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Won't You Let Me Touch You, Darling?

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Gerard wants Quinn with everything he's got. So he does something about it...

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Quincey was walking down the hallway at school, protectively clutching her bag to her stomach, lest something happen to it. Her headphones were still on from the long walk to school, and Yellowcard was blaring in her ears, perfectly drowning out the shouts and voices of the other students. Her locker was all the way down the hall and to the left, and her sides were starting to hurt from being bumped into or shoved. Some of the shoves were more deliberate than others, pushing her a few more steps into the person next to her or into a locker. As if to finalize her pissy mood, she got roughly shoved into someone else, who the pushed her off into yet another person. Her ribs were now aching as she groaned and pulled away, starting to walk again without even an apology.

She stopped abruptly when she felt a hand on her elbow. "Are you okay?" a voice asked.

Quincey quickly pulled her elbow away, not being able to hear the person. Her mind was screaming to keep walking, but she just paused, not turning around. She felt something lightly tug on her headphone chord, as if to tell her to take them off for a second.

Still getting pushed around slightly from staying in one place while everyone else was moving, Quincey rolled her eyes and pulled her headphones down around her neck, glancing down the hall through the sea of students, not even able to see her locker yet. This had better be a good reason for me to risk being late for class...

Whoever it was that had grabbed her elbow, tapped her shoulder, "Hey, are you okay?" The voice sounded kind, like whoever the man was really cared.

Quincey impatiently shifted her weight to her other foot. "I'm fine. You get used to shit like that around here." She grabbed her headphones and started to pull them up again.

"I've never seen you here before... whats your name?"

She pursed her lips and dropped her headphones, turning to face him. She was completely unfazed by his looks and friendly expression. "I've been in this school system since the second grade", she said, obviously annoyed. "I know I've seen you around here for quite a while. If you don't already know my name, you don't need to."

He looked pleasantly surprised, he wasn't expecting such a pretty face from such an annoyed person. "I'm sorry... I didn't realize. I don't know how I missed you."

Quincey sighed, shifting her weight again. She saw right through him. "Look. I need to get aaaaaalllll the way down there" she said, pointing to the general vicinity of her locker. "And if I stand here talking to you and then try and push my way through the people to aaaaaalllll the way down there, I'll be fucking screwed."

"Then I'll walk with you." The boy came up to her side, "may I carry your bag?"

Quincey pulled her bag closer. "No, you may not. And I can walk myself to my locker, thank you. I'm not incompetent."

"I never said that you couldn't walk, I was just trying to be nice." He looked slightly offended by her remark.

"I don't need any help from you. I'm not a charity case" she grumbled, shoving her way past people in a hurry to get to her locker.

"I can tell that you're not a charity case. I'm just trying to help out a pretty girl." He caught up to her quickly.

She groaned. "Do you mind? I don't talk to people like you! You're the kind of person who'd stuff me into a locker just cause I'm short!"

He looked surprised, but he stopped walking with her and stared after her for a moment as Quinn hurriedly rushed to her locker and grabbed her books for her first class. Shoving her bag into the bottom of the small space, she slammed the door and made her way back down the hallway.

Watching her, he decided she would be his. All his.

So... this story is a collaboration with my best friend Kyrsten (Or 'Gerard inspires me', as she's called on Fuckwad... ). We wanted to do a collab for a while, and i just finished editing this intro/first chapter. I'm seriously hoping this works xD
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