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Trafficking Potatoes

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A general short on Chouji and Shikamaru.

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His cheeks are fat and happy, with permanent red swirls. Shikamaru likes them because they're unique and unpresumptuous. They tell funny stories about their days, which are pleasant to hear.

They both hate cutting their hair. It gets into their eyes at a young age and they solve it effortlessly. For something growing out of lazy minds, Shikato says, it sure is lively. Shikamaru's mom calls from the kitchen, with an offer to cut both their heads of hair-Chouji's mom already agreed, so they sit down. It is ticklish and Shikamaru gets a shallow nick. Chouji giggles at him, chubby hands reaching for another biscuit-there are plenty-and says he should tie his hair up to cover it.

For as long as he has known him, Chouji has been nice. Bad things aren't habits and require thorough thinking. (They don't play pranks like Naruto, since it's overexertion on Shikamaru's side, and unwillingness on Chouji's.) It comes naturally to Shikamaru, like most of the population, but the actions are bothersome. He flicks a chip into his mouth and lies back, unconcerned with the present.

He finds out the hard way, that no one is to take the last chip, the last remnant of fond memories and sense, away from Chouji. It is more arrogant and imprudent to do so with someone who will notice rather than grandparents, even. Chouji says it's okay, because Shikamaru doesn't eat a lot anyways, and is always helping him. He likes to eat. Eating makes people wonderfully boisterous.

It is silent and the world is loud.

Kids are mean and loud, and they don't think about things properly, Shikamaru remarks. People worry and move too much, so they get old and annoying. Being clean and full is being grateful for peace.

It doesn't matter if Chouji's stupid (at school). Shikamaru is his friend, and they're both good at things. The Akimichi clan values sturdy qualities and chemistry, and the Naras know their deers. Translating the subtle kinetics of muscle and light is not a study; it is a birthright, as the understanding of how the earth feels is to the Akimichi.

Konoha is about life, they say, and people. He has been brought up fine, and so is Chouji, he says. Life is not still, just calm, he says, perfectly unsuspecting.

Fine as it is, the assembly of Shikamaru's daily life is a concern to his parents, so he appreciates Chouji's father. He's a nice guy, Shikamaru ascertains when they meet. (Chouji agrees; anyone who can spare their last chip with alacrity and all that it symbolizes cannot be suggest a weakness of mind. Shikamaru is different. There are no favoured deer to him; he knows them and they know him, and that is all there is to it. The bastion of their relationship lies in this: trust and entailments.)

Like shougi, they learn and grow into the meaning of nakama, so it's all okay.

When there are butterflies he looks for a flower. Insects have uncanny eyes, and reading about them doesn't change how he feels or comprehends the hierarchy. The wings are delicate and Chouji never touches them. Coincidentally, Shikamaru scares the minute creatures away when he moves. Chouji laughs at him. Shikamaru is happy.
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