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I Should Have Loved You

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He hesitated and pondered too much when she came to him. And now he found himself feeling the regret that he had let himself lost her forever. Wakka/Rikku (Partly referenced from "Hidden Thoughts")

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Watching Rikku bouncing up and down the mountain cliffs and slopes was always amusing. That girl seemed to be packed with an endless source of energy that made Wakka considered how would she fare in a blitzball match.

Many times he found himself looking out for her as she strayed away from the main party and explored all the hidden routes that sometimes lead them to pleasant surprises, or simply more grunts and a knock on her pretty little blonde head indicating his annoyance from Auron.

She had volunteered to watch the nights with him together, and always seems to have the perfect excuse to get close and snuggled up to him.

It was the night before they faced Sin, and he found her walking in small circles outside his room till he opened the door and startled her. She mumbled, put on an awkward smile and waved her hands far too much and he totally did not see it coming, when she suddenly pounced onto him and stole a kiss.

Wakka had dreamt of it on some nights, yet when it actually happened, he pushed her away.

He would never forget the disappointment in her spiral green eyes when he grabbed onto her arms and pushed her further off of him. Her thin brows knitted a bit and she turned herself away from him and disappeared into the long corridor.

Things had happened too quickly, and Wakka did not have the time to talk to her again. The defeat of Sin, Sir Auron's sending and Tidus fading away.

Wakka found himself staring out of the windows of the airship blankly, Yuna and Lulu had demanded privacy and Rikku was nowhere to be seen. He crossed his legs as he sat opposite of Kimahri and then decided he just could not bear the silence which normally Auron and Lulu found comfortable with.

He walked further down and stumbled right into the engine room where he found the young Al Bhed all curled up in a corner. All he could remembered, was he had his arms around her petite body and she was sobbing into him as she told him how Tidus had promised her that he would not leave Yuna the other day when he found her in the same spot where she was now.

Time passed, Wakka settled down with his childhood friend and had decided to spend all their lives in the peaceful island of Besaid. Often at times he still questioned himself on the reason he had let Rikku slipped through his fingers when he had all the chance in the world to grab hold of her tightly.

Yet he had made another choice that drew a line to separate the both of them forever.

Even now Wakka still found himself looking at Rikku.

Her smile, laughter and touch.

The voice that had called his name with a hidden passion was gone, and she was now in the arms of the Machine Faction leader, Gippal.

Wakka knew the same thoughts that he had buried behind his head would haunt him forever, as he kept pondering on the possibility of what if he had made the decision based on his heart instead of his head.

/I should have loved you/.
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