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Terrible Things

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A one shot based on two of my favourite songs! Terrible Things by Mayday Parade and somewhere only we know by Keane :) Frank and Jamia :)

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My first ever oneshot! :)

Franks POV
Flicking through an old photograph album, it replays like it was just a day before. The smiles, the laughs, the overcoming everything. It had been a cold January night when i had met someone who would forever be important to me. Someone i could honestly be myself around. Someone who changed everything. It was a football game, a stupid, pointless football game. I remember dreading it. My father insisted on taking me along with him, hoping i would gain an interest in this sport. I hated sport. Everyone who knew me was aware of that. But tonight's football game remains remarkable. We lost as usual but i didn't feel the sadness, i won in a whole other concept.

" Tonight's going to be a good one Frank. I can just feel it." My father said leading us to our seats. "Yeah..." I said, not bothering to cover up my lack of interest.
The game began. Roars of the crowd as big, tough men violently fell to the floor. Blood, sweat and tears flying around everywhere. I was regretting not bringing my ipod. I could've been more occupied, maybe it would even help my poor acting skills. "Excuse me." A soft voice snapped me from my thoughts. " Would you like anything?" smiled the dark haired girl at me and my father. My dad brushed her off to indulged in this shambles of a football game. " I'm sorry about him." I blushed furiously, noticing the girls look of rejection. " I'll take a bottle of water please." I said and she smiled as she handed it to me. She was so pretty, i now noticed. Dark, shining eyes and pale, smooth skin. I shakily took the bottle from her hand, accidentally brushing her fingertips as i did so. They were so soft and gentle next to my own calloused, rough ones. A few moments passed. " Erm, you may need to pay me now." She laughed nervously. I had been staring at her intently all this time. I quickly looked away blushing even more. " Here it is." I say fumbling through the back pockets of my jeans, gathering change. She smiled and turned away. Leaving me feeling lonely and bored again.

"Half time!" The commentators announced. I sighed, only another ninety minutes of pretending to love this to go now. " I'll be back soon. Just going to the bathroom." Dad said, rushing off. I sank back into my uncomfortable plastic chair as a familiar voice came from behind me. " Hey." The new jersey accent said. " I realised something. I shouldn't be this forward with you but you're really handsome-and i saw the way you were looking at me before." She was blushing now. " I'm Jamia." She said extending her hand to me. " I'm Frank." I said still in shock, taking her hand and keeping it in mine for longer than normal as we stared at eachother.

Franks POV
From that day onwards we were insperable. My mom saw a younger version of herself in Jamia and loved how she was making me so happy. Happy doesn't cut it. Happy is how you feel when you have a good day. With Jamia, it was pure joy. Indescribable. Weeks passed and before i realised it, we had been together almost a month. I hadn't even taken her on a proper date yet. So i kept her waiting a little longer. Valentines day was this month after all.

I looked at myself in the mirror. Combing through my newly long hair. Sweeping the fringe behind my left ear and adjusting my tie. I wanted to look smart. A freshly ironed white shirt and satin red tie. " You're going to be late!" Mom called up the stairs, urging me to sprint down the stairs and fly into the drivers seat of Dads treasured Mustang. I drove right to the borderline of Belleville, where she lived. I cautiously walked up the mosaic tiled steps and tapped her front door, tension building inside of me. Then much to my relief, i wasn't met by the man that would protect her but by the most beautiful person in the universe. That person meant more to me everyday. There, newly black and blonde wavy hair and a pretty white dress. She was smiling her signature grin. The one that made me fall in love all over again each time i saw it. She took my hand and we skipped down the steps back to the car. The whole way to the restaurant we sang along to the Smashing Pumpkins. She, like me, knew every single word. We finally got to the restaurant, nobody taking us seriously. I was a short nineteen year old and she was an excited, bubbly eighteen year old student. The waiter came over to the table, instantly unimpressed by her making spitballs and firing them at other customers. " You kids, behave." He said in a critical tone. She was not going to take that at all. A strong girl, born and raised to be that way. " Excuse me sir?" She said mocking his snooty voice. " But your restaurant isn't all that fun. And i, the only one with a sense of humour am leaving. Are you coming Frankie?" She said, using the nickname she had made up for me. Of course i followed. Not only because i was falling for this girl but because i agreed with everything she had just said. We laughed wildly running away hand in hand through the car park. Almost getting run over by an unexpected reversing car. Then we took a drive up to a mountain. We sat and looked at the stars. Then i knew it, i turned to her and said " Jamia Nestor. This is crazy. But i love you." Meaning every word. She smiled and got out of the car, coming around to my side and gently dragging me out by my hand. We sat together closer to the edge of the mountain and that's when she said " I love you too." And eventually we fell asleep underneath the black sky.

Franks POV
5 years later is now. And i've never been more lonely. It shouldn't be this way. But sometimes, everything has to be ruined. We married a year after that Valentines day. 8th March. And two years after that in September, we had two beautiful daughters. Lily and Cherry Iero. For another year, we were the Iero family. Happy and content as could be, but then something i can only describe as a tradgedy struck.

"Frankie." She said as we retreated to the living room after putting the girls into bed. They were eighteen months old now. " Yes." I said smiling moving closer to her and cuddling up to her. At this gesture, she began to cry. " I'm sorry." She whispered. I stayed silent, scared of what was going to happen. " I'm sick Frankie. Really, really sick. I only have six weeks left." She said hugging me tighter. " I don't want you or the girls to be sad though, because you three are my world and i'll be watching over you always. I love you, so, so much. And i know you will be an amazing father, just like you've been an amazing husband. You are and will always be the best things in my life." And we cried and cried until our eyes ran dry.

Franks POV
Nearly a year and a half after she had to go, she's still here. Our girls are two and remind me of her every single day. They have her eyes, her smile. Even her laugh. And with them every day gets better. Nothing and nobody compares to my wife. I still wish she was here. I would give everything for just another day with her. I would tell her everything all over again. And i would take her to the place only we ever used to go. Under the stars. I look at my favourite photograph. Us with the twins right after they were born. Her hair is dishevelled, her eyes are tired and red. Yet she looks the most beautiful i'd ever seen her. I look at my tattoo of her name that is shown in large bold print letters and everything comes flooding back. I love you, Jamia Iero. And i know that you are near me. I hear my dog bark from the yard and so i close the book and drag myself out into the cold of the outdoors. And there above me, are thousands of perfect bright stars. One of them shoots across the sky. I know that is you. And i cannot help but fall to my knees and cry for you. Life can do terrible things.

I hope this was okay! For some reason i cried whilst writing it! Much love and thankyou! :) x
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