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Meg confronts her worst fear after the test results come back.

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I told you guys I'd update this chapter! I'll make this chapter longer to make up for the last one. Bon Appetît!

What Dr. Kadowaki said next was what she least expected.

'Congratulations, Meg," Dr. Kadowaki said. "You're pregnant. You're tests proved positive."

Meg was sppechless. "What? How?" she inquired. "There...there must be some mistake."

"There was no mistake, Meg," Dr. Kadowaki said, gently. "But, I want you to come back every two weeks to check things out."

"Ummm..o-okay," Meg stuttered. "Thanks, Doctor."

"You're welcome, Meg," the doctor said. And with that, Meg walked out of the hospital in low-spirits.

As Meg walked inside the house, she was greeted by her mother.

"Hi. Meg," her mother said. "How was your day?"

"It was...O.K. I guess," Meg said, flatly. "Can I something?"

"Of course, dear," Mrs. Murry said. "What's wrong."

"Well...I...uhh...I'm..pregnant," Meg whispered.

"Meg," her mother began. "I can't say I'm thrilled about this, but I'm not 'pissed off' either. I want you know, that if you have any questions, or need advice, you can ask me."

"Thank you, mother," Meg said, relieved. "For everything you've done."

"Let me guess...was it with Calvin?" Mrs. Murry teased.

"Umm...yeah?" Meg said, a little sheepishly.

"Don't worry. We'll keep 'daddy' our little secret," Meg's mother said. "Are you going to tell Father, or do you want me to?"

"Umm..could you tell him for me?" Meg asked. "He won't get as mad if you tell him."

"True," Mother said. "Alright. You can go outside for a while if you want. It'll be good for the baby and you."

"Ok," Meg said. "Is it alright if I walk to Calvin's house?"

"Sure, sweetheart," Mother said. "I'll see you later."

"Bye, Mother," Meg said.

"Bye, Meglet," Mrs. Murry said as Meg walked out the door.

Meg knocked on Calvin's door. As she waited for an answer, nightmares began to run through her head. What if Calvin doesn't want the baby? What if he never speaks to her again?
Then he answered the door.

"Meg!" Calvin said, smiling. "To what to do I owe this pleasant surprise?"

"I..uh..need to talk to you," Meg said, frowning. "It's important."

"Sure, Meg," Calvin said. "Let's go sit by that tree." Meg nodded, and followed Calvin to the apple tree on the nearby orchard.

"So, what's the matter?" Calvin asked.

"Well...I'm..pregnant, Calvin," Meg said, worriedly.

Calvin stood there in shock for a few seconds before he smiled ear-to-ear.

"That's great, Meg!" Calvin said, happily. "How long have you known?"

"I found out today," Meg said. "You're happy?"

"Happy? I'm thrilled!" Calvin said, grinning. "Do your parents know?"

"Yes, I told my mom, but my dad...well..mother will tell him," Meg said, blushing.

"I see," Calvin said. "Awwwww...crap! 'Mother' is calling me in for lunch. I'll come over later today."

"Ok," Meg said disappointed. She really wanted to spend time with Calvin. "I'll see you later then, Cal." She gave him a short kiss on the lips, and left.

"So, Meg wanted me to tell you something, Alex," Mrs. Murry said.

"What is it?" Mr. Murry inquired.

"She's pregnant," Mrs. Murry said.

"WHAT?!" Mr. Murry roared. "SHE'S PREGNANT?! AT 17?!"

Mrs. Murry looked at her husband with wide eyes. She was in shock. "Calm down, Alex,"

"No! I will not calm down! I'm going to talk to Meg about this." Alex said.

"Fine," Mrs. Murry said, defeated. "But don't yell at her. I'll be in the garden with the twins." And with that, she walked out of the room.

Just then, Meg walked in the front door. She almost bumped into her mother, since she was not paying attention.

"Oh, sorry, honey," Mrs. Murry said. "Father wants to talk to you."

"Oh, ok," Meg said. "Thank you, Mother."

Meg walked up to her father's room, worried about what he might say.

"Ah, Meg," Father said, coolly. "Your mother told me about our pregnancy."

"Umm...yes, Father," Meg stated. "I am pregnant."

"Mhmm. Meg, did you want to get pregnant?"

"...." Meg was speechless. She did want to do "it" with Calvin, but if she said that, her Father would kill her.

"Well? Did you?" her father pressed. "Be honest with me, Meg."

"Umm...uhh....y-y-ye-yes," she said, sheepishly. Then he hit her. Even harder than the last time. When she looked up at him, he hit her again. This time, with a lamp.

"What kind of IDIOT are you?! Getting pregnant at 17!" her father roared.

Meg started to sob heavily as her father continued to hit her chest and slap her.

"Stop it! Stop crying! You've no right to snivel like a child!" Meg's father shouted.

Finally, when she couldn't take it anymore, Meg blacked out on the floor.
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