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Revenge Was Never This Good

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Shinji Hirako Oneshot Fluff

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Hanako laughed as she ran down the walk way, a pair of scissors held tightly in her right hand. A tall man with long blonde hair chased after her. "No way, Shinji!" she called as she glanced back, her eyes widened when she noticed that he was getting closer. She quickened her pace, turning at the nearest corner in an attempt to gain more ground. She grinned when she noticed a tall brown haired man come into her sight. The man watched in surprise as she quickly ran behind him, gripping the back of his kosode. "Hide me, Sosuke-san!" Sosuke craned his neck to look at the girl before hearing the pounding of steps in front of him. He looked forward to see his captain running towards them, a scowl on his face. "I see you Hana! Wait til' I get my hands on ya! I'll make you regret it!" Hanako let out a quiet yelp as she quickly dropped the scissors and took off, pushing off Sosuke as she went. He stumbled forward just in time to collide with the blonde haired man and send them both tumbling to the ground. "Dammit Sosuke! You let her get away!" his captain growled as he watched her disappear around a corner, rubbing his lower back as he stood up. Sosuke, confused, picked himself up off the ground and adjusted his crooked glasses. "Get away? What did she do, captain?" Shinji grunted before taking a chuck of his hair in his hand and holding it out for the other man to see, "she cut my damn hair! Chopped it off when I was sleepin!" Sosuke took notice of the shorten length of his hair that had used to reach past his butt but now laid neatly cut at his lower back. "S-she...she gave you a haircut?" "YES!" Shinji yelled, stomping his foot like a child. "And I'm gonna make her pay!" he said as he once again took off after the girl.

Hanako laughed as she walked casually to the 2nd divisions grounds. She held her hands up behind her head as she looked up at the sky, smiling. She knew Shinji would be mad for a while but she planned to give him a present later to make him forget about it. Shinji was one of her best friends, despite the difference in rank and age. She also secretly harbored greater feelings for the blonde man that had chased her, the very thought brought a warm feeling to her chest as her heart joyously swam in the feeling. Though despite her feelings, she couldn't help but love the practical jokes she played on the man as well... Hanako chuckled, imagining the look on his lieutenant's face once he figured out what Shinji had been chasing her for. She grinned as she came upon the 2nd division gate. "Yo, its Hanako, I'm here to see Miss Yoruichi!" she called, pushing her pale blonde bangs out of her eyes. She didn't bother to wait for the gates to fully open before slipping between them and continuing on to the main room where she figured she'd find Miss Yoruichi. She wasn't much surprised to see the two large doors wide open as she stood, looking into the large room. A line of kneeling people ran down either side of a large chair that was seated in the middle of the room. They all dressed in body-clinging garb. In the center, seated in the chair was a young dark skinned woman, her dark purple hair held back in a ponytail. She wore similar clothing to Hana's own but wore a sleeveless and backless kosode and no shitagi. Hana grinned when the woman looked up from her abnormally large bowl of rice and began waving her hand wildly at her. "Hana! Come in! I bet your here for your package, huh?" Hana smiled as she walked up to her, taking a seat on a zabuton near her chair. "You know me so well, Miss Yoruichi." Hana chuckled, taking a quick glance around. "I'll send one of the men to fetch It." she raised her hand and motioned for the door as Hana listened to someone behind her leave. Yoruichi looked back down at her, "so Hana, what have you been up to today?" Hana grinned, "Well I visited captain Hirako today." she snickered, "he got a haircut." Yoruichi smirked in knowing of the girl's mischief, "I see, better be prepared for a surprise attack. I'm sure he wasn't too pleased?" "Oh no, he loved it." Hana laughed, leaning back on her hands to support herself, "followed me all around 5th division to show it off too." Yoruichi laughed, her hand holding her side as she balanced the bowl in her other. "I suppose I'll have to see just what you've done at the captain's meeting tomorrow." Hana nodded, "I'm sure everyone will love it. I certainly do."

Shinji grunted as he walked along the path to 1st division, his lieutenant, Sosuke Aizen, in tow. He reached back to touch the tips of his hair and groaned. He couldn't believe Hana had cut his hair so short, to think he called her a friend. He felt like a teen dreading the day he would have to walk in front of his peers with a haircut done by their mother. In the dark. Shinji knew he was over reacting but he couldn't help but feel upset that the love of his life, his long beautiful hair, had been shortened to such a length. The thoughts of how he would get revenge on the short girl coursed through his mind as he stood at the gates. Just as he was about to announce his arrival so that he could be let in, he felt a sudden pain in his gut. He caught a glimpse of a short blonde haired girl as he stumbled back with an "uff". He fell backwards onto his butt as he held his aching stomach and looked up to glare at the blonde monster in front of him. "Hiyori! You little imp!" he yelled as went to stand up before having a foot collide with his face, sending him crashing forcefully into the wall behind him. "Who are you calling an imp?" she grabbed him by his collar and shook him, "I outta-" "Hiyori! That's enough!" a woman called from behind her. Hiyori instantly stood up, dropping Shinji as she went to run to the woman. Shinji looked up to see captain Hikifune standing at the now open gate, her hands tucked into her haori sleeves as she smiled at Hiyori who came to stand behind her. Hiyori stuck her tongue out at him as Hikifune looked over at him, the same gentle smile as always, "come on captain Hirako, the others should be arriving soon as well." Shinji took the chance to stick his tongue out at Hiyori just as the other captain turned to leave. Hiyori paid him no mind as she walked obediently next to the woman. Shinji groaned as he stood up, feeling the ache of the little monster's rampage on his body. "Little brat..." he mumbled as he straightened himself out before pushing past his lieutenant. "Come on, Sosuke."

Once inside, Shinji met up with love, the leader of 7th squad and Hana's captain. He glanced at the man beside him, "got a haircut I see." he commented playfully as Shinji scowled. "No thanks to your 5th seat." love chuckled, "I wondered where she had run off to." "You best hope I don't find her, otherwise you'll need a new fifth seat." Shinji said, not truly meaning it. "I don't think it looks bad. She could have always cut it all off." Shinji paled at the thought. He truly would have killed the girl if she had done so. "w-whatever, so what's going on now?" he asked to which love shrugged, "who knows. I heard someone is getting promoted or something.'

Shinji signed as he walked into his division, he hadn't gotten the negative feedback that he had thought he would have, well besides Hiyori who had done it just to spite him. He supposed it wasn't so bad, he thought as he touched his hair once again. Perhaps he shouldn't have gotten so upset with Hana for it after all. He hated how she always seems to play more tricks on him than anyone else. If he didn't know better, he would have almost thought that Hana had liked him. His heart jumped painfully at the thought. Sometimes he wished it was true. he signed once again as he came to his room, sliding the door open only to freeze as his eyes came upon the figure of a girl. Across the room on his couch lay Hana, her eyes closed and her breathing was calm and rhythmatic. On her chest her hands clutched a small box wrapped delicately in golden colored wrappings and a white ribbon. He paused before quietly stepping in and sliding the door shut behind him. How long had she been here? Obviously long enough to have fallen asleep in the abnormally cold room. The meeting had taken much to long for his liking, by the time he had made it back to the barracks, the sun had already started to set. He stood, watching the girl rest, her chest rise and fall along with the box in her hands. Shinji felt curiosity overcome him as he wondered what was in the box. He decided against snatching it and finding out and instead carefully pulled it from her hand and placed it on a nearby table. He then went back to her and took off his haori and placed it over her as he took a seat on the couch and rested her head onto his lap. He leaned back comfortably as the warmth in his chest spread as he carefully played with strands of pale hair. He watched curiously as the setting sun's rays that still entered through his window hit her hair, turning it white. Shinji could only think that she looked angelic laying there. He unconsciously held his breath as she began to stir but calmed once she had turned on her side and her hand had reached up and taken grip of his hakama. He let out a quiet breath as his head fell back against the top of the couch and his hand moved to rest on top of her hip. In all of his years of knowing Hanako, he had never been so close to her, perhaps that's why it felt like his heart had sped up. He took deeps breaths in an attempt to calm it, eventually falling asleep as he did.

Hanako awoke to the morning sun hitting her face and the familiar smell of something filling her nose. She couldn't quite place it, it smelled of mint and something else. It was strong but pleasant. kind of like how Shinji smelled after a- her eyes shot open to see that she was not only not in her room, but not even in a bed. Her eyes met the white color of an obi. she felt the familiar fabric of a hakama in her hand and let her eyes travel from her hand up to the face of the blonde male that had his arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer to him as she rested in his lap. She blushed as she realized how close to Shinji she really was. Hanako took a deep breath, not wanting to wake him by any sudden movements, despite the small panic attack that tried to rise up in her. She stared up at his relaxed features, his head bent down towards her allowing her to get a better view of his face. He looked peaceful, no real emotion displayed on his face like his normal animated looks he enjoyed giving people. She lay there, just watching his head slightly move up and down as his chest rose and fell. She stayed like this until the tingling in her side told her she, unfortunately, had to get up. She slowly lifted her upper body from his lap before going to remove his hand from her waist. Suddenly his grip tightened and she was pulled back towards him, her head now against his chest. Shinji let out a loud yawn, "just where do you think your goin?" he asked as he rubbed his eye. She blushed as he looked down at her, a large grin on his face. "i-i was just...going to go back to my division." she mumbled as the feeling of butterflies rose in her stomach, making her throat clench as he looked down at her, his smile growing larger. "Nuh-uh. Your stayin' right her with me." he said, pulling her just a bit closer. She blushed and in an attempt to hide it, buried her head into his chest, only causing her to blush more once she realized she had. Shinji chuckled, feeling the heat of her face meet the warmth in his chest that she had caused. "Your cute when you blush." he told her, making her dig her head even further into him. "Well if I knew you were gonna be this snuggly in the mornin', I would have moved us to a bed." he said jokingly as he gently pulled Hana's face up to where he could see her. When her eyes stayed focus downward he shifted so that she was sitting directly on his lap. "Since when are you this shy? Hmm?" she slowly rose her eyes up to meet his grey ones, ignoring the red tint she knew was present on her face. "That's better" he said, his face inched from hers. "So, gonna tell me why you were sleepin' in my room yesterday?" she instantly smiled, remembering why she had come yesterday to the blonde captain's room. "I had brought you a present." she told him and his eyes instantly shifted to the golden box beside him on a table. "A preset huh? What for?" Hanako's smile wavered as her eyes dropped back down. Shinji watched as she did, her hands gripping the bottom of his kosode. "I knew you'd be mad about what I did, so I wanted to apologize...even if you did need that haircut." she added playfully as her eyes rose to meet his once again. She noticed that he wasn't smiling and worry rose up in her, catching her breath as she stared at him. "I needed it huh?" he grinned once more, "well I still have to get my revenge." Hanako tried to get up and run but his hands wrapped around her waist, keeping her in her spot on his lap. "Oh no, there's no escape now." he chuckled as Hanako looked at him with wide eyes. What could he be planning to do? She thought frantically as his face inched closer to hers. She froze when his lips met hers. She was surprised to say the least. There was no way Shinji Hirako, her best friend and the only guy she had a crush on was kissing her. He felt worried when she didn't respond and was about to pull back when she suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck, intertwining her fingers with his long hair. She felt him smile as he pulled back, his forehead resting against hers as he stared into her eyes. "Some revenge." she whispered as she placed another light kiss on his lips. He grinned happily, "Perhaps you'll have to cut my hair more often." Hanako chuckled, "I don't know, I like your hair just like this..." she said, running her hand through it. "However, you can get your revenge for it as often as you like." she said, pulling him to her once again.
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