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Another Cut

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Another one of them cuts...

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Brandy's POV
"Rook to D4, Way." I stated with a grin. Believe it or not I was playing chess with Frank, in a little dark room with a bed, a tv, one lamp, and a bookshelf, while tied to a chair. Gerard was sitting next to me reading a book while and moving my pieces for me. Mikey was laughing his ass off on the corner. I had no idea where Ray was.

"NOOO!!! That's not right! It's just not right! HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" Frank screamed loudly as my Rook took down his King.

"It's your own fault for choosing to play me in chess. Now shut up, you’re going to wake up my girlfriend. " I smiled, thrilled with my minor victory.

"But we've played Sorry, Monopoly, Clue Jr., Life, Guess Who, Checkers, Connect Four, and you beat me at all of those! How on earth did you become so gifted in almost every boardgame known to man?!" Frank cried. Gerard had a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. Mikey was laughing even harder, (if possible).

"Don't forget about Twister, she beat you at that too, while tied to the chair." Gerard commented while still holding back a grin. Frank stood up and pointed a finger right in my face.

"I WILL BEAT YOU AT SOMETHING!" He wagged the finger in front of my mouth. "WE'RE PLAYING GEARS OF WAR NEXT!! Gerard, hook up the game station!" Frank commanded while looking over to a less than enthused Gerard. I decided I'd take advantage of his momentary distraction and go for a cheap shot. While Frank continued arguing with Gerard I positioned myself perfectly, waited, and then I bit down hard on his finger. It probably hurt me more than it hurt him as I could feel my teeth grinding so hard into his finger that they began to bleed and I just barely broke his skin.

"AUGH!" Frank gasped and tore his finger right from my mouth. I spit out blood on the floor.
"Why you ungrateful little...." Frank growled at me. "We haven't even hurt you once yet, but you insist on being a brat and biting my hand!" He glared. I spit out some more blood and then turned letting my blonde locks fall out of my face, and smiled right at him.

"Correction, it was your finger, and technically I have every right to bite you, you kidnapped me. I don't know where I am and quite frankly I'm worried that you're going to hurt my closest friend. So naturally, I'm going to fight back in every way I can." I said feeling strong at the end of my speech. I glared right back at Frank. If only I'd noticed that Gerard wasn't in his seat anymore. Instead, I felt him, well I actually felt his fangs. They were resting on my neck and I could almost feel the hunger in him just by listening to him breathe.

"You shouldn't take advantage of our hospitality in this situation little girl. That's how simple board games become much bigger things. We don't have to keep you alive you know. We could just gobble you up." Gerard whispered applying more pressure to my neck with his fangs as he ended. I glanced to Frank and Mikey who both had an extreme look of hunger on their faces.

"It's also not wise to put yourself in situations where you might bleed in front of us. That could cause some...unavoidable problems for Frankie or Mikey. They have more issues controlling themselves than Ray and I, I don't think I'd be able to stop Frank if he got too starved." Gerard warned as he leaned back away from my neck and sat back down in his chair. He picked the book he was reading back up and turned his head to me, obviously waiting for a response.

"So how do I play Gears of War without being able to use my hands?" I questioned. This immediately caused Frank to do a 180 in his attitude. He stopped giving me a hungry look, sat down his chair, and began stroking a nonexsistent beard.

"That does pose a problem. I know! I'll get Mikey to play for you, you'll just tell him what weapons to use and where you want him to go!" Frank chirped and dashed out of the room faster than I could blink “No! I’m not playing for her!! Frank get back here!!” Mikey ran after him. I turned my head to look at the book Gerard was reading, a Harry Potter book. I giggled in my seat and Gerard gave me look suggesting something along the lines of 'the hell are you laughing about?'

"Really?! Harry Potter! That is like the dorkiest book ever. Lily loves it and I don’t see why. Are you Studying up on how to be meaner like Snape and Voldemort? Or are you practicing spells?" I laughed, still giddy. Gerard set the book down and smiled at me, allowing me to get a good look at his pearly whites.

"I was actually reading that book for comedic purposes, it entertains me to see how Voldemort makes the Wizarding World completely terrified whilst keeping Harry in pain And Snape is actually cool." Gerard grinned.

"So I take it that you get a rush out of Voldemort killing people and you get a little hot off of Neville being bullied around by Malfoy and Snape?" I said seriously, barely containing my laughter. Gerard on the other hand did not look so happy.

"No, I don't jack off to great works of literature, be they accurate or not. Though, you might want to look into them, some of the stuffyou might actually LEARN from it. ," Gerard said. He then stood up and placed the book on the bookshelf. I watched him and then a thought hit me.

"How long are you guys going to keep me alive? Long enough for Lily to get here or should I get started on the Jesus Jig?" I asked knowing he would either be blunt or tie me up with riddles.

"I suppose that's all up to chance. There is a chance that we'll wait for Lily to pick up on a clue that Ray will be leaving her, or we may just kill you if you're deemed unnecessary or troublesome. So it probably wouldn't hurt for you to stay on Frankie's good side. He does like having a new toy every now and then." Gerard stated lamely while walking over next to me.

"I am not a toy." I said indignantly, the very idea of being stuck with Frank until he got bored with me made me sick. Then as I was contemplating methods of killing myself with Xbox controllers, another question came to me.

"Why are you guys after Lily? We're the hunters, we hunt you. We've been playing this game of us versus you for 10 months now. Not once have the roles ever gotten flipped." I said looking at my shoes, they were just purple Converse with rainbow laces. With a very smexy picture I drew of Nyan Cat on them.

"Tell me something, why do you and Lily hunt vampires?" Gerard asked, keeping his eyes locked on Spongebob.

"I do it because you creatures are a threat to the world and need to be eliminated. I guess I hunt because I have a strong sense of justice." I replied wondering how Gerard managed to change the subject just like that.

"And Lily?" Gerard questioned, though I had this sense that he had already recieved an answer to this from her.

"Lily hasn’t told anyone why she does. She’s always been like that. I mean with a family like hers I expect she has shitloads of secrets.” The look on his face was priceless. Then it quickly changed into a small grin. “I hear Frank and Mikey coming, I hope you're good at Gears of War." Gerard smiled halfheartedly.


I hope you enjoyed another one of these “Cuts” from Hunted. I might not update this weekend bunch of shit I have to do. Okay, so that’s it! Let me know what you what you guys think!!
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