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Disfunctional love. (A Korse and Party Poison love story)

by MrsWayandIero 2 reviews

Well, the title says it all. =]

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Hey, this is MrsWayandIero! I know most people think this story will be gross, but yeah. Probably the first Korse and Party Poison love story, but hey. So yeah. Hope you enjoy it!

Party’s POV –

I was walking with Kobra, Jet, and Ghoul. Grace was already back with Dr. Death.

We were walking with our rayguns raised. We heard something.

We turned and walked around a corner. When we did, we were ambushed by a group of dracs and the man himself.


Oh how I hated him! Well, not the we have been captured, we were to be taken to Battery City and either killed or placed in a house and forced to take those stupid life ruining pills.

Korse grabbed my hair and dragged me to the car. HIS car. A van with chains inside.

He chained me to the wall of the van. Ghoul, Jet, and Kobra were also.

‘Oh great. Of course. Just the day we get kidnapped. April 9th. My birthday.’


[*Okay, so I know it is super short and all, but please review!
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