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just a little remembrance;)

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just to clear things up, this is just something i wrote to commemorate the Day of German Unification. It's total crap, because I'm sick right now and actually don't feel like writing at all, but it had to be done today. I didn't plan this out and i don't usually write stuff like this, but in order to make it work i made it a frerard.

in the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik- don't ask me what the english name is- east germany )
you couldn't be gay together under the age of 21, later 18 and being gay or punk was heavily frowned upon. (that's what people say at least o__o'')

so in this one Frankie is 17.

and again I'M NOT NAZI (sorry it's just as soon as i tell people I'm german they say I'm Nazi-.- it just pisses me off)


i usually write in a completely different style...

ah anyway...if you actually survive 'till the end, leave a nice reviewxD

inspired by several movies and general stuff you just know about the DDR (like the family that escaped with this huge balloon;)

oh and i kinda fucked up the factsxD (uneducated german girl:/)

xoxo katie


We had always hated this country with a burning passion. How could they say they were equitably; social? How could they say they were fair. How, when you couldn't even be yourself? How, when you were imprisoned when you disagreed them.

Sure they were fair. As long as everyone was the same. Everyone got treated the same. There were no unemployed and no poor or rich people. You could even go to election. For one party, but still. Wasn't that just grand? When there was no good and no bad. Just one big family, where everyone's from the same value as the other.

But what happened to our dreams, to our wishes, to our individualism? They got erased. To have a different opinion wasn't an option. That people could and should be different didn't even come to their mind.

Or it did. They knew. They always knew. They were watching you. Their eyes were everywhere, following you. There was no escape.

In this family, in this oh so happy family. You want to know what it really was like? It was all a facade, deception. And you were all too fucking blind to realize.

So when they found out about me, about me and you, both male, and you only 17, that was where it all began.

We fled...

We drove around the country always on the watch, getting our fingers on every little torn piece of balloon fabric we could get. We could never buy too much or they would notice. And only god knows what they would do to us if they ever found out.

We needed a long time, but we never lost hope, the thought of finally being free, being able to be ourselves and together was enough to keep us going. When it was raining so hard we could barely see the rainbow colored stitched up mess that would be our rescue, when it was so cold outside our hands would be a terrifying shade of blue and you were shaking so bad you couldn't even hold the needle. But it was worth it.

The day came.

The day we stepped into that balloon, pride and joy so overwhelming we thought we might just both burst into an everlasting flame of pure happiness, bright enough to light up the whole world and cleanse it of all things bad.

We thought we would make it.

But then a storm approached and just as we were about to pass the source of all our pain, that tiny but still so frightening piece of brick, which stood threateningly and firm in its place, circling us, closing us in, making us feel so claustrophobic and caged. Just as we were to pass this border to set us free from our boundaries, to unchain this misery strapped tightly around our chests, just then the wind hit us with a heavy blow.

And you fell.

I would've jumped. I swear to my life I would've, but it was already too late. The wind carried me all the way over to the west.

It was everything I ever wanted, but nothing without you.

Until that fateful day.

It was the happiest I've ever been. When I heard the news, when they told us, I freaked. This barrier keeping us apart for so long, it was gone. Gone.

And when I got to hold you in my arms again, finally reunited in a state where we could openly be together, where we had the right to be ourselves. Where we could show our true selves. Where it was okay to be fucked up, to have a weird hair color, to be gay. Where people wouldn't shun you because you were different, where they wouldn't find a reason to make you go to jail. least less people.

But still a place where you could be /you/.

It was heaven. And that is the reason that we, until today celebrate October the third.

It's a day of happiness, a day of peace, a day that shows that conflicts can be solved and evil victimised without violence, but only with the voice of a nation.

It's a day where cruelly ripped apart families could finally be in each others arms again.

It's the Day of German Unification.

i know the writing is kinda fucked and irritating but it's actually meant to be that way;)

we normally get a day off but this year the day of german unification is in the fucking holidays-.- nice planning:/

and yes i know the fall of the berlin wall and the day of the german unification are not the same day, but we kinda celebrate (if you even do, it's actually just a day offxD) october the third:D
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