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A/N: I realize the story is very... NOT interesting right now, but I promise it will get more exciting.
If anyone knows where the title of this chapter is from, a free cookie for you.
Another author's note at the end of the chapter, so make sure to check that out as well.

Chapter 39: I never not did never think I’d fall (what?)

“Where’s the ball? Jersey, where’s the ball? Go find the ball!”

Gia rolled her eyes at the sight before her. The dog spun around in circles for a while, then dashed off to a random direction in hopes of finding the ball that was actually just hidden behind Lucas’ back.

“God I love that dog”, Lucas laughed when he spotted her. “I’m so gonna miss him. We should agree on some sort of a joint custody deal.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be packing?” Gia asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Tina thought that I was doing it all wrong so she took over”, he grinned. “By the way, is any of my stuff here? I seem to have misplaced some things, because I couldn’t find my phone charger, my Iron Maiden hoodie, my wallet, my Star Wars pajamas…”

“Right, well you’re free to look for them here”, Gia interrupted him. She was sure that the list was endless. It never ceased to amaze her how he could be so disorganized. “Shouldn’t you study then?”

The boy groaned and got up from the floor. Jersey ran past him, barking like crazy, still trying to figure out just where the ball had gone. “Don’t be so responsible. Your dad is away, you don’t have to study anymore! You can have fun!”

“I don’t want to have fun, I want to study and do well on my exams and get into a good college and get myself a well-paying job! I can have fun in the afterlife.”

“Oh come on, school is so overrated. You can just be a stripper or something!”

Gia didn’t even have a comeback to a comment like that, so she just stared at him like he had gone crazy.

“Don’t look at me like that! You look like a fish with your mouth hanging open”, Lucas finally said, bursting to laughter.

“You do realize that if my dad heard you say that, you’d so be dead.”

“Yeah but he’s not here. Let’s watch a movie! I brought candy!”

Gia figured that he wouldn’t stop bugging about this any time soon, so it would just be easier to give in. Besides, she definitely didn’t want to get into a fight with him again.

“Oh, fine”, she finally sighed, took the ball and the bag of candy from him, threw the ball for Jersey (who caught it with ease and then drooled all over it), and went to the living room. Lucas went straight to the DVD-shelve.

“Ooh, this is a good movie!” he gasped and hurried to put it in the DVD-player. “Of course I’ve never seen it, but the trailer was awesome!”

“It’s not some vulgar blood-and-guts-all-over-the-place type of movie, is it?” Gia asked. She was very aware that their tastes in movies (and everything else) were completely different.

“Of course it’s not. Don’t worry”, Lucas answered. Jersey jumped on to the couch and lay down, resting his head on Gia’s lap and making a very content sound that was something between a sigh and a growl.

Half way through the movie Gia was seriously freaked out. The movie mostly consisted of people’s insides being ripped out by some monster, and there was blood just about everywhere.

At a particularly vulgar part Lucas laughed loudly as if there was something funny about it. Gia stared at him like he had gone mad.

“You think that’s funny?” she asked, shocked.

“Well yeah. Why? Are you okay? You look a bit pale” Lucas said.

“Could we please not watch this movie anymore? I’m getting nauseated”, Gia basically begged.

He shrugged and pressed a button on the remote control.

“I really should go to bed”, Gia said when she spotted the clock on the wall. It was 2 am. She was surprised she wasn’t any more tired than this, since she always went to bed early.

“Yeah? Then let’s go to bed. I’m sleeping over!”

Gia rolled her eyes and followed him upstairs. “You know, if my dad were here—“

“I know, I know. He’d kill me if I even slept in the same room with you. But he’s not here, so how’s he gonna know?” Lucas grinned and jumped on her bed, kicking off his shoes and getting under the covers.

“You can’t sleep on my bed!” Gia protested.

“Sure I can! Watch me”, he said, laid his head on the pillow and started snoring.

“Lucas! That’s not funny!” Gia tried to pull and drop him off of the bed, but Lucas just laughed and didn’t budge. In the process of trying to push him off, she only managed to exhaust herself. Tired and annoyed, she gave up and sat down on the bed next to him. He grinned up at her, still lying down like nothing had happened.

“Oh, fine”, she finally sighed.

“It’s not like we’ve never slept in the same bed before”, he said, and he had a good point.

Gia didn’t bother changing, so she just took off her hoodie and thanked god that she didn’t decide to wear jeans that day. She got under the covers and then groaned in annoyance.

“The lights”, she said and was about to get back up, but Lucas pulled her back.

“Allow me”, Lucas said. He picked up one of his shoes from the floor and threw it at the light switch.

“I’m impressed”, Gia laughed when the lights turned off.

“When you’re as lazy as I am, you have to know how to do these things”, he explained and pulled the covers up to their shoulders.

After a while, they felt a heavy weight on them when Jersey jumped on the bed and made himself comfortable between them. Normally Jersey slept on the spot between the bed and the heater, on a big pillow, but he most likely figured that if Lucas was allowed on the bed, then so was he.

Gia was so tired that she didn’t even bother thinking about setting the alarm. The warmth and steady sounds of Lucas snoring and Jersey’s growling soon made her fall asleep. Her last thought before sleep took over, was just how much trouble she would be if her dad knew about this.


“Don’t worry Gerard, I’m sure everything’s fine”, Lindsey assured for what seemed the millionth time. And yet, she wasn’t one bit annoyed. It was really kind of amusing.

She switched the cell phone on to her other ear so she could use her right hand to open the door.

“No, the house doesn’t seem to be burning. And no, I don’t see any blood on the walls. By the way, she likes microwave pizza, right? I wasn’t sure what to buy her.”

Lindsey managed to get the door open and get into the house safely. She picked up the paper bags from the porch and carried them to the kitchen.

“It’s really no trouble”, she said into the phone. “I love to help. And besides, this could make her like me a little bit more. Two birds with one stone.”

After a while, she had to hang up because the ice cream was starting to melt in the paper bag and she had to put the groceries away. She didn’t regret one bit promising Gerard that she’d keep an eye on his daughter. Lindsey was kind of hoping that this would put her on Gia’s ‘good people’ list. Currently she was certain she was nowhere near that list.

After she had put the groceries away, she started to wonder exactly where Gia was. It was Sunday morning, so she shouldn’t be at school. It was too early to go out, but also too late to still be sleeping.

“Gia?” Lindsey called into the quiet house and started going up the stairs.

Upstairs, the girl first opened her eyes when she heard someone saying her name. Then she felt hot breath on her face and had to turn away. Jersey’s breath really smelled bad. The dog gave her a good morning greeting (licking her face) and then jumped off the bed, expecting that they would go outside for a walk.

“Not yet, Jersey”, Gia yawned and rolled over. Jersey’s head suddenly shot up and his ears rose, but he didn’t growl or bark. He stared at the closed door and wagged his tail.

Lucas was snoring right next to her. He laid on his stomach, arms and legs spread wide, and mouth slightly open. Gia found it difficult to sleep next to other people, or if there was another person even in the same room. But while her and Lucas were on the run and had no other choice but to sleep on the same bed, she got used to it. However, she was still certain that if it was anyone else, she’d freak out.

Gia felt herself drifting back to sleep, when suddenly the door opened and Jersey let out a loud bark.

“Oh here you are”, Lindsey said in a happy voice. “Good morning. Isn’t it a little bit too late to be sleeping?”

Gia stared at the woman in shock. What was she doing here? Suddenly Gia remembered Gerard saying something about Lindsey watching over her, but no one told Gia she would actually be coming over.

And judging by the look on Lindsey’s face, she just noticed the drooling, snoring boy on the bed.

“It’s not what it looks like”, Gia quickly announced and then pushed Lucas off of the bed. He fell on the floor with a loud thud.

“Ouch”, he mumbled and tried to climb back on the bed. His hair was all over the place and he was rubbing his eyes.

“Is there something I should know?” Lindsey asked worriedly.

“No, of course not!” Gia assured.

“… And is there something your dad should know?”

“No! Lucas, say something!”

“Five more minutes, mom…”

Lindsey shook her head, dug up her cell phone from her pocket and looked at Gia sternly. “I’d really hate that be mean, but…”

“Don’t tell my dad ANYTHING!” Gia insisted while still trying to get Lucas up. “Never. Please?”

“Hey relax”, the boy yawned. “She’s not gonna tell anything.”

“She’s not?”

“I’m not?”

“Lindsey, you’re with Gerard. And if you want to keep that up, you need to make Gia like you. Therefore, it’s really not smart to rattle her out, is it? And besides, there’s really nothing to tell anyway. Now I’m going back to sleep, whether you like it or not.”

Lindsey stared at the two kids thoughtfully for a moment, trying to decide what to do. She did promise Gerard, but… What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him. She did make a promise though.

“I’m sorry”, Lindsey finally said.

At that moment Gia decided that she liked Lindsey. Yeah, it would have made Lindsey a lot cooler if she didn’t tell Gerard anything, but in a way, this proved that Lindsey was a good person. She didn’t lie. She kept her promises. And most importantly, she really seemed to like Gerard. Gia only wondered how he will react once he finds out, even if nothing happened.

Later that day, the call came. And it was just like Gia imagined it would be.

“How can you be so irresponsible?! Do you know what could’ve happened?! I’m so disappointed in you. The second I leave, you’re already doing god knows what.”

“But dad, we were just sleeping.”

“Yeah, well – What? Oh, Mikey says hello.”

“Tell him hi.”

“He also says that he never thought you’d act like this.”

“Act like what?! Sleep? I am only a human being, you know.”

“You know what I’m talking about. Hang on, Frank has something he wants to say.”

Gia heard Frank yell something on the background, and then her dad spoke with an even more annoyed tone: “Frank, I’m not going to make her scrub the floors. Why? Because we don’t pick punishments out of fairytales!”

This time she heard Frank clearly yell: “Yes we do! And after she’s done with the floors, she can sew me a ball gown!”

“I don’t know how to use the sewing machine!” Gia instantly protested. “We don’t even own one!”

“Frank says that if you really regretted what you did, you’d make a sewing machine”, Gerard said.

“But I don’t regret because there’s nothing to regret!”

“That’s not what Lindsey told me.”

“By the way, I wanted to talk to you about Lindsey”, Gia said, lowering her voice. “I… Well, I think I like her now. Well, at least I think I can accept her. If you… really have your mind set on seeing her.”

For a moment, Gerard didn’t say anything. When he finally spoke, his voice sounded hopeful. “Really?”

“Yeah. She’s… honest. And kind of nice, I guess.”

“That’s good. She really is nice, and once you get to know her better, you’ll love her too.”

That took Gia off guard. Anyone would be surprised, so no wonder. She stuttered with her words a bit. “Oh. You love her?”

“Yeah I think so.”

Because both of them got to thinking about completely other things, they forgot about what the call was originally about. So despite Frank constantly talking about his ball gown, Gerard forgot about it (even if just for a moment), and Gia got other stuff to think about too.

Gia hadn’t realized that he might actually love the woman. Sure, Lindsey was nice, but if they loved each other… Then there was a bigger chance that their relationship could get even deeper. Gia found herself imagining Gerard and Lindsey with a bundle of new kids running around on the yard of a nice country house. The image was weird.

And she couldn’t help but get scared. If Gerard wanted to have a family with Lindsey, then was there any more room for Gia?

A/N #2: Here is the second author's note, as promised.
I am currently writing chapter 65 or so, and it will go probably up to 70 chapters.
I am planning a sequel, though. No, the sequel won't be as long as this original story, but I am thinking about throwing one of these audiotion-fests that people on this site seem to love making so much. However, I am slightly nervous that if I post an audition form for the sequel and no one auditions, it'll be super awkward, so I thought I'd ask well in advance if you readers might possibly be interested in auditioning. If you're even interested in reading the sequel, that is.
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