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Anyone wanna help me out?

by IsisBane 8 reviews

Looking for someone to collab with.... volunteers?

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'Kay.... so, I was sitting in science class, with 50 gazillion ideas running through my head. I opened up my iPad to see what stories I had to work on, and I only had one. And I'm kind of stuck as far as that story goes anyway. So I tried to write another oneshot.

My problem is, I have trouble stopping in one spot. This is where I need a bit of help. I'm already attempting to work on a collab with one of my friends, and it's going pretty well. But I wanna do something short. I really love working with people on stuff like this, so if any of you people out there in fuckwad land wanna write something with me, just review or message me. (PLEAAAASSSSEEE... this annoying urge to write something good is gonna kill me...)


(Edit: I know the contact thing isn't working right, so here's my email directly:

Don't worry... if that email gets a ton of spam, it doesn't matter. It's my secondary that I barely ever use.)
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