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Chapter 2

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Poison woke, slumped against the wall of the van.

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Poison woke, slumped against the wall of the van. He sighed with relief when he realized the van was still moving and cursed himself for falling asleep. They could have done anything to him while he was asleep.

He wasn't the only one who'd been lulled by the heat and the steady rythm of the wheels. Kobra and Jet were dozing lightly against the far wall. And Ghoul was curled up curled up next to Poison. His head was resting on Poison's knee and his hand was curled lightly in Poison's lap.

He left Ghoul like that until the van stopped, at which point he hurriedly shook him awake, along with the other two. Ghoul turned furiously pink when he woke up and realized he'd been sleeping on Poison, but neither of them said anything about it. They didn't have time to. Poison had woken them all up just in time- seconds after Kobra had roused himself with a few groans of pain, the doors were flung open and they find themselves looking right into the face of Korse, at least a dozen armed S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/s behind him.

"Oh shit," said Jet Star.

Korse looked absolutely delighted. The expression didn't fit well on his face and made him look even more sinister than usual. "Out of the van," he said, falsely friendly.

None of them moved.

Korse kept up the "friendly" act for a few seconds, but dropped it when it was clear that the Killyjoys weren't going to cooperate. He adopted a threatening demeanor instead.

"I said get out of the van!" he snarled.

Again, none of them moved.

He signaled to the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/s. Four of them came forward and the Killjoys found themselves being uncermoniously dragged out of the van and dumped on the floor, Kobra Kid yelling in pain from his leg. They scrambled to their feet before Korse could tell them to. He surveyed them with something akin to amusement.

Their hands were cuffed behind their backs and they were shoved none too gently down a long hall and into a small room. Their clothes were taken, although they stuggled valiantly against the Dracs who took them, and they were given plain white clothes made of itchy material.

"Man, fuck this shit," Ghoul complained, fingering the cloth. "Can't I just stay naked?"

One of the Dracs pointed its gun at him.

"Okay, okay," he said, rolling his eyes and pulling the clothes on. "Being naked would be more comfortable though..."

"Something tells me they don't particularly care about our comfort, Ghoul," Kobra muttered.

Poison stared at the opposite wall, desperately thinking about anything other than a naked Fun Ghoul.

They were taken to another room, a bigger one. There were three chairs in the middle. There were leather straps attached to the arms and legs of the chairs, Jet noticed with a growing sense of unease.

Then Korse came in, the smirk on his face growing at the sight of the Killjoys in BLI white, and said, "Now... which of you shall I have a chat with first?"

"And by 'have a chat with' you mean interrogate, right?" Jet asked, narrowing his eyes.

"I do have a few questions," Korse said, narrowing his eyes right back.

"And if we won't answer them?" Kobra joined in defiantly.

"Then I'll have to persuade you," said Korse.

"And by 'persuade' you mean torture, right?" Ghoul piped up.

Korse just smiled. He started pacing in front of them.

"How about... Jet Star?" he said, looking carefully at their faces. All four of them tensed, but managed to keep their smooth.

"Or maybe Kobra Kid?" Korse continued to scrutinize them.

Poison almost slipped up. Not Mikey. But he managed to keep it together.

But then Korse stopped right in front of him, staring into his eyes.

There was a small and terrible silence and then, still staring right at Party Poison, Korse said quietly, "Fun Ghoul."

Poison actually did slip up ths time, making a small noise at the back of his throat. Korse's smile broadened, but he didn't seem satisfied. He walked over to Ghoul, who was biting his lip nervously, leaned in close and said "Party Poison."

"No!" Ghoul blurted out.

Korse's delighted face was back. Ghoul looked horrified with himself.

Two Draculoids came forward and grabbed Poison roughly. As they started to drag him from the room, Ghoul cried out.

"Somthing you want to say, Fun Ghoul?" Korse crowed.

Ghoul took a deep breath. You got Poison into this. Now get him out, fuckhead.

"Don't hurt him," he said.

Korse laughed. Ghoul cringed.

"Don't hurt him?" Korse repeated incredulously. "That's really the best you can do?"

"You can torture me," Ghoul said frantically. "Just don't hurt him."

"Are you telling me to take you instead?" Korse asked even more incredulously.

Ghoul nodded desperately, glancing at Poison, who was shaking his head furiously at him. He looked away.

"Please," he said to Korse.

Korse chuckled darkly. "No," he said with finality. "I think I'd like to talk to Party Poison."

And Fun Ghoul could only watch helplessly as Poison was dragged from the room.
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