fall to the floor and sob and i feel gee's arms wtap themselves around me...'its ok frankie,we're gonna get through this' i just nod and hold onto him and sob.
ok mikes...see you soon
please r&r xx
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