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Chapter 3: Renew And Recover

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how weak do you have to be to love? and how strong do you have to be to show it? UraharaXoc

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The day had barely started for the seireitei, people walked about the grounds to see friends and grab breakfast, some had started bringing papers to other divisions to help out their captains and vices with work. However, it seemed forth division was the only one who did not have the same calm serene that the other held that morning. "GET ME OUT OF HERE" the woman yelled, trying to rip out IV tubes and other needles that prodded her arms. In an attempt to restrain her, passing squad members had rushed in and held her down. They were thankful when their captain had heard the noise and came to calm the violent vice. "Ms. Atsune, I must ask you to stop pulling out the needle. If you plan to leave here any time soon, I subject you allow us to help." Her voice was calm but low and filled with warning. Despite this Kiyoko kicked her legs, trying to pull free from the hands that held her in place. "Like hell! I'm fine, let me go!" She yanked a hand free and quickly pushed off the others that held her in place. She instantly shot off the bed, pulling out the remaining tubes before making a dash for the door. Unohana sighed as she watched the girl run towards her, lifted her arm just as she started to run passed and with such speed and grace, hit Atsune on a pressure point on her neck. Kiyoko crashed to the ground, limp and unconscious. The captain then had the girl moved back to her bed and restraints placed on her. "Perhaps now you will have time to heal."

It wasn't until about mid-day did Kiyoko wake up. She was groggy and irritated. When she noticed the straps holding her down she instantly tried to break them. After a few minutes of struggling, Kiyoko found it to be useless. The slight pain in her shoulder and abdomen kept her from using her full strength on the black straps. "Finally settled down, have you?" Kiyoko looked up to see a dark skinned woman grinning at her as she leaned against the door frame. "M-Ms. Yoruichi!" She practically yelled, "what are you doing here?" Yoruichi came into the room, her arms crossed as she stared at the young vice, "well besides watching you fight with your restraints, not too much. Another fight huh? Kaien Shiba too." Kiyoko couldn't stop the smile that spread on her face for the content sigh that escaped her mouth. "One of the best fights I've ever had..." "I bet, took forth captain herself to heal you. She's been working on you since yesterday.

Near death we heard. If captain Ukitake and his new third seat hadn't found you and his vice when they did, you two might have died." "Speaking of which, how is Shiba?" Yoruichi tilted her head back as if thinking, "I believe he was released last night. Not as serious as you, but it did take Unohana some time to make an antidote for that little poison of yours." Kiyoko grinned happily, "good! Then that means I can fight him again!" Yoruichi laughed, "of course you would see that as the good side in it. Anyway, I was informed by Unohana that you could be released today, however there will be no fighting for a while. Not til' your all healed and have come back for another checkup. So that means taking it easy for a few days." Kiyoko groaned, "Just put me out of my misery!" Yoruichi chuckled, "I hear your friend, Sarugaki was it? Is giving the new captain a hard time. Perhaps you should go see her." Kiyoko tilted her head back to stare up at the ceiling, 'yes, perhaps I least that way I won't be completely bored.' She looked back to the dark skinned woman and nodded, "sounds good. Now just to get these restraints off..."

Kiyoko walked through the seireitei, her left arm rested on her zanpakuto while she ran the other across the wall, the stones smooth underneath her fingers. Her head was tilted up to look at the blue sky, the horizon was just starting to burn an orange color. "Maybe Hiyori will be willing to go get some dinner with me" Kiyoko mused out loud, looking around her. The twelfth division barracks were not far from the eleventh division's, so Kiyoko decided to go change out of her torn and bloody shihaksho into a fresh one before meeting up with her old friend. Entering the eleventh division she was greeted by a group of men that had been sparing before dinner, something she recommended to keep them from becoming lazy like their captain. "Hey! Vice-captain! We heard about the fight at thirteenth! Way to go!" A brown haired man yelled as he looked up from his fight to see her passing. She nodded at the man, "thanks Takahiko, remember what I told you about keeping an eye on your opponent and not the things around you?"

"Huh? Oh, right." He went back to his fight and Kiyoko kept on, soon reaching her room, after a few stops to talk to other members who had asked about the fight. She didn't take long to slip out of the garments and brush out her hair only to rebraid it. Replacing her hakama with a new one, she looked at herself in the mirror, her eyes tracing the bandages that were wrapped tightly around her abdomen and ran up and around her shoulder and arm. Kiyoko grunted and hastily put on a new shitagi and kosode and tied her obi tightly around her waist. She slipped Yuri Kaeru into her obi, pulled her lieutenant badge snuggly up to her upper arm and went to leave the barracks. She wasted no time to stop and talk, only focusing on getting to twelfth division. The walk took less than five minutes, and she was happy to find the gates to the barracks open.

She walked inside and looked around, spotting a group of girls chatting by a tree. She went over, startling the girls when she briskly walked and stopped behind one that was much shorter then Kiyoko herself. "Oh! Vice-captain Atsune! What a...pleasant surprise!" A red head spoke, her high pitched voice was like nails on a chalk board to kimono's ears. She resisted the urge to silence the woman permanently, "I'm looking for your vice. Know where she is?" The short blonde in front of Kiyoko looked up at her, a smile wide on her face, "oh! I know!" She raised her hand high in the air while jumping slightly. Kiyoko raised an eyebrow at the childish action before realizing that the girl was indeed a child. Fresh out of the academy it looked like, "well?" Kiyoko asked when the girl did not respond with an awnser or even a point in the general direction.

"She's with captain Urahara! I'll show you!" 'Captain Urahara? Oh, that's right, that blond nit wit from yesterday...' Kiyoko thought as she followed the skipping blonde through the barracks until they came upon a group of five people, Hiyori, Urahara, and three officers. "You're dismissed." Kiyoko spoke to the excited blonde as she passed, hearing the conversation (or argument) the two blondes were having. "How could you not have decided on rule! You're the captain, dumbass!" The short blond girl yelled as she went to kick the man in the shin. "Hiyori" Kiyoko called, stopping the girl in the middle of her action and gaining the attention of the group. "Picking on the idiot already?" As if ignoringher comment the blond man smiled widely and took a step closer to her, "hi, I'm Kisuke Urahara, you're the vice-captain of eleventh, correct?" He put out his hand as if for a hand shake but Kiyoko made no attempt to shake it or even to slap it away, "damn straight I am. What gave you the hint?" He chuckled, "I just remember you from the meeting yesterday. Actually my arm still kinda hurts"

he rubbed at his right arm, grinning which only made Kiyoko glare at the stupid expression. "Idiot." She said, walking around the man to look at Hiyori, "want to go grab dinner? Were due for a catch up, don't you think?" Hiyori stood there, as if thinking it over before nodding. The two began to leave before captain Urahara called out to Kiyoko, making her stop and turn to look at him, "hmm?" "Are you alright? I heard about the fight between you and thirteenth division's vice. And you seem to be limping a bit, are you sure-" "I'm fine." Kiyoko said simply. "Are you sure? Cause I mean I could-" she turned fully, pulling on her shitagi and kosode lightly to reveal some of the bandages wrapped around her mid-section, "see? Unohana fixed me up, I'm all good. Just not allowed to do for a week. Besides, why do you care?" She let her clothing fall back into place before turning around and following Hiyori, ignoring the man's eyes on her.
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