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A big Misunderstanding!

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It was a cold winters eve when Stefan laid his eyes upon a stunning girl,but yet he did not know the name of her.So he decided to walk up to her and start a conversation.She didn't even realise that he was talking to her,so he tapped her on the shoulder and smiled.The girl turned around to say a rather cute boy with an afro(stefan).He said hey,what's your name,she said hello,i'm Holly and you are?Stefan immidiatly said i'm stefan and i think you're really cute,do you want to go out sometime?Holly said thanks you're cute to and yeah sure i would love to here's my number and walked away.Stefan rang later on that day,holly picked up and they arranged a date but...Stefan got a call minutes before the date,who could it be from he thought,he picked up and heard the shy cute voice Rachel...His ex!She said Stefan i miss the way things befor,and most importantly i miss you!Stefan paused for a second and thought shall i hang up or tell her to go away?He decided to say that he had moved on and she hung up.Holly rang Stefan back and said you ready then,Stefan said yeah and went to meet her in town to go to YO! sushi To find a suprise awaiting them....
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