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Take my fucking hand, Part 1

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Jets P.O.V

Kobra made his way over to Party, who was looking glum, and hugged him. I knew this was my signal to leave. "Okay girls, I'm going to show you around the house, let's leave Kobra and Party to talk for a while, okay?" I said to the girls
"Kobra, Party I'm going to show the girls around so you guys can talk," I called over as I lead the girls into the spare room. Kobra, who was facing me, simple gave a curt nod in response.

"Umm Ray, where are we going?" Toxic asked holding my hand tighter than before.
"We're heading into the-" I stopped abruptly, realising something. "H-how did you know my real name was Ray?" Toxic widened her eyes, as if realizing a mistake, and wouldn't speak. Bullet and Poison stepped to opposite sides of the room, followed reluctantly by Lady, leaving Radical, who was lingering in the back, to explain. Luckily we were in the spare room, at the back if the house, so we couldn't hear Gerard and Mikey and vice versa.

Radical took a deep breath and looked up from her feet. "We all have special abilities that come in handy when in the zones, Poison Pilgrim and I both have telekenisis, Lady is a Necromancer, Bullets has visions, and Toxic here can read minds" She explained pointing to each of them stating their 'special abilities,' glaring a bit when her scrutinizing finger fell upon Toxic, who, being as broken as she was, immediately hid away into my jacket. I petted her head and then looked back up at Radical, seeming to be at a loss for words.
"Wha-Ho-" then I got a mental slap, "Okay. Prove it."

~Time Lapse~

I was stunned at the abilities of these girls. One thing that worried me was if Toxic knew about Frank, I mean Ghoul, and then how Party is blaming himself... What if she knew everything?
Kobra and Party walked in as we were rapping up our conversation about their abilities.

"So, urm, whats going on in here then?" Party asked

"Oh, me and the girls were just discussing their special abilities, and let me tell you, THEY ARE AMAZING!" I said joyously, patting Poison Pilgrims head lightly smiling at them all.

"Awesome, what sort of abilities?" Kobra asked, genuinly interested in their 'powers' as you may call them.

"Do you want to demonstrate, girls? Or would you rather me just tell them?" I asked them

"We'll demonstrate, I guess it the least we could do since you're letting us stay with you," Bullet shrugged

"Okay, so whos gonna go first?" Lady raised her hand slowly and walked into the middle of the room. She tightly closed her eyes and began to mumble some words. Suddenly, a huge gust of wind blew us all to the opposite end of the room, a black shadow moved closer towards Toxic, surprisingly enough she didnt wince or budge, she mearly shook hands with it before it dissapeared into thin air, leaving black dust on the floor. Kobra and Party were in shock, Lady had just brought back the dead right in front of their eyes.

"Whew, that was tiring, he was a strong one" She said walking back to us, recieving a high five from me, Radical, Toxic and Bullet.

"Wow! How the hell did you do that?!" Party exclaimed

"Demonstrate now, explanations later, Ok?" She told them. They gave her a nod in response.

"Okay, so who's up next?" I said, clapping my hands once, for effect of course.

Ghouls P.O.V

"Oww, fuck that hurt" I said to myself as I stumbled to the floor, hitting my broken leg on one of the crystal white surfaces leaving a blood trail behind. Korse was still on the floor asleep when I left, I had dusted a couple dracs on my way out of that disgusting place. I needed to find people of my own, the ones they held captive and tested on, before I was caught and back to being beaten by a baseball bat.

I turned a corner to, luckily, find no dracs but a girl. I knew by the way she looked she was a killjoy, she was drugged up though. You could see it in her eyes, the way the pupils would dialate unevenly, making one big and one small.

She eventually saw me and rushed over to help, letting me use her as a temporary crutch.

"What the fuck happened to you dude, I knew they beat people here but not to this extent!" She said, worry clouding her eyes.

"Korse happened, thats what! He fucking kidnapped me from my family, then beats me with baseball bats, thank god he's fucking out of it right now!" I shouted, I wasn't meaning to get angry but I could feel the rage boiling through my veins.

"Oh, I see. Hold on a second. YOU'RE ONE OF THE FABULOUS KILLJOYS! OMG YOU'RE FUN GHOUL! Sorry, I'm Radioactive Revenge, Korse kidnapped me too, from my troup in zone 4. Fucking bastard, needs to die someday. I know that day is coming soon, I can feel it." She said, I actually liked this girl. She was as evil as Korse, only playing on the right side. Hmm... she could come in handy.

IM SO SORRY ITS LATE!! I'm a fucktard and procrastinated to much, I apologise so much omg please forgive me
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