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How To Win The Girl

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Gerard will do anything to get with Stacy. But she's just not interested... Or isn't she?

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“That guy keeps looking at you,” My friend Lexa whispered into my ear “I think he fancies you.”
I looked up at the boy across the dinner hall with shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes and pale skin “More like bitching about me to his friends.” I replied, shoving in one of my earphones and flicking into the ‘Avenged Sevenfold’ section. In the end I decided on listening to Bat Country and shoved my iPod back into my pocket, singing along.
Lexa’s twin sister Lexi looked over at the guy across the dinner hall “I think he’s really cute Stacy. You should go talk to him.”
That’s me, Stacy. I’m not exactly good-looking I’ve got long brown hair with purple highlights, I’m about 5’5, very slim, pale skin and I always wear eye-liner.
I wish I looked more like either Lexa or Lexi. They’re identical but it’s easy to tell them apart by their hair. Lexa has black and red hair while Lexi has black and purple hair. But they’re both pale like me with blue eyes and their bottom lips pierced. Lexa’s is on the right while Lexi’s is on the left.
I would never be allowed to get a piercing. My Mom would just kill me.
I was about to reply to Lexi’s suggestion when suddenly my best friend in the entire world Jack Mercer showed up. I grinned at him “Nice of you to finally show up.”
I think Jack is just as good looking as the guy across the hall. He was brown, wild curly hair, a cheeky smile and small brown eyes. His skin is rather tanned and he’s always wearing a wristband on his left arm.
He grinned at me “Well excuse me for having detention.”
“You always have detention!” I cried “It would be unusual for you to actually hand in your homework on time for a change.”
“Oh my god Stacy, that guys coming over!” Lexa and Lexi squealed at the same time. It always scares me when they do that.
I looked up and saw that the guy staring at me from across the room was now approaching our table “He’s probably not interested in me.” I said quietly “He must’ve been looking at someone behind me. Or it was probably you Lexa. Or you Lexi.”
This wouldn’t be anything new. Guys don’t notice me at all, especially not when I’m with Lexa and Lexi. They’re two of the greatest friends ever but I always feel a bit invisible when I’m around them.
The boy stopped at our table “Hey, I’m new here.” He said “I don’t really have any friends. Well, apart from my brother but he doesn’t like me hanging round with him. So could I sit with you guys please?”
“Yeah, sit here!” Lexi said, moving over. Lexi had been sitting opposite me so now new boy was sitting opposite me.
He sat down and smiled at me “My name’s Gerard Way. What are your names?”
“I’m Alexa Skye but everyone calls me Lexa.” Lexa told him “This is my twin sister Lexus Skye but everyone calls her Lexi. The mop at the end there is called James Mercer and this is Stacy Brown.”
“Cute name,” Gerard said with a small “’Stacy’s Mom has got it going on…’” He sang.
I rolled my eyes “Right, like no-one’s sang that to me before…”
“He was just teasing Stacy.” Lexa giggled, digging me in the ribs “So Gerard when did you move here?”
“Just yesterday, I moved here from New Jersey.”
“What on earth made you move to crappy England?” Lexi and Lexa asked at the same time.
Gerard blinked at them before mumbling “No reason.”
We realised he was uncomfortable talking it so we just dropped it and started talking about cool bands.
James glanced at the clock “I’d better get going. It’s time for my guitar lesson.”
“Come to my house later?” I asked “I need help with my Spanish homework.”
“I’ll come over but we’re giving the Spanish homework a miss.” James said with a wink. He grabbed his bag and wandered off to his guitar lesson.
Gerard looked at me “Is James your boyfriend?”
“Oh she wishes!” Lexa laughed.
I pinched her “No he’s not and I don’t want him to be my boyfriend either. We’re just best friends.”
“Well if you two aren’t going out, then maybe you’d like to go out on a date with me on Friday night?” Gerard suggested “How does that sound?”
“Awkward,” I admitted “Sorry but we’ve only just met.”
“And she’s kind of like anti-boyfriend.” Lexi told him “She had a bad experience with her last boyfriend where…”
“Lexi, shut up!” I snapped “Gerard, I’ll be honest with you. I’m just not interested. Okay?”
Gerard smiled at me “I could make you interested?”
“I don’t think you’re getting the message.”
“Just give me three months. If I don’t make you fall in love with me by that time then I’ll drop the whole dating business. Deal?”
I thought about it “Okay, you’re on.”
Gerard nodded and stood up “Alright, I’ll see you later then.”
The moment that Gerard was gone Lexi and Lexa both giggled “I knew he fancied you!” Lexa giggled.
Lexi giggled too “Do you think you’ll go out with him when the three months are up?”
“I don’t think so.” I told them “I only said he could try for a laugh. He’s not going to make me fall in love with him. How pathetic do you get?”
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