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Cookie Day

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One-shot with cookies & cuteness. Inspired by a cookie commercial.

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Bandit raced through the door, and into the arms of her beaming father.
"How was school, sweetheart?"
Gerard's hazel eyes twinkled, and he grinned as he ruffled his daughter's dark hair. He stood up and glanced at his lovely wife, Bandit clinging to his leg. Lyn-Z shot him a weary smile, exhausted from exposure to Bandit's seemingly never ending energy. She ran a hand through her hair, and motioned towards the stairs. Gerard nodded.
"I've got it. Don't worry."
He sent another bright smile her way, and she nodded, relieved. Lyn-z plodded up the stairs, hoping to take a quick shower to refresh her frazzled state of being.

Gerard turned back to Bandit, his firetruck-red hair gleaming in the window-filtered sunshine. He smiled once more for himself, appreciating, for a moment, everything. The beautiful weather, his successful and, (more importantly), enjoyable career, his never-ending honeymoon of a marriage, and most of all, the bundle of adorable that was his young and talented daughter.

"You know what today is, right Ban?"
"Friday!" she exclaimed, bouncing excitedly.
"That's right", her father countered, "And you know what Friday is?"
"COOKIE DAY!" Bandit screeched, grinning from ear to ear. She raced into the kitchen, waiting eagerly next to the pantry door.
Gerard followed, sliding the door open and pulling out a pack of Keebler Fudge Striped cookies, beginning to get excited himself. He had waited all week to test his theory, and now was his chance.

Eagerly awaiting this very day, Gerard had scarfed cookies all week until there had been only one left in the package. When Lyn-z inquired as to what in the world he thought he was doing, eating all the cookies, Gerard only shook his head and mumbled, with his mouth full, "experiment".

Eyes glinting with mischief, Gerard peeled pack the cover of the package to reveal one remaining morsel of chocolate deliciousness. He glanced at Bandit, still hopping around on the kitchen tile waiting for her precious snack. Gerard looked once more at the lone cookie, then gingerly took it out of it's plastic tray and handing it to his daughter. Bandit eagerly grabbed it, then shouted "Thankyou!" and sped into the living room to nibble away at her prize. Gerard set the plastic tray on the counter, pulled up a stool, and waited. He stared at the cookie tray, skeptical and hopeful all at once.

Gerard lost track of time; sitting there for hours, lost in his oh-so-important experiment. He did not notice the time that had passed until Lyn-Z entered. He glanced at her, and in doing so also saw the clock. Three hours had passed.

"Gerard, what are you doing?" Lyn-z asked cautiously, clearly worried about his mental state.
"Waiting", he grunted in response.
"For what?"
Gerard blushed, and sheepishly answered, "for a cookie."
At this, Lyn-z raised her eyebrows cynically.
"Is this your experiment?"
Gerard tugged at the collar of his shirt.
Lyn-z giggled, and kissed her husband's cheek.
"Sorry hon, I don't think cookies magically appear for grownups".
Gerard's face fell, and she left the kitchen to find Bandit, who was sitting in front of the TV entranced by the latest episode of Spongebob Squarepants.

As she left, Gerard swore under his breath, muttering,
"Damn commercials".

A/N: What did you think? It was inspired by those elf cookie commercials where the kid takes the last cookie and gives it to her little sister, then another one appears. If you haven't seen it,



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