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Chapter 1 Anger and an Idiot

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how weak do you have to be to love? and how strong do you have to be to show it? UraharaXoc

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The loud noise caught the attention of the few people around, making them turn and look at the passing stranger. Their eyes widened as they took in the appearance of the person before them, quickly bending over to bow, their arms held tightly at their sides as their forms went rigid, "good morning, vice-captain Atsune!" "Yeah yeah, morning or whatever..." the girl grumbled as she passed through the group of people, a scowl present on her face as she walked passed. Relief washed over the bowing people as she turned the corner and out of sight. "I hate when she walks passed here" a blonde girl spoke up, gaining nods from the other three people. "I think she does it just to scare us." A brunette man said, "I heard she does it to avoid going past eighth division" "you mean captain Kyōraku's division?" "Yeah, can't blame her though. Doesn't he hit on every woman he sees?" "Mhmm"

"Vice-captain Atsune, open the damn gates already!" The girl growled as she glared up at the large 'one' kanji painted on the doors and kicked them lightly, the shaking of it in response spoke otherwise as they soon began to open for her. She resumed her walk into the barracks, finding her way to the hall-like path surrounding the inner grounds. She caught sight of figures on the other side of the path but ignored them as she took notice of one particular person in front of her. He had long dark blonde hair that fell down his back. He wore a long white haori, the kanji for three drawn in black centered on it. Her fast steps allowed her to easily catch up with the slow pace of the man. His eyes shifted to her as a smile rose on his face, "good morning vice-captain Atsune". "Morning, Captain Ōtoribashi" she spoke stoically, her eyes never straying from in front of her. His smile wavered as she kept at his side but spoke no words or even looked his way. "Come now, Kiyoko, must you be so cold?" He stilled as her green eyes narrowed at him, a chill going up his spine. "It feels like death's hand on my shoulder" he mumbled as he watched her walk ahead.

Kiyoko soon met up with the group she had seen out of the corner of her eye. Before her stood four captains and three vice-captains. They all paused as they took notice of her. Her eyes scanned over each. Captain Hirako, a tall man with blonde hair that reached his lower back. A large frown planted on his face, an expression that showed his teeth much like his other faces. Without seeing the back of his haori, she knew him as the captain of fifth division. Beside him was captain ofseventh division, Love had brown hair that puffed up in the shape of a round afro. His eyes hid behind black sunglasses but she knew they were watching her as were the to him was captain of thirteenth division, Jushiro Ukitake. His white hair was pulled back into its normal ponytail with his ever present gentle smile resting on his face. Just to the side of him stood Atsune's most hated person in all of the Seireitei, captain of eighth division, Shunsui Kyōraku.

His wavy brown hair was pulled back in to a ponytail, his sakkat hiding the top half of his head. He had draped on his shoulders a pink kimono that was decorated in images of flowers. He smiled at her which only made her scowl more. She noted the vice-captains behind them, Sosuke Aizen of fifth, Hiyori Sarugaki of twelfth, and Lisa Yadōmaru of eighth. Captain Hirako was the first to attempt to speak to her, though when he noted her pushed forward shoulders, tightly gripped fists with quick steps that made her long braid of hair snap back and forth just as quick, and scowl he couldn't help but grin and say nothing as he watched her eyes narrow further upon the eighth division captain. "Oh, vice-captain Atsune. How are you?" Vice-captain Aizen spoke, giving her a warm smile that instantly dropped when her eyes turned to him. "Peachy." She said, walking ahead of them. They were surprised by this however. As long as they knew the vice-captain, she had loved to stay with a group and talk with the captains, even if just to avoid doing paper work. But today she was abnormally cold and rigid, obviously pissed about something.

"What crawled up your ass?" Sarugaki yelled out, making Atsune stop in her tracks. She turned to stare at the short vice-captain who glared right back. The short vice nearly jumped when Atsune gave a small smiled and chuckled before turning and leaving them to catch up at their own pace. "Something must really got her irked." Kyōraku spoke, his hat tipped up as he watched the black haired girl continue her walk down the path. The others nodded before Kyōraku's vice, Lisa, spoke up. "It's because she's attending the meeting as a fill in for her captain. She had a fight scheduled for today against someone but can't make it now. Her captain has been giving her a rough time for it, too. Though it is his own fault for sending her." She commented, not once looking up from her book as she spoke. Captain Hirako shook his head in amusement. He looked over and grinned bigger at the look of astonishment on his vice's face, "s'matter, Sosuke? Ya seemed surprised." The brown haired vice didn't speak as his eyes watched the black haired vice leave his sight around a corner. 'What a scary woman...' he mused, inwardly grinning.

By the time Kiyoko and the others had gathered in the meeting room, she had loosened up, striking up conversation with the head of sixth division (a very rare thing) and second division, who she got along with much better. "Is this new man really all you're telling me, captain Shihōin? Or is he just some lucky brat who had a few strings pulled his way?" You knew the sixth captain did not approve of the way you spoke just by the way his sharp eyes looked at you but said nothing as the purple haired woman replied, "trust me, he may not seem it, but he's defiantly captain-worthy." Kiyoko had never met the man she spoke of, however she never knew the second division captain to exaggerate on anything. She was about to ask another question before someone burst through the doors. Everyone looked over to see the silver haired captain of squad nine Kensei Muguruma and his vice-captain, Mashiro Kuna. "looks like the new guy finally decided to show up." He jabbed his thumb behind him, "captain general Yama is gonna introduce the guy."

It didn't take long for the captains to line up in their order, the vice-captains of the divisions stood directly behind them, all eyes on the door in anticipation. Kiyoko stared at the door as she stood beside captain Ukitake. She spared a glance to the vice in front of her, Hiyori had been a friend of hers during the academy and even to this day she felt the close friendship that they had. Hiyori was one her favorites to spar with or even when she just felt like ganging up on the captain of fifth. The small girl knew just how to put Kiyoko in her place when she needed it and even how to cheer her up if ever needed. She had felt terrible when she learned of her captain's promotion, knowing just how close Hiyori had been with her, but didn't quite know how to make her feel better about it. How do you cheer up someone who was losing their mother-figure? It just didn't happen.

This morning's interaction, if you can call it that, was the first thing the two had seen of each other in weeks. Perhaps it was a sign Hiyori was ready to face the world again, however bluntly she may do it. Suddenly the door burst open, gaining Kiyoko's attention. She stared as a blonde man stood there, his eyes wide with shock as they looked over the people in the room. "Don't tell me I'm the last one here?" he smiled and scratched the back of his head in embarrassment, making him look like an idiot. "Ah Ha Ha, sorry I'm late, nice to meet you all." Staring at the blonde haired man scratch the back of his head, Kiyoko felt the growl rise up in her throat as her anger boiled just staring at the man chuckling to himself. "You Have Got To be Kidding Me..." she growled out lowly as they all stared at him, each forming an opinion about the embarrassed looking man. 'I had to miss a fight of my life for THIS' she thought as her green jewels glared fiercely at him. She watched as he stopped a moment to look around at everyone, his eyes stopping on her for a second longer before making a complete scan of the room.

"So ah, can I come in?" he questioned. "Quit acting abashed, you're a captain now!" captain Shihōin yelled at him as she crossed her arms, "stand tall like a captain!" he looked surprised by her outburst before nodding. "Ah yeah, right." Suddenly a large stick stabbed at his back, shoving him forward. Kiyoko knew right away that the stick belonged to none other than captain general Yamamoto as he appeared at the door, "well go on then, get in quickly!" he said, pushing past the startled blonde man, and came to a stop at the head of the lines and turning to face them. "Let's get started with the promotion ceremony." All heads turned to look at the old man as he spoke. "as you all should know, seven days ago there was an order to promote twelfth division captain, Hikifune Kirio, leaving her position open.

Based on this, I issued a notice to all captains about the opening and the need for a selection of a new captain. The following day, from recommendations of second division captain Shihōin Yoruichi, I summon third seated officer of her division. Then yesterday, I, Yamamoto Genryūsai, along with three other captains examined the qualities of the potential captain with a captain's test. We concluded that his abilities and personality were acceptable for the position. Therefore, the former third seat of second division that stands before us, Urahara Kisuke, you are now the newly appointed captain of twelfth division."

Few captains and their vices had stayed to greet the man, Kiyoko was not one of them. She was the first to leave, pushing the still idiotic looking man out of her way rather harshly and leaving the first division as fast as she could without using shunpo. She stalked past the divisions, her dark aura scared away most of the shinigami that had been walking her way, suddenly deciding another path, even if it was a longer way, was much better than running into the angered vice. Those who had the unfortunate luck of walking in her path had quickly made friends with the ground as her Reiatsu flared as she neared the large gates marked in black with 'thirteen' written in kanji on it. She glared at the gate before yelling, startling everyone and everything near, "Vice-Captain Shiba Kaien, Get'cher ass out here and fight me!"
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