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Ugh Rant

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Because I can't port this on fb ficwad gets it YAAAAY

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So like on of my friends is being totaly bitchy lately and avioding me and all sorts and being really cold towards me but liek this year she is holding the halloween party and I have been telling her for monthes and monthes not to have it on the 29th because it is litraly the one day I am busy for something ive planned for over a year (Im going to mcm expo in London) and guess what? yup she is having it on the 29th -.- and I know its up to her when she has the party but I have litraly held every other party for my friends all of witch she has been invited to and my mothe rhas speant loads of money on food drinks decorations and stuff and let everyone sleep over and have showers and she has ALWAYS been included in that infact I even took and paid for her to go see MCR with me but because she is becoming a controling manipulative bitch she has chosen to have it when I can't go, and I know its only a party but Ive already got my costume and everyone in my friendship groop is going and all anyone seems to talk about is the party and Im angry >.<

Le rant over
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