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Party Poison punched the dashboard of his beloved Trans AM.
"They fucking took her!" He yelled in frustration. Fun Ghoul placed a hand on Poison's shoulder.
"Its okay, we'll get her back." Poison brushed off Ghoul's hand and slammed his foot down on the accelerator, making the others grip their seats.
"Slow the fuck down Poison!" Kobra snarled. Poison just sped up. Jet Star shook his head and looked out of the window. Poison slammed on the brakes outside Better Living Industries. Poison got out of the car and slammed the door.
"Korse, the fucking bastard." He mumbled. Dracs immediately attacked them. Without even looking at them, Poison shot at least three of them, leaving the rest for the other Killjoys. The Killjoys followed their leader in silence, Poison opened the door to BL/ind and marched down a corridor - he knew exactly where Missile would be.

Killing more Dracs on the way, Poison found Missile and knelt down, embracing her.
"I'm sorry Missile." Missile Kid shook her head.
"You don't have to say sorry Poison, its not your fault." Poison smiled softly at her and stood up. He high-fived the Killjoys.
"We got her back boys!" He said with a grin. The Killjoys greeted Missile and walked back to the doors, only to be met by more Dracs and the head bastard himself, Korse. Poison looked at the others.
"Jet, Ghoul, you get Missile the fuck out of here. Kobra, you're with me, bro'." Kobra nodded and began shooting. Poison ran straight for Korse, shooting but missing. Korse grabbed Poison by the collar of his blue leather jacket and slammed him against a wall, aiming a gun at his throat. Poison spat at him.
"You bastard!" He yelled. Korse smiled grimly and pulled the trigger, leaving Poison slumped on the floor.
"POISON! NO!" Missile screamed, being pulled back by Jet Star. Kobra too was shot down, and was left dead on the floor near his brother. Ghoul ushered Missile and Jet Star out before closing the door and being shot twice himself before falling. Jet pushed Missile into Dr Death Defy's van with the Evac team, they drove off and Jet was left dead on the bonnet of Poison's beloved Trans AM.


Hope you guys enjoyed it.
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