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Five - Void

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Dying Alice starts dreaming.

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Sorry i'm so terrible at updating, college has given me loads of work (1 essay and 1 powerpoint by next week) and my A-levels take priority, sorry :(
But, Im gonna try and update once a week, on a thursday/friday, and possibly bi-weekly depending on my workload.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy :)

Alices p.o.v

White. Nothingness. Clinical. Lexis that sprung to mind if I had to describe my surroundings.
As I sat here, in the void, like ink dropped in water shapes began to materialise. A green forest, in the height of summer. As I stared at the trees, the sky clouded over and snow began to fall. Soon everything was blanketed in white, at least this white had definition.
“Alice” a voice said behind me.
I turned, and saw a perfect face behind me. I recognised her immediately.
“Amelia, baby” I whispered
“Indeed” she said, inhaling sharply. Her dark hair was drawn in a bun around her pale face.
“You are so beautiful”
“Why did you do it?” she asked, her blue eyes sparkling with rage.
“Do what?” I knew exactly what.
“You killed me” she screamed in a rage that I understood perfectly.
“I had no choice” I barely even whispered.
“You had a choice. You always had a choice. We always have choices, Alice. You made the wrong one” her voice was calm, but every syllable with laced with venom.
“I had to do it” I mouthed
“It went against everything you stood for” she was circling me, even in her simple white dress, with bare feet she looked like a princess.
“It, I’m sorry” I fought back tears.
“Sorry isn’t good enough”
“Murderer” she spat. The word was true.
“I’m sorry, every fucking day I’m sorry”
“Sorry wont bring me back” she sat on the floor and began rocking like a child.
“I know, baby, I know it wont” I sat next to her, staring at the beauty I had destroyed.
“Everyday you are sorry. You are haunted by me” she was crying now.
“I know I am” I was, everyday I thought of her, thought of him.
“You wonder what would happen” she looked at me, her eyes running “you wonder what would happen if you took your life, to make up for taking mine. Don’t you. Everyday you want to die, to repent for me”
“I do” I sighed.
“You cannot die, not yet” she looked at me.
“You have things to live for”
“Like what?” I could feel the scene slipping, I was waking up.
“I don’t know, you have to answer that for yourself” she was fading “but promise me one thing”
“What, anything” I wanted her to stay, I needed to speak with her.
“When you awake, if you loved me, if you ever loved me, you will live for me, the life you took”
“Okay” I nodded, wiping tears from her dissolving face.
“And one more thing”
“Tell Gerard about me, he will save you”
“Save..” I began, but too late, the scene was gone and I was falling. Falling into something. Something different. Something better, something worse, that I did not know.

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