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The Only Hope for Me is You

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Emotional Frerard, please read

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Its snowing today Frankie.
I remember when we went sledging. We got coated in snow but I didn't get cold. You did though, you stred up at me with your heart-melting hazel eyes and shivered. I hugged you Frank, I kept you warm. Then when we got home I called the ambulance, they said you had hypothermia. Do you remember that Frankie, I do. I was so scared you would be permenantly injured, it would've been my fault. I cried for the first time in my life that night. Mikey didn't understand, he thought I was just being stupid. He never understood us. He just didn't get that you were my light, the little piece of sunshine that stopped me from falling into a dark abyss. I was your rock, I kept you sane. The next day I ran to the hospital at 6.00am just to see if you were alright.
Wasn't your mum surprised when she saw us snogging on the bed. That was an awkward situiation. But she accepted us all the same, said she'd pick out your wedding suit for you. She really believed in us, didn't think it was just some stupid teenage crush. I never thought that either. You were always the only one.
My true love.
You were my soulmate. If you were here now you'd laugh so hard at that. Your little high pitched giggle that made my breath hitch in my throat. Its cliche but its true.

You were soon back to your normal self and after that couple of snow days it all cleared up and never came back. You always joked that the world loved you and wanted to keep you safe. I agreed then.
I'm not so sure anymore.

The summer after that was when we went camping in that field. We had a barbeque and loads of Oreos. It stayed warm and light till really late, then we put up our tent and star-gazed for hours. Our tent looked comfy but we never got to sleep in it. The police oficers came and told us we were illeagally camping there. There were signs all over the field but we hadn't noticed. We spent that night in the cell at the jail, laughing and joking. You even got your harmonica out and played one of those creepy songs they play in the prison films. You fell asleep with your head on my shoulder and your face snuggled into my chest.
Your hair smelt of coffee that night.

Then it was prom.
The flyers were scattered all around school, you were so excited and hyped even though you knew that people would take the piss out of us. Your joyous smile stopped all my worries. You even made sure that we bought complimenting ties. I had just assumed we were going together, with us being an item and all. But you had other ideas. You wanted to ask me to prom seen as though I had asked you out. You insisted that it made us even and that it made everything fair. I said you didn't have to get even and that I didn't mind not being asked.
You wouldn't take no for an answer.
I expected a card through the letterbox or maybe you would say it on our next date. I thought you'd do something simple, but you never do things by halves do you Frankie?

You climbed to the top of the highest building in our neighbourhood. You set up a dinner for two and then you hung a banner over the office windows 'Gerard, will you go to prom with me?'. It was really impressive. I rushed straight up to the top, I tripped a few times but it was worth it to see your face. That is the image of you that I treasure.
The light drizle was dripping down your face, plastering your fringe to it. Your hazel eyes sparkled and your smile was huge. You ran towards me and almost knocked me over as you snogged me furiously. I smiled into the kiss. I should have been concentrating more but I didn't know Frankie.
It was our last kiss.
You went over to get the banner back up, I said I'd help but you refused my offer and told me to sit down. I was watching you working. I didn't see the lightning till it flashed down, didn't hear the thunder till afterwards.
I didn't see you fall till it was too late.

Only you would do that on the night of a storm Frankie. Only you.

So now I'm sitting here, waiting for you to come back because you swore you'd never leave me. You said you wouldn't leave me in the dark again. My door stays locked as I watch out of the window.
A flash of black hair.
Hazel eyes.
A beautiful laugh.
These are the things I'm searching for. I just want to say I love you. One last time. I never really told you you exactly how I feel.

I'm scarred now, not just in my heart but on my skin too. Don't judge me Frankie, I knwo you hated it but its the only way I can remember. I don't ever want to forget you. Not a single moment we spent together.
I need you Frank.
I need you like air.
Please come back to me baby.

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