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Sound of Madness

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Celebrations are for the black of heart. Tierney's POV

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I created the Sound of Madness.
Wrote the book on pain.
Somehow I'm still here,
To explain,
That the darkest hour never comes in the night.
You can sleep with a gun.
When you gonna wake up and fight... for yourself?

Stepping over yet another drained corpse, I flip open the lid of the beer cooler, grabbing two bottles out of the melting ice. The only way to celebrate the other clans defeat is by sucking the blood out of all our captives and getting drunk.

Loud music continues to pour out of the living room, mixed with laughter and the occasional sexual moan. Derek rushes past me, looking very much like a mad man. Rolling my eyes, I continue towards the couch where Bert and Andy sit, talking to each other.

Passing Andy a beer I sit myself back down on Bert’s lap, enjoying the feeling of his arms snaking around me, holding me tightly to his chest. Tonight we did well to keep Ash-lee and Gerard off our turf. Had they managed to get through a full blown war would have broken out.

“Thank you angel,” Bert purrs in my ear, popping the cap of the beer off with his teeth.

“Stop trying to show off, I’m not impressed,” I answer as he presses his lips to my neck.

Laughing he hands me the beer, letting me drink my fill before taking it back. In truth I’d like to go out in the woods, just with Bert and sit in a tree and watch the stars. It’s normal and he’s always so sweet to me when it's just us. Sure, the partying is fun but I’m getting bored.

“Can we go?” I ask, batting my lashes at Bert hoping he’d come along. I actually want to talk about what our plans are but it’s nearly impossible in here.

Standing, Bert lets the beer bottle fall from his hand, shattering on the floor, and splashing liquid on the already stained walls. The four of us, Bert, Andy, Cassidy and I, head outside. A few paces from the house we all sit down.

“So what are our plans of action?” Andy asks, pulling the words right out of my mouth though I know he doesn’t mean to.

“Well, until we can get Frank or that little human he keeps with him here we’ve got nothing. We need the girl,” Bert says, anger flashing in his eyes.

“Couldn’t we just send your girlfriend out into the forest as Frank and lure the girl here?” Cassidy offers as Andy slips his hand under her shirt, causing the ginger haired girl to giggle. If she was human her cheeks would be dusted a bright red color.

“That’d work all accept that munchkin never leaves her side. I’d be a miracle if we got them apart for even ten minutes,” Bert grumbles, picking up random rocks and throwing them at trees.

“She goes to school,” I impute, remembering hearing something about a Belleville High when I was spying. “We could get her there. I might not even have to use my power just nab her as she’s going in or coming out.”

Cassidy tilts her head to the side, “Frank doesn’t go to school with her?”

“No,” I answer leaning on Bert’s arm, “Only this other red head and some dark haired girl but I'm positive both of them are human. I’ve been in the school before; it’s just like a big square. I could have the job done in fifteen minutes at the most. Cass you’ll have to help me though; I’ll need your power of persuasion. You’ll have to make her think she wants to come with us.”

“What would we do after we get the girl? I mean, we can’t drink from her. She’s only useful if she’s alive. How do you keep a human alive?” Andy asks, his head tilted back, eyes on the sky.

“You don’t drink from it dipshit, duh,” Bert answers laughing a little bit.

The rest of join in, falling backwards onto the leaf scattered ground looking up at the stars, tonight was good. Our plan is officially in place so now all Cassidy and I have to do is wait till tomorrow. There is no way the human is going to slip through our grasp.

Next Morning

Bright yellow assaults my eyelids, confirming my suspicion that we did indeed fall into a period of rest outside. Groaning I force myself into a sitting position before opening my eyes, blinking a few times as I try and adjust to the bright light. Sun doesn’t hurt us in anyway it’s just uncomfortable. Most vampires prefer the night.

Sighing I look over at Bert who has his eyes open, looking at me, a smile on his face. He’s back to being his sweet self now that the alcohol has passed through his system. I can tell just by looking in his warm chocolate eyes.

“Good morning beautiful,” he whispers, moving over to me and picking a few leaves out of my orange and blonde hair whilst laying kisses on my cheek and exposed neck.

Pulling my Harley Davison hoddie closer to me, I shiver pretending the crisp October morning air is really making me cold. As a result Bert moves even closer to me, wrapping his arms around me, his chin resting on my shoulder, kissing my jaw bone.

“You’re not really that warm,” I mumble, “Though I do enjoy you holding me so don’t let go.”

Bert chuckles as Andy sits up, giving us an ‘I hate the world’ look, his dark eyeliner smeared giving him raccoon eyes. Turning his head, Andy looks at the sleeping girl beside him planting a kiss on her cheek before getting up and walking into the house. I’m pretty positive the sun affects Andy more than any of us. Even when he was human he hated the glowing ball of gases.

“Cassidy, get up,” I say, tapping her in the leg with my converse.

She grumbles but her eyes are open. Satisfied I follow Bert into the house. I have to get ready for school.

Author's Note: Hope you enjoy. Title/lyrics at the beginning from the song Sound of Madness by Shinedown. Happy reading :)
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