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Annie and Sean's friendship grows, Marcus and Casey visit Carolyn

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It was Friday morning and Marcus was nervously pacing around the hotel room waiting for Casey to get ready.

Casey laughed as she walked out of the bedroom and saw him. “Would you please stop being so nervous?”

The way he was feeling was upsetting him. “I’m not nervous.” He lied. “I just want to get going.”

While Casey knew they were checking out this morning she wasn’t sure where they were going. “Uh, so are we going to your house to get ready for the party tonight?”

“No.” He shook his head, “Everything is being prepared. We are going to Carolyn’s estate.”

“What?” Casey was obviously shocked. “Carolyn is here in London?"

Marcus tried unsuccessfully to hide his anger. “Yeah last night while you slept she contacted me. She wants to see you. Which is of course her right.”

“Oh.” Casey sat down on the sofa trying to gather her thoughts. However it was not hard for her to hear Marcus’s thoughts. “You’re upset about this.”

“Hell yes, I am.” His eyes flashed. “I’m fuckin’ pissed. I’ve known Carolyn a long time and she’s never pulled this rank shit on me before.”

“You hate that because she is older she can order you around.”

His anger erupted. “Bet you think this is amusing, don’t you? Here you thought you were bound a big, bad, Pure who could protect you. Well you were fuckin’ wrong.”

Casey rose to go to him. “Marcus I didn’t choose to be bound to you for your protection. I chose to be bound to you because I love you.” She titled her head to look into his eyes. Hearing his thoughts she said softly, “You are torn. You respect and like Carolyn.”

“Yeah, I do.” He closed his eyes and sighed, “But at the same time I don’t want to share you with her.”

“And that makes you feel bad.”

When he opened his eyes they were topaz. “It makes me feel wrong.”

Placing her arms around him she hugged tightly, “There is nothing wrong about you.”

“Many would beg to differ on that point.” He whispered trying to let go of his anger.

She was still hearing his jumbled thoughts. “And for the record there is no chance I’d choose to stay with Carolyn. My place is with you.”

He sighed, “Carolyn can be very persuasive.”

“She is a wonderful Pure. But she understands my place is with you.”

He gently pulled her back so he could look into her eyes. “She understands that? You can’t possibly know that.”

Casey smiled, “Yes, I do know that.”

“So you listened to her thoughts too?”

“Once we bonded it was impossible for me not to hear them.” Casey admitted. “And believe me you have nothing to worry about. I’m sure she just wants to talk to me.”

His eyes narrowed. “About what?”

It was getting difficult to keep things from him but she understood she must. “I’m not sure. She probably just wants to know how I am adjusting to being a blood bound.” As she said the words she could hear that Marcus didn’t believe her.

“Come on.” He said turning away. “Let’s go.”


Annie and Sean were seated at the kitchen table eating the breakfast that Annie had prepared. For the past several days since Sean had moved into the estate they had fallen into a routine. As the only mortals they enjoyed eating breakfast and dinner together.

“Tomorrow I’ll make breakfast.” Sean said before taking a sip of coffee.

Annie smiled, “Tired of my cooking already?”

“Nope, not at all but it’s only fair I do some of the cooking too.”

Annie nodded, “I was thinking of making spaghetti for dinner. How does that sound?”

“Great. But just know that if you do Gerard will eat a little bit.”

“Really?” Annie was surprised. As of yet she’d not seen Anna or Gerard eat anything.


Annie sighed, “I didn’t realize they ate at all.”

Sean understood her reaction. “Hey, it’s okay. You’re new to all of this. He and Anna can both eat a little bit of food but too much makes them sick.”

“You’re right I don’t know so many things.” She looked down at her plate.

Sean reached across the table to gently touch her arm. “Annie that’s only natural you don’t understand everything. Believe me I’m still learning things and I’ve been bound to Gerard for almost seven months.”

“Can I ask you something?”

Sean nodded, “Sure.”

She was silent a moment trying to word her thoughts. “I know he saved your life, you’d fallen and hit your head, right?”

“Yep, I was out walking along the cliffs in the dark.”

“Why?” She could just feel there was more not being said.

He looked into her eyes and decided to tell her the truth. “I was lost..” He began but she spoke up suddenly.

“You felt lost.”

He was surprised, “Yes, exactly. I felt so lost. It seemed my life had no purpose. How did you know?”

Annie refused to look him in the eye. “I’m one of those weird people who can sense things about people.” She said softly wondering how he’ respond, hoping admitting that wasn’t something she should have kept inside.

“I think having that ability is a gift. I’m sure at times it can be hard but it’s a gift, Annie.”

When she looked up the smile she gave him came from deep within. “Thanks.”

“So how about you? Did you feel lost before coming here?”

Before she would have hated to admit that but now it felt right. “Very lost. I come from a large family.” She grinned, “I have six sisters.”


“Yeah, six.” Annie nodded, “And I love them. Mom and Dad too, very much. But I never truly felt I fit in, do you know what I mean?”

Sean nodded, “Yeah, I know what you mean. But unfortunately I wasn’t very close with my parents. The reason I came to Scotland was because they died.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Maybe part of why I felt so lost was because deep down I’d always hoped that some day I’d have a closer relationship with them but it never happened.” He took a bite of toast then after washing it down with a sip of coffee added, “I also have a sister.”

“I didn’t know that.” Annie admitted.

Sean sighed, “Gerard didn’t either until the night I moved in here. Shelly and I aren’t close. She’s married and living in Australia.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Yeah I am too but even as kids we weren’t close. I don’t know why, really. It’s sad but in a way I think both of us were always trying to get mom and dads attention. But neither of us could. We just went about it in different ways. Shelly was the good daughter, always doing great in school. I was the bad son, acting out every chance I could get.”

“I know about acting out.” Annie said sadly. “But I wasn’t doing it for attention.”

Sean spoke softly, “You were doing it to punish yourself for not fitting in.”

Anna looked up in surprise. “Yes.” She was touched he understood.

“Well both of us have found our way now.” He smiled.

“I really feel that’s true.” Annie smiled, “I love being here but at times I can’t help but think I’ll mess up and be sent away.”

“You worry too much.” Neither had heard Anna and Gerard walk into the kitchen.

Annie smiled at Anna. “Sorry but I can’t help it.”

Sean wanted to lighten the mood. “Annie is making spaghetti for dinner.” He said looking at Gerard.

“Yum.” Gerard grinned, “Haven’t’ had that in a long time.”

Anna sat down at the table. “It’s one of his favorites.” She glanced over at Annie. “I talked to Gee and this afternoon you will go to the shop. Sean can go with you into town.”

Sean looked over at Gerard who was pouring a small amount of coffee in a cup. “I didn’t realize it was time.” He could usually anticipate when it was time to replenish their supply of synthetic.

“It’s not really a necessity.” Gerard answered turning towards the table. “But we want Annie learn how it’s done.”

“Oh.” Sean nodded.

Annie was watching him closely hoping he didn’t feel she was infringing on his job. He could feel her gaze.

“That’s a good idea.” He said smiling at her. “Around 2:00 would be good.”

Annie nodded.

“Ready to go?” Gerard asked seeing Sean’s plate was empty.

“Sure.” Sean stood. “Thanks for breakfast.” He said to Annie. “I’ll see you this afternoon.”

“You’re welcome.” She answered.

Once the men had exited the room Anna spoke. “What is wrong?”

Annie grinned, “It’s weird you can tell something is wrong.”

Since they had bonded last night the freshness of the bond made it much easier for Anna to pick up on Annie’s emotions. “Did Sean say something that upset you?”

“Oh no.” Annie answered quickly. “I’m just hoping he doesn’t mind me learning how to supply the synthetic.”

“Oh.” Anna said softly. She was about to speak when she looked up to see that Gerard had returned.

“Forgot my keys.” He laughed scooping them up from the counter. He’d heard Annie’s last comment. “Uh, Annie don’t worry about Sean. Believe me, he’d like any excuse to be alone with you.”

Annie gave him a surprised look. “Really?”

Gerard laughed, “Yeah, really.” With that he gave Anna a quick kiss then left.

Anna was watching Annie. “How do you feel about that?” She knew but wanted to girl to admit her feelings.

“I like being with him too.” Annie whispered.

Anna just smiled.


“What a beautiful place.” Casey said with a smile as she glanced around at the beautifully tended flower gardens surrounding Carolyn’s home. “How long as she owned this place?”

Marcus, who was still unhappy to be here, refused to see the beauty. “Long time.” He responded. “She periodically turns over ownership of it to fake corporations but it’s always hers.”

A woman in uniform answered the door. “She is expecting you.”

Marcus nodded then roughly took Casey’s arm to follow the woman into the main sitting room.

“Marcus, Casey.” Carolyn smiled as they entered. “I’m so glad you could come by.”

“Well we were summoned.” Marcus’s tone made it clear he was annoyed.

Casey shot him a disapproving look but Carolyn simply laughed. “Marcus, don’t be a bear.”

His eyes narrowed, “I’m not.”

Again Carolyn laughed, “He really hates the fact I’m older than him, doesn’t he?” She asked Casey.

Casey nodded slightly.

“I do not.” Marcus lied. “It’s just that Casey and I have a lot of things to do today.”

Carolyn nodded, “Yes, I understand you are hosting one of your parties tonight.”

Marcus could kick himself for mentioning they were busy. Now since she had brought up the party he knew he must invite her. That was something he definitely didn’t want to do.

“Do not worry, I have a previous engagement.” Carolyn said looking directly into his eyes knowing what he was thinking.

Marcus cursed himself for making his feelings so obvious. “Oh, that’s too bad.” He said slowly, “I’m sorry to hear that, I would have loved for you to attend.”

“My, you used to be so much better at lying.” Carolyn said slowly. “But since I will not be able to attend I wanted to speak to Casey. That is why I’ve summoned you here.”

Marcus knew he had to get his emotions under check. “Sorry about saying that, it was rude. It is always good to see you.”

“And it has always been my pleasure to see you.” Carolyn answered. She turned to Casey, “And it is a pleasure to see you again.”

“It’s good to see you Carolyn.” Casey smiled, “I was telling Marcus when we arrived how much I love your flower gardens.”

Carolyn looked into her eyes knowing Casey was picking up on her thoughts. “Yes, they are, aren’t they?” She turned to Marcus. “You really should take another look at them Marcus.”

With a sinking feeling he understood what was happening. “You wish to speak to Casey alone.”

Carolyn nodded, “Yes, please go out and take a walk through the gardens, the ones behind the house are especially beautiful this time of year. Casey and I will chat while you’re gone.”

He sighed, “Lovely idea.” To deny her request would be wrong and he knew it. Turning to Casey he looked into her eyes. Casey smiled at the three words she heard loud and clear come from his thoughts before he turned and exited the room.

“Come.” Carolyn said motioning to Casey. “There is much we need to discuss.”

Casey followed her over to the large leather sofa then took a seat beside her.

“It is getting very difficult for him to hide his true emotions for you.” Carolyn said softly.

Casey nodded, “Yes and for that I am sorry.”

“You can’t help that.” Carolyn answered, “But you still understand that he must hide those emotions and you must help him.”

“I’m trying.”

“Tonight’s party, it was your idea?” Carolyn asked.

“Yes, Marcus and I have been attending parties and over and over I’ve heard how Healers are shocked he’s not hosted a party for a long time. So I sorta pushed the issue."

Carolyn laughed, “Oh my. I’m sure he wasn’t very happy about that.”

“That’s putting it mildly.” Casey admitted. “But I knew it was important.”

“It is.” Carolyn said growing serious. “I have been keeping my ear to the ground, so to speak. I know you and Marcus have been attending Healer parties and that is very good. However I’ve heard rumblings that he does not seem himself and that worries me.”

Casey sighed, “It is difficult for him.”

“And is it difficult for you?” Carolyn asked taking her hand.

“No.” Casey said slowly, “Not really. I have tried very hard to embrace the Healers way. I have listened very closely to the Healers and Pures I’ve met and tired to understand the way they think.”

“You have realized we are not all the same?”

Casey nodded, “Oh yes.”

“That is wonderful.” Carolyn smiled. “His Excellence will be pleased.”

“I hope so.” Casey dropped her gaze. “I know how important this is.”

Carolyn was drawn to this woman’s strength. “Tell me truthfully, are you frightened?”

For several moments Casey remained silent then she spoke from her heart. “Not for myself but for Marcus. I know it will be so hard for him when it’s time and if I do not return.” She couldn’t go on.

“If you do not return he will be devastated.” Carolyn said for her.

Casey nodded sadly.

“I believe you will.” Carolyn said softly. “I believe you will return from the sleep of the dead.”

“I just wish His Excellence hadn’t mentioned that it had failed once before.” Casey said sadly. “I know that weights heavily on Marcus’s mind."

“Of course it does.” Carolyn nodded. “Because he loves you.”

Casey looked into her eyes. “Do you believe that is wrong?”

“What I believe does not matter.” Carolyn answered.

“It matters to me.” Casey said looking into her eyes but since they had only bonded once she could not catch Carolyn’s true thoughts. The bond had faded too much.

“Tonight may prove difficult for you.” Carolyn said as she realized what Casey was trying to do. “But I know you understand how Marcus acts is important.”

“Yes, I understand that. But it will not be the first time we have, uh, been together in front of others.”

Carolyn smiled, “Casey just the fact you can’t say you had sex in front of others proves you still find our ways difficult.”

“That is because to me it wasn’t sex, we made love.” Casey said softly.

“Yes, well.” Carolyn knew it was important for Casey to stay focused on the task. “I understand that is how you feel but tonight must be different. Marcus’s parties are famous. Tonight can be no different from the others he’s hosted.”

Casey understood her words, “Yes, I realize that.”

“And you feel you can accept this fact?”

“Yes. I can and I will.”

“Good.” Carolyn smiled, “But I believe it is important for me to see that Marcus can handle it."

Her words confused Casey. “You are going to attend?”

“No, I honestly can’t be there tonight.” Carolyn smiled, “However we are all here now. I want us to bond while Marcus watches.”

“Oh.” Casey hadn’t expected this.

“Casey he must see that you are okay with our lifestyle. He must see it is what you choose of your own free will. Not because you must but because you embrace it.”

“I understand.” Casey nodded.

“Now before he returns there things I must tell you. I have spoken to His Excellence…."

Carolyn had just finished explaining many things to Casey when Marcus walked into the room.

“So are you done or do I have to go look at some more damn flowers?” He asked crossing his arms.

Carolyn looked over at Casey waiting.

“Carolyn and I are going to bond before we leave.”

Marcus glared at her. “Oh really?”

“Yes.” Carolyn smiled at the Pure. “But please be seated. You can of course watch.”

His eyes flashed. He most definitely didn’t just want to watch.

Casey leaned over and whispered something to Carolyn which obviously pleased her. The Pure rose. “I’ll be back momentarily.”

Casey looked across the room at Marcus who had taken a seat on a matching sofa and was staring at her. She could hear his thoughts, his question, but instead of answering she simply smiled.

When Carolyn returned she was followed by a beautiful girl. “Marcus this is Jessica.” She said leading the girl over to him.

“Jessica.” Marcus forced a smile.

Jessica smiled and sat down next to him.

Carolyn returned to her seat next to Casey. She immediately leaned over and kissed her. Casey returned the kiss deepening it while her fingers moved to unbutton Carolyn’s silk blouse.

Carolyn gave a sigh of content then leaned back. Slowly she unbuttoned Casey’s blouse. Once the material was parted she pushed it off her shoulders.

Marcus’s topaz eyes were drinking in the sight. They flashed when Casey’s bra was removed.

Casey smiled at Carolyn as she helped the Pure remove her bra. Once her breasts were freed she gently cupped them.

Marcus growled as he reached over to pull Jessica on to his lap. He kissed her hard while his hand slid under her skirt. He yanked her panties down her legs then tossed them on the floor.

Out of the corner of her eyes Carolyn was watching Marcus. She could see his reaction and was pleased. Gently she pushed Casey back on the sofa then unzipped her jeans. She wanted to see the woman nude.

Casey smiled as Carolyn removed her clothes but Carolyn realized the smile did not reach her eyes. Knowing it would help she bit into her arm offering it to Casey. “Just a taste for now.” She whispered.

Casey understood what she was doing. The blood, when it touched her tongue ignited the fire. Once her jeans and panties were removed she sat up to undress Carolyn.

Marcus was watching them intently. He pulled Jessica up and quickly undressed her. Then he settled the nude woman across this lap placing her head on a cushion. His fingers roamed across her body. His fingers were feeling her soft skin, but his eyes were on Casey.

Casey laid pack on the sofa as Carolyn slid her body over her. She latched onto one of the Pure’s nipples letting her tongue tease. Carolyn moaned with pleasure.

Marcus too moaned. His fingers slid down Jessica’s body then pushed apart her legs. She smiled at him seductively.

Casey’s tongue continued to tease Carolyn’s nipple until the Pure pulled away lifting her body up by her arms. Looking down into Casey’s face she smiled then sat up offering her arm again to Casey. Once more Casey’s lips latched on the wound and she drank deeply. But this time she turned her head, her eyes met Marcus’s as Carolyn leaned down and bit into her neck. Knowing she’d taken enough of Carolyn’s blood she released her arm while Carolyn continued to drink. Casey let her hand roam down the Pures bare back urging her on.

Marcus could take no more. His eyes locked with Casey’s he slid a finger into Jessica’s heat. She moaned and arched her back. As one finger continued to pump in and out he lifted her other arm and bit into her soft flesh.

Casey could feel her need growing. Carolyn lifted her head and licked Casey’s neck stopping the blood flow. When she lifted her head Casey kissed her deeply. Carolyn broke off the kiss and smiled. In her head Casey heard her words and smiled.

Marcus continued to thrust his finger into Jessica wet hole as he drank her blood. She bucked her hips against his hand trying to bury his finger deeper. He inserted two fingers.

Carolyn gently rolled Casey on to her side so that they were now facing each other on the sofa. She smiled then inched her body down allowing Casey to once more see across the room. Marcus saw she was watching. Slowly he removed is fingers from Jessica then lifted them to his mouth to taste her juices. He smiled, his topaz eyes flashed, then he once more slid his fingers into the girl.

Casey understood he was angry but only smiled. A moment later when Carolyn had slid down far enough that her tongue darted out to lick Casey’s slit she cried out in pleasure.

The sound urged Marcus on. His fingers found the spot and Jessica cried out as the orgasm washed over her. Marcus first licked then let her arm drop.

Using her fingers Carolyn parted Casey’s lips then began to gently, teasingly, suck her throbbing nub. Casey cried out again. She was so close but Carolyn stopped. She tore her gaze away from Marcus too look into Carolyn’s eyes.

‘he has suffered enough, don’t you think?’

Casey nodded in response to the question she heard in her head.

As the two women rose from the sofa Marcus lifted Jessica off his lap. She quickly grabbed her clothing then left the room.

Marcus’s eyes flashed as Casey slowly started towards him but she suddenly stopped. Turning she reached for Carolyn’s hand. The action surprised the Pure.

“Come.” Casey smiled.

Carolyn nodded then both women walked towards Marcus who was still sitting on the sofa fully clothed. As they neared he stood. Quickly both women undressed him. Marcus’s eyes never left Casey.

She smiled then gently pushed him back down onto the sofa. Then she took Carolyn’s hand and together they kneeled in front to him. Marcus groaned as their tongues began to work together to lick and tease. When Carolyn took him into her mouth Casey began to suck his balls. Marcus leaned back in ecstasy watching them.

“Oh yeah.” He moaned. “Fuck yeah.”

Casey whispered for Carolyn not to stop then stood. She knew Marcus was staring at her. Slowly she lifted her hand to her breast and began to rub her fingers over her tight nipples. Marcus groaned.

“Would you like to taste?” She whispered.

Instead of answering he reached out for her. She settled herself on the sofa so that he could simply turn his head to capture her breast.

Sucking greedily he placed his arm around her to caress her back. Still he tried to resist the feeling building inside.

‘he wants you’

Casey looked down into Carolyn’s eyes and nodded. She pulled away from him slowly while smiling. Getting off the sofa she put out her hand to Carolyn. When the Pure rose she placed her on the sofa next to Marcus then pushed her gently back into a laying position.

Marcus understood. His fingers went to Carolyn’s heat. First he ran his thumb over her nub teasingly then inserted a finger into her wet core. Carolyn cried out as the feeling began to build.

Casey watched a moment then got back on her knees. She deeply took Marcus into her mouth. In and out, up and down, her tongue teasing she felt he was ready to burst. As she did so he pumped his finger deeper into Carolyn causing the Pure to thrash wildly.

When she came he smiled.

Casey had stopped and was watching. Marcus turned to her and was shocked to the core by her next action. She took his finger, still wet with Carolyn’s juices and sucked it into her mouth.

Marcus could take no more. He lifted Casey onto his lap impaling her on his throbbing rod. Casey threw back her head and cried out as he lifted her hips sliding her body up and down his dick.

Carolyn was on her knees next to them. She cupped Casey’s breast and pinched her nipples as Casey rode him hard.

“Yes.” Casey screamed as the first waves of pleasure washed over her body.

Marcus felt her muscles tighten then let go filling her.

“Oh fuck.” He groaned. “Yes.”

Casey let her body fall on to him. He placed one arm around her while using the other to pull Carolyn towards them.

Rolling her head over on his chest Casey smiled at Carolyn. The Pure leaned down to kiss her.

‘thank you’

Casey smiled.

‘the Pure blood has ignited his true nature. He must remain this way, you understand?’

Casey nodded slightly.

As they left the estate Casey was thinking about what Carolyn had told her. Soon he would understand. Knowing she could not let him begin to rethink what had happened she leaned over as he started the car and kissed him deeply.

Marcus smiled, “You’re happy?”

“I can’t wait for tonight.” She purred. “I think you will enjoy seeing me in leather and chains.”

His eyes flashed and he groaned, “Fuck yes I will.”

AUTHORS NOTE: lacerationgravityxxx I knew if anyone was going to catch the name drop in the last chapter it would be you. Thanks
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