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Frank is pleased to be going home.

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Paul comes back the next day to ask Gerard questions, just like he said he would. I'm worried that they might be triggering for Gerard, but Paul is very tactful about the way he asks them, much to my relief, the interview goes smoothly and Paul leaves saying he'll keep us updated on the investigation.

For the rest of the day I make light conversation with Gerard, he even tells me a bit about Mikey, he tells me about how much they both loved comics and I make a mental note to find out which ones he likes and buy him some, hoping they're not too expensive. Later that day we are joined by Doctor winters. She walks into the room without knocking, a rare smile on her face.

She greets us as usual, and then says, "I have some very good news," I shuffle around in my seat, eager to hear whatever 'good news' Doctor Winters has to share. "The treatment is working, so you'll be able to move onto taking a pill twice a day and a weekly injection, this means you should be able to go home.. Today!" A huge smile breaks out across my face. Words can not describe how relived I am by the news that we're finally leaving this awful place, I turn to Gerard, but for some reason he doesn't seem to share my joy. He’s looking down and biting his lip, his eyes darting around nervously.

"Gerard... Did you hear that?" I say, "You get to go home." He looks up at me with his sad eyes for a second, then looks away, eyes downcast.

"But, I don't have a home to go to." He mumbles. Oh. Of course he thinks he doesn't have anywhere to go. I had simply assumed he was coming to live with me, but being the class A idiot that I am, I failed to mention that to Gerard.

"Y'know... You--you could come live with me, if you want to." I say hopefully. Gerard's head snaps up, a mixture of surprise and delight on his face.

"Oh Frank I'd love to! That would be perfect." He smiles, his eyes shining.

"Right,well good to know you've got that sorted." says Doctor Winters awkwardly, "I'll be back here around three to discharge you, give you a couple of hours to get your stuff together." And then she's out of the door.

"Thank you so much Frank, I was so worried about what would happen when I had to leave" He lowers his head a little, "I thought I was gonna end up on the streets." Wow, he actually thought I would just leave him on his own. I don't think I could leave him now, even if I wanted to, he means far to much to me.

We chat for a couple of hours and I make the discovery that Gerard has his own comic - Umbrella Academy, by which I am extremely impressed, it makes me wonder what other things Gerard has done that I don't know about. One things for certain though; there is a lot more to this boy then meets the eye.

Doctor Winters is back at three, and she's joined by a porter with a wheelchair, to which Gerard makes a face of disgust.

"I don't need that, I can walk fine now." He says, which is somewhat true, although the most he's walked since arriving here with a fever almost a week ago, is only about five paces to the bathroom and back.

"I know sweetie, it's only for caution, I don't want you passing out on me again." I say with a smile. Gerard rolls his eyes and sighs.

"Fine, I'll get in the damn chair." He grumbles, pouting. When Gerard gets in to the chair he folds a blanket up on his knee, and on top of that, he has a bag holding his sketchpad and a few pairs of pyjamas he has been wearing. Doctor Winters gives Gerard a box of pills, with strict instructions to take two a day. She also gives us details of a clinic Gerard will go to every week for injections, much to Gerard's disgust.

To be discharged, Gerard and I both have to sign something and them, we're out of the building. "Freedom!" I yell as I push Gerard down the ramp at the front of the hospital, probably a little faster than I should. We both giggle until we reach the car, Gerard gets into the passenger seat, while I take the wheelchair back inside, it was only to get to the car.

Half way through the journey home I turn to Gerard to see he has fallen asleep, head nodding against the window, his mouth hanging open and he's dribbling all over the apolestry. When we get home Gerard is still asleep, so I nudge him gently. "Gerard, wake-up, we're here."

"Wha.." He murmurs, looking around groggily for a second, then he sits up. I grab his bag then walk around to the other side of the car, opening the door for him. I know he could have done that himself, but I never miss the chance to be a gentleman.

That night we decide to watch a movie. To my surprise, Gerard wants to watch a horror movie. "Me and Mikey used to watch them all the time, we had a massive collection." He boasts. I also happen to love horror movies, and I also happen to have a massive collection. My first idea is to watch one of the Saw movies; I have all of them. However, after a bit of thought, it occurs to me just how disturbingly similar the movies are to Gerard's experience.

Hell, what Gerard described to me about what he went through, sounds like it would make an excellent horror movie in it's self, I think briefly, then immediately feel guilty for the thought. Eventually we decide to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre, one of my all time favourites. We snuggle down under a blanket, it's still pretty cold and, embarrassingly I can't exactly afford to heat the house properly.

We have a bowl of popcorn between us, salted of course, Gerard's favourite. Much to my relief, Gerard isn't bothered by all the blood and gore, in fact, he seems to enjoy it. The movie ends at around 10o'clock and Gerard gets up, "I think I'm gonna go to bed now." He says, then yawns promptly.
"Okay, I'll join you in a bit." I say as Gerard ambles out of the room. This is when I realise how much like a couple we've become, minus the sex part. And now I'm thinking about the little 'moment' we had yesterday, how close our faces were, I wonder if his lips are as soft as they look... No. I can't be thinking about Gerard that way now, not when he's so dependent on me, it's not fair on him. I'll just have to wait until he's better, before I can even begin anything like... That. Anyway, I didn't just stay up to sit here and think; I have some research to do.
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