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Alice Drenton - a young witch - has just applied for a job working at El-Iksir, a company specialising in magical drafts and potions. At the interview, she meets her new boss' PA - a strangely ner...

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Chapter 1
The Interview

I knocked quietly on the door of the office marked “Mr Linther”. After a moment, a voice called for me to come in. Inside was a sofa with a coffee table, a mahogany door, and a desk – behind which sat a smiling young man. ”Mr Linther?” I asked nervously.
“No, I’m Alex – Mr Linther’s assistant. Are you Miss Drenton?” The man answered, standing up and holding his hand out to shake hers.
“Oh, yes. I’m supposed to be interviewed for the position of Mr Linther’s secretary at 3:20.” I replied uncertainly, shaking his hand. I noticed that his hand trembled slightly.
“Of course. I’ll just tell Mr Linther that you’re here.” Alex turned and softly opened the mahogany door. He disappeared inside. After a moment I heard shouting, then a crash, and Alex came hurrying out. “Mr Linther will be out in a moment.” He said, slightly out of breath. “Please have a seat.” He dashed out the main door, leaving me slightly dazed. What had that been about?
I turned to the sofa, and was just about to seat myself when an older man entered through the mahogany door. He smiled dazzlingly at me. “Miss Drenton. Nice to meet you.”
“Mr Linther, I presume.” I answered, taking his hand and smiling in reply.
“Of course. I’m afraid we can’t use my office quite yet; Alex smashed a vase of flowers just a moment ago. If you wouldn’t mind waiting until he’s cleared it up?”
“Of course not.”
We stood awkwardly for a moment, until Mr Linther said quite suddenly “Would you like to sit down?”
“Oh, of course.” I replied, hastily seating myself on the sofa behind us.
He sat at the other end, his clear blue eyes holding mine. After about a minute, he asked “So, why do you want this job?”
“I’ve always wanted to be a personal secretary. It’s been my dream since I can remember. I enjoy organising, and I’m good at typing. I’m also excellent at maths, so working as a secretary in the accountancy department makes sense. Plus, I’m magical so I understand how the products work. This is the perfect place – and job – for me to work in.”
“Hmm, that certainly does seem quite convincing.” He paused and looked up as the door opened. It was Alex. “What took you so long?” Mr Linther asked him mildly, but Alex still looked startled and slightly fearful.
“N-nothing.” He stuttered, lowering his eyes slightly under Linther’s piercing gaze.
“Well get on then.” Linther said softly.
Alex dashed through the mahogany door.
Mr Linther turned back to me. “Well, I think we might not actually need that interview. You’re hired.”
My eyes widened in shock. “R-really?” I replied, absolutely thrilled – this was my dream job, and it was a one in a million opportunity.
Linther smiled at my expression. “Of course. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to a meeting – Alex will sort out all the paperwork.” He stood, I followed suit, and we shook hands.
“Thankyou very much, Mr Linther.”
“It was nothing.” Linther strolled out the door, almost purring with delight.
I sat for a while, and then decided that I ought to at least offer to help Alex. I stood up, and went over to the ornate mahogany door. Summoning my courage – though I couldn’t work out why I was so scared – I opened it. Inside, there was a large desk immediately in front – with barely anything on it, I noticed. To the left was a huge bookcase, filled with all manner of objects – some even books! To the right, the wall was inset with a large fish tank. Alex was on his hands and knees clearing up a broken flower vase from in front of the fish tank. “Um, can I help?”
Alex jumped, turning his head quickly. “Oh, Miss Drenton. No, it’s fine. Mr Linther would have my head if I made a guest clear up.” He smiled a little sadly.
“I insist. And anyway – I’m going to work here, so I’m not really a guest.” I replied as I knelt next to Alex. “Now what can I d–?”
“You’re going to work here?” Alex interrupted me hurriedly, looking somewhat panicked.
“Yes.” I frowned.
“ don’t understand! You can’t! He’ll...”
“He’ll what, Alex?” Asked a male voice from the doorway. Turning, I saw that the man was tall, with short dark hair and sparklingly deep blue eyes. He was leant against the door frame, his right hand resting comfortably on his hip. I did not recognize him, but obviously Alex did.
“Nothing, sir.” Alex replied softly, and continued clearing up the shattered glass.
I stood up to greet the man, and he turned to me – the amusement in his eyes turning to interest. “And who might you be?” He asked.
“Alice Drenton, sir. I’m going to be working as Mr Linther’s personal secretary.”
“Ah, I heard he was hiring. I’m Simon Maxell. The head accountant here.”
“Pleased to meet you, Mr Maxell.” I replied, shaking his hand.
“Call me Simon.” Simon said, smiling. “Everyone calls each other by their first names here. Except for Mr Linther, of course.” He paused, and turned to Alex. “Are you finished yet?” He asked a little impatiently.
“Yes sir.” Alex answered, standing up. “I just have to take the rubbish to the bin. If you’ll excuse me...?” Alex moved towards the door, where Simon still rested against the door frame.
Simon put his arm across the doorway. “And if I will not?” He asked, smiling amusedly.
Alex looked taken aback. “I d-don’t know, sir. What do you mean?”
“I’m not a patient person Alex.” Simon seemed annoyed.
“I’m sorry sir. B-but...” Alex glanced back at me.
“Oh.” Simon raised an eyebrow. “You’re embarrassed.” He walked out, then turned. “See me in my office at half past three, Alex. Don’t be late.”
Once he had gone, I turned to Alex. He was still stood where he had been when Simon had challenged him, seemingly stunned. “What was that about?” I asked.
“Oh, nothing.” Alex replied dismissively, albeit a little defensively.
“Oh?” I answered, raising an eyebrow. “Really?”
He bowed his head slightly, looking up at me from under his dark lashes. “You’re very perceptive, Miss Drenton, but...I don’t think I should tell you. It might upset you, and Mr Maxell would be furious if I did that.”
“If you’re sure...?”
“Yes, miss. I’m certain. Thankyou.” He stood uncertainly for a moment, before asking shyly “W-would you like me to fetch the paperwork you need to fill in, miss?”
“Yes, please.” I smiled. “But you don’t need to call me miss. You can just call me Alice.”
“B-but...Mr Maxell...”
“Mr Maxell told me that everyone addresses everyone else by their first names, remember? And no matter how he treats you, that doesn’t mean I have to treat you the same.” I replied, slightly threateningly, then added jovially “Okay?”


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