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what happened after the dates?

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After the date me and Dru decided to go back to his flat,he said that he has something planned,so i just went along he told me to sit down at the drums,i stared and said what,you expect me to know how to play the drums?He said just give it ago , so i did , i failed miserably,so we decided to snuggle up in bed and watch hot fuzz,it was very comftable,i can't remember if we kissed or not,aw well i loved the date last night!

So me ands stefan went back to the flat,just a tad drunk,just a little i swear!Stefan wanted to watch the inbetweeners,so i agreed we had a right laugh watching it,before stefan started to fall asleep,of course i woke him up,i wasn't going to let him sleep when i was still awake!So we hugged and kissed then i went to get a drink,to come back to find Stefan in his boxers,was a nice sight but i was tierd,so i pushed him off the bed and stole the cover and aid night Stef,love you.He said love you to,and kissed my head and hugged me then i am pretty sure that we fell to sleep!

so yeah nandos,chicken , it was nice,and the kissing that was nice to.Me and Ashley had a really down to earth conversation last night it was lovely he said he had never loved somebody as much as he loves me , aw how sweet?Ashley has a concert tomorrow.Me,Lauren and Anna arn't aloud to go,there going to be there for a week,because it's in Ibiza,i'll miss him so much,anyway back to what happened after the date!So me and Ash settled down,got n our pyjamas and stuff,Stefan and Anna were watching the inbetweeners,they were laughing so loud i bet people in Africa could hear them!Yeah nothing major happened juat little kisses and hugs,although i did wake up to find Ashleys hand on my arse...
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