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And I Couldn't Be Happier♥

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I stand there in my bathroom looking at my reflection in the mirror, the words swim around in My head worthless emo faggot, go kill Yourself!
Everyone at school abuses me shouts venom filled words at me, i get pushed into lockers dumped into trash cans i literly get the shit beat of me. I have two friends in the entire school Gerard Way and his brother Mikey Way They've been my friends for a year now i'm not that freaky emo kid who has no friends i have friends now and i'm not so alone anymore, did i mention i'm Gay? thats one of the reasons i get my ass handed to me. See this town is called Belleville new jersey. Everyone in this town is against anyone having feelings for the same sex.
The truth is i've had feelings for my bestfriend Gee for quite awhile now and i can't handle keeping it a sercret anymore i plan on ending my life tonight Gee and Mikey will miss me but they have eactother and i don't want to ruin my friendship with Gee because of my feelings towards him. I'd rather die then go back to the hellhole called school with no friends, to be called the Freaky emo kid with no friends again. I can't bare with that again no way can i bare with that.
I feel tears burning my eyes my vision becomes a blur and i reach for the Razor, the razor that is going to end my life tonight i smile at the thought.
The blade is cool against my skin i start to cut, cut deeply the warm scarlet liquid starts to pour out of my wrist my breathing is becoming ragged i'm starting to become dizzy i cut more deeper then, just then my bedroom door flys open and i figure stands in the doorway i can't quite see the figure standing before me "Frank!" the figure shouts i realized that the figure is Gerard Gerard his name swims around in my head. My head is spinning now everything is becoming a blur i collapse and Gerard rushes over to me "F-frank?" he says barely above a whisper i can't move, i can't do anything the only thing i can do is Speak and i say the one thing that comes into my mind "I love you, Gerard Arthur Way" is the only thing i can say Gee starts to sob and he whispers, "I love you too, Frank. I love you too" he says then everything goes black.

I wake up and everything is white i start to panick where am i? am i dead? i try to get up but fail pain shoots through my arm then i feel hands on me "Frank" Gee's voice quite calm, but filled with concern "Lay down" I obey and lay back down and i drift off into a deep sleep.
I'm awoken by a sound of someone crying i blink and put my eyes on the person crying its Gee i feel so bad right now, i'm filled with guilt How could i do this? How could i put Gee in so much worry? I try and sit but again, i fail Gee's head shoots up his eyes are red and puffy from the crying "Frank!" He shouts "I was so worried about you" he runs over to me and hugs me tears form in my eyes they fall freely i swing my arms around him and begin to sob, He starts to sob again i hug him tigher for dear life. He breaks away from the hug and his lips crash into mine its a slow passionately kiss, i kiss back and he asks for entrance i let him in and our tounges dance around in eachothers mouth i can't help but smile and we break free from the Kiss to catch our breath "I have wanted to do that for the longest time" i chuckle "Me too" and i peck his cheek and we sit in a hug. The doctor walks in and coughs making us look in his direction "Okay, Mr.Iero Mr.Way he can go home now" he says and smiles. Finally i get to leave! Wait- i have to face Mom and Dad oh no, Gee must've noticed because he looked at me with concern I push the thoughts to the back of my head and smile he picks me up Bridal style and carrys me out to the car.

We drive back to my house and pull in the driveway he rushes to my door opens it and picks me up again and carrys me to my room he lays me down and covers me up "Gee" i begin he looks at me "I didn't break a bone or anything" He chuckles i smile "Sorry, i just didn't want my Frankie getting hurt again" He blushes i then realize Are we actually together now? "um, Gee?" i begin "Are we you know?.." he looks down "Only if you want to" he says and finds his converse to be very intresting I can't help but smile And i tackle him i land on a very surprised Gerard and chuckle "Yes! A thousand times yes!" I attack him with kisses and he wraps his arms around My tiny frame i smile in snuggle into him and we lay there for what seems like forever.
And i couldn't be happier...
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