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Axl Rose calls Slash to let him know some things.

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The cellular phone rang. Slash, being in the small kitchen with a cup of coffee, heard it, and wondered who it could be. Getting up from the table, he walked over to his messy living room, and picked up his cell phone that was lying on the destroyed couch. On the little screen, the name read "Axl". A surge of shock and anxiety quickly flowed through him. This was Slash's live-in boyfriend, who had left him months ago after being physically and emotionally abused many times enough, but not before making up once again to prove that their love will never die.
Slash answered it and slowly brought the phone up to his ear, hesitantly quaking out a "Hello?"
"Hello..." the voice answered on the other end, "Slash." After a minute of silence, the voice then asked, "How have you been?"
Slash, as cruel as he has always acted, had always felt a deep, heartbreakening, sinking feeling every time Axl tried to leave the house. But he did not know how to admit this with his own mouth. "I've been...doing okay, I guess." He was doing moderatley okay. Being in a poorly-kept house without the love of his life there must have been bad enough. "And you?" Slash was trying not to break into tears, for hearing his partner's voice after so long was so refreshing to him. A sign of hope.
"I'm better," was the reply. And the tone went along with his answer.
"What? W-what do you mean by that?"
"I mean..." the voice of Axl then slowly said, "I've been here for a while now, and...after a long, serious talk with the caring people here..."
"...I'm thinking about...moving back in with you. Permanently."
There was a short gasp from Slash as his eyes and head shot up. Axl Rose, a fragile, defenseless young man, moving back in with an abusive, overpowering partner like him? "Wait...are you serious about this?"
"Well, yeah. I remember one of them telling me that if there is any way we should at least try to make this relationship work, it's to actually talk to you. Words instead of actions. Face-to-face."
A shaky sigh was then released from Slash's mouth. This noise sort of scared Axl, believing it was an angry growl. He then quickly added, "Look, honey, I'm the one making the decision to see you again, it's not like they're encouraging me to go back and get more blinding blows! Be-besides, don't you remember the last time you reminded me of how much you loved me?! I-I'll be back soon, and we should have our serious talk by then!"
And with that, he hung up. Slash then stared down at his phone, with mixed thoughts. With another sigh, he sipped his mug, which was in his other hand, and threw the phone back on the couch. Sitting down, many thoughts raced through his mind.
After such a long time of from me...why would Axl just suddenly decide to come back? I know we still love each other, but...I've been such a bad partner to him. He's probably still scared of me, no doubt about that. Ohh, I sure hope we can make this work out like we sort of did last time.
The week had passed, and by the time it was Friday, Slash wondered if Axl had changed his mind. He did not remember Axl saying how far the place he was going to actually was. He had now spent a majority of his time sitting around the house, thinking about him, rather than doing other things, like smoking a cigarette, watching the television, or playing his guitar. He remembered realizing what a monster he had become the last time he tried to keep Axl from leaving. Slash would rarely even leave his dark house, not caring enough about the outdoors, neighbors, or anything else, for that matter. Over the months that Axl was gone, he had only gone out about three or four times, to wherever buying things, like clothes or food, were low-priced.
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