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{Hinata has always wondered why lilies are so beautiful. One day, she goes to train atop of the pond in the Hyuga compound and gets an idea. What happens to the young Genin?} HinataxNaruto

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[*{A short NaruHina drabble-and Hinata fanfiction ^^ that I felt like writing, and for some reason, the term "lilies," popped in my head, so I based it on that!

Lilies. They were so pretty. Sometimes, while you could see them floating on the surface of a lake or pond, it would seem as if they were cut off from the world, cut off from any existence. Like they were trapped on an island of water, and there was no escape to the shore.
Hinata wondered why lilies were so white. More often than not, she day dreamed of them, for reasons she was unsure of. It fascinated her, the way those flowers bobbed up and down under the water when there was a strong breeze. Or the way their white colour was caught in the sun’s devastating hot rays on a summer’s day, when everyone stayed inside for fear of melting into a mindless puddle.

But on these days, the young Genin decided to stray from the Hyuga compound, to sit underneath the shade of one of the old, ageing trees, the rough bark scraping against her covered back as sun spots showed on her skin. The sun was lightly hitting her pale skin, making her shiver slightly, and she held her arms closer together.

She spotted the lilies drifting with the hot, blustery wind atop of the pond and walked over. Standing near the edge, she peered down into the clear water, and saw fish darting to and fro under the surface as they saw her face. She smiled reassuringly even though she knew they couldn’t understand her.

Trying to touch a soft petal of one of the floating white wonders, Hinata lost her balance and fell in, getting wet. Coughing, she rose up out of the water, dripping wet. She quickly jumped out of the pond, startled as she realized that her father would be angry with her if she didn’t dry herself off. And then a thought came to her.

What would it be like if she trained on the surface of the pond?

Her eyes lit up.

Why hadn’t she thought of it before?

She hurriedly glanced towards the house, and gathered chakra in her feet. Stepping onto the edge carefully, Hinata balanced herself and jumped-landing on the surface of the pond. Fish immediately swam in the crevices near the mossy rocks at the bottom, afraid. A blew glow was formed around her feet as she balanced on one foot and then the other, supporting her weight so she wouldn’t fall in. ‘Alright, here goes,’ she thought to herself, activating her signature bloodline limit, the Byakugan.

Veins appeared beside her head as she concentrated. Hinata bit her lip, before she spun around in a three hundred and sixty degrees motion, using the force of the spin to knock a few lilies off the pond. She did it again and again, her speed building until she had to stop so that she wasn’t dizzy.

Her head spun, but as the air around her cleared and stopped spinning, she noticed that the lilies were all floating around her, defying gravity.

And at the end of the pond was a familiar face that made her face grow red. “Hey Hinata!” Naruto cheerfully called out her name, holding a pure, white lily in his tanned hand.
“N-Naruto-kun!” Hinata let out a shriek as she lost her balance and almost fell back into the pond, if it wasn’t for two, strong arms catching her.

She gasped in surprise and stared into the blue, shimmering eyes of Naruto, gazing down at her with a worried look on his face. “Are you alright?” he asked, concern masking his features.

She nodded slightly. “Y-yes,” Hinata stammered. Naruto grinned and placed the lily in her hands. Hinata blushed, staring at him and said: “U-um, y-you d-don’t h-have t-to g-give me t-that, Naruto-kun.”

“I want you to have it,” he said persistently when she refused a second time. “Please.”

She took it in her hands and did something he never would have guessed that she would do. She kissed him on the cheek softly. “A-arigatou.”

Sixteen years later, Naruto could still remember that single lily that had set her apart from all of the other girls in the village, including Sakura. They were happily engaged together, and Hinata had always kept that single lily in a vase. It was wilted, but as a token of gratitude from Naruto, he asked her to keep it.

And everyday, they would visit the same pond where the lilies still grew. Only this time, instead of picking her a growing flower, Naruto rubbed her growing belly instead, a reminder of their love, strong and wilful.
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