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Chapter Twenty

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The guys arrive at BLI.

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“Are you sure about this?” Jet-Star kept asking on the way “I mean what if we don’t like what we see?”
“Worst case scenario is that she’s brain-washed-“ Party Poison started.
“Or dead.” Jet-Star interrupted. All of us were silent until he continued “I’m sorry Fun Ghoul, I just-“
“We’re going to save her.” Fun Ghoul told him sternly “She’ll be fine.”
“If she were fine,” Jet-Star sneered “Then wouldn’t she have come to find you?”
“Well maybe she was trying to avoid suspicion…”
“Then maybe we should stay away.” Jet-Star sighed “I mean what if we get caught there and locked up? What if we’re brainwashed! We have children and wives back at home-“
“Well you might!” Fun Ghoul yelled “But I don’t! I’m all alone and I’ve been all alone for years now! Do you know what it’s like sitting back and watching you guys get a life? While I’m stuck alone and you guys are off having kids and getting married. Even if she’s brainwashed I need to know that she’s still alive!”
“How stupid do you get?”
“Do not call me stupid!”
“Well maybe I just did.”
“Guys!” I snapped “Like it or not we’re already on our way, right? And maybe Colourful Shadow was wrong, maybe we can help her if she’s brainwashed…”
“You guys do remember that she works there right?” Jet-Star asked, rolling his eyes “I think she knows what she’s talking about.”
“More than can be said about you.” Fun Ghoul muttered.
Jet-Star chose to ignore him while Party Poison said “We’re nearly there now and we’re not turning back. So make sure you’ve got your ray gun…”
We all checked our guns as Party Poison pulled up. The four of us piled out of the car and walked slowly towards the building. “I really think this is a bad idea.” Jet-Star whispered.
Fun Ghoul sighed heavily “You were more optimistic when we were saving Missile Kid.”
“That was years ago when I was still young and crazy! There wasn’t really anything to lose back then, was there?”
“Well what is there to lose now?”
“My family, perhaps? You want my son to grow up without a Dad?”
Fun Ghoul rolled his eyes but luckily didn’t say anything. Party Poison walked in front and we all went into a line formation, me behind my brother, Jet-Star behind me and Fun Ghoul at the back.
Suddenly Fun Ghoul pulled away from the line “Colourful Shadow!” He whispered loudly.
We all turned to look “What are you doing?” I hissed at him “Get back here!”
“But Colourful Shadow is in here, I heard her voice!” Fun Ghoul told us rather desperately, gesturing to something.
The other’s stood there silently but I stepped forward to see what he was gesturing at. He was pointing at what looked like a prison cell. “I heard her singing,” He whispered “I know she’s in there…”
“We’ll peek through the four bars up there,” I replied “If she’s singing then that’s gotta be a good sign. If she were brainwashed, BLI would never let her sing.”
“Can you look please?” Fun Ghoul asked me nervously “I’m a bit worried about what I’ll see…”
“Alright…” I whispered, edging closer “Could you give me a boost please? They’re a bit high up…”
He suddenly grabbed me round the waist and hoisted me up “What do you see?” He asked.
I looked inside, grabbing the bars in case Frank suddenly lost his balance. “Oh my god…” I whispered as I noticed Colourful Shadow huddled in the corner of the cell.
Her entire body was covered in bruises and cuts, her hair was greasy and the blue highlights were nearly completely faded. Her lively brown eyes were now dull as she stared at the floor singing to herself “Can I be the only hope for you? Because you’re the only hope for me…”
“Colourful Shadow!” I whispered loudly. She snapped her head up to look at me “We’re going to break you out of here. Do you know where the key is?”
“Oh my god you came to rescue me!” Colourful Shadow suddenly cried, tears welling in her eyes as she bounded up to her feet “The dracs have the key. I don’t know where they hid it. Please come back and rescue me!”
“Of course we’ll come back and rescue you,” I told her “I think I have an idea.”
I pushed away from the bars to show Fun Ghoul that I wanted to get down now. I caught him off guard and we both fell onto the floor. “So she’s in there?” Fun Ghoul asked me, smiling “She’s really okay?”
“Well she’s been hurt…” I told him, watching his face twist from happiness into anger “But we don’t have time to kill anyone in BLI. We need to find the key before BLI realise that we’re here.”
“It’ll take us forever!” Fun Ghoul complained.
I shook my head “You and me will go find the key. Jet-Star and Party Poison will stay here to try and open the door without the key, unless we can’t find it… And plus they can kill off any dracs that try to get in our way.”
“Okay, I’ll go and tell them!” Fun Ghoul told me, jumping onto his feet and running over to where my brother and friend were standing.
After a few moments they came over. Jet-Star sighed heavily “Well get a move on then!”
“Told you so!” Fun Ghoul laughed, grabbing my arm and dragging me off.

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