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The Hill and the Lake.

by Nicnivin 1 review

Where I find happiness in this lonely world...

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All alone.
No family to talk to.
No friends to keep company.
I have to go to the place that I know brings me happiness.
The area is desolate as I climb in the blazing sun.
Dirt never looked so perfect,
As its piled in lumps to form a sloped hill.
Different shades of grass scatter the top and sides of the formation.
The grass grows thicker and thicker as it nears the ground until its a field of green silk.
Grass that covers ground seems to fade perfectly into a blue abyss.
As the wind blows a soft current,
The sun glazing a glare over the top of the blissful lake, making it look like crystals floating at the top.
Trees that differ in shapes and sizes of all sorts line the glossy lake.
However, all wear the perfect green coat of spring on their leaves.
Flowers of yellow and white shake back and forth in the gentle breeze along the side of the hill.
I am at the top.
Here, everything is at peace.
Here, is where even when I'm alone..
I can still find happiness.

A/N: okay so I know this isn't really poetry but I don't really know what it is..
anyways, This describes an area less then a mile off from my house. This is a picture of it that I took.
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