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Get Away With Murder

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Scared, alone and in the dark. Shannon's POV

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There's a mystery insdie my head
It was you dripping in all red
Did I hurt you?
Can you feel me breathing down your neck?
You're just a perfect little human wreck
But I like you enough to destroy you,
Tear you down

My eyes open to darkness, my senses waking up and letting me know my cheek is on cold, damp ground. Where the hell am I? This is definitely not my dorm room. A tad frustrated I sit up, my eyes slowly adjusting to the dim lighting. The last thing I remember is getting into a car with two girls I’d never met before. It seems weird now but at the time I was more than happy to go with them. I now wish I’d gone to math class with my sister.

From the corner I can see a pair of eyes staring at me, unblinking orbs of color. This makes me uncomfortable. For some odd reason I check to make sure I’m not naked before pulling myself into a sitting position. This is not where I want to be.

“So um, where am I?” I question feeling just a little strange. I really like it if a light was turned on.

“Are you Kat?” a female voice asks ignoring my previous question.

“No, I’m her sister, Shannon now where are we?” I answer not giving up. I want to know exactly where I am.

“Shit, he’s going to kill me. Oh, and Shannon, you’re in hell…I extend my warmest welcome,” the girl says before leaving the room, a ray of light entering the room only for a second as she opens the door.

Great, just fucking great, this is not how I wanted to spend my break. Reaching in my pocket I extract my iPod, putting in the earbuds. At least I can listen to music while I’m trapped in ‘hell.’ I just have to hope the battery doesn’t die on me. Nothing would be worse than sitting in this dark room in silence.

For two hours I sit there, waiting for something…anything to happen. Even if whoever these people are decided to kill me at least it’d be something. Eventually the door opens, a tiny light bulb giving the room a little light.

Two girls stand in front of me. One has orange and blonde hair, her Harley Davison hoodie hanging off one shoulder. The other girl has ginger hair, her green eyes glued to me; those are the same eyes I'd seen earlier. The taller of the two is holding what looks like a microwave dinner. There is no way I’m eating that.

“Eat because this will probably be the last meal you ever get,” the short one remarks as the meal is pushed towards me with the toe of her splatter painted Toms. So much for hospitality not that I really expected to get any here…wherever I am.

Deciding I might as well keep up my strength if I plan on escaping, I eat. No, it’s not the worst I’ve had but it’s hardly the best. As least it isn’t cold. As I eat I think. Who are these people? Why am I here? Why did they want my sister? Am I really going to die here?

The answer to my first question is strange; these people are strang, other than that I’ve got no clue who these strangers are. The second question is easy…I’m here because my sister is into something bad again and because we look alike I was grabbed instead of her. I haven’t a clue why they would want my sister so that leaves question four unanswered. The fifth I try to convince myself won’t happen. I’m strong; I will get out of this alive.

Having no clue what time it is I curl up with my back in the corner, facing the door just incase it is opened again. I will sleep for an hour or two then get up again. I have a feeling falling into slumber here isn’t safe. I’ve got to stay alert.

Outside I can hear the wind whistling through the trees. Obviously I’m in the forest. Naturally, they’d have to bring me here, the one place I’m more frightened of than any other area in Belleville. This just suck. I swear if I make it out of this shit hole alive I’m killing Kat.

After what seems like hours of just sitting and staring at the door I allow my heavy eyelids to close over my burning eyes. A few hours of sleep can’t hurt. They won’t come back, not anymore tonight anyway. Besides I need to keep up my strength. I can’t get out of here if I’m asleep on my feet and not thinking logically.

Nothing good comes from sleeping. My dreams are haunted by black hearses and evil looking people with sharp teeth and faces that keep melting away. I wake up more tied than when I actually fell asleep. The light is still on and the microwave food dish still by the door confirming that I have not been visited while resting.

“Hey!” I holler wondering if they’ll actually be able to hear through the walls. “Hey, if you can hear I’m cold!”

A few minutes later the door swings open, a boy standing in front of me. His dark hair is pulled back in a tight pony tail to keep it off his face, his eyes a chocolate brown though I can see the fire in them. Instead of saying anything he just stands there, smirking a little as if he finds something about this situation amusing.

“Is that for me?” I question, eyeing the black blanket that is hanging over his shoulder.

The blanket is tossed at me as the boy sits down, about an arms length from me. For a very long time neither of us say anything. Wrapped in the warm material of the blanket I begin to warm up, my tense muscles relaxing a little bit.

“I’m Derek. I have no desire to know your name so don’t bother telling me. It’s good to see you’ve eaten, that will make what I’m about to do just a little less painful.”

And then he moves towards me looking as if he might kiss my neck. His lips meet the area where my shoulder and neck converge. At first he kisses the spot gently, his tongue passing over the sensitive skin a few times. Then a sharp pain is felt and I can feel blood rushing to the surface of my skin.

After a second it’s over, the bite healing. Derek just smirks at me, slamming the door behind him, the lights shutting off. For the second time today I’m left scared, alone and in the dark.

Author's Note: I'm more than a little proud with this chapter so you'll have to tell me if it's as good as I think or if I really screwed up. Title/lyrics at beginning of chapter from Get Away With Murder by Jefree Star. Happy reading :)
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