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Work & Pleasure

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Chapter One
Reine sighed softly to herself as she looked into the deep red colour of the glass of wine which was sat in front of her and then glanced around the dark, dingy bar that she was sitting in which was in Newark, New Jersey. Her bright blue eyes gazed across happy couples, old men sitting on there own, women chatting brightly together. Reine couldn’t remember why she had come to this bar, she remembers walking around the city, and beginning to feel unsafe, and dived into the first place she could see that was open.

Reine took a long gulp of her wine, and then glanced at her watch, 9.30pm. She should have been in New York working at a club where she was a promotor, and felt a pang of panic hit her chest, before realising that she didn’t need to be there. She had lost her job. Reine bit her lip and then glanced down at her bag where her cell phone was. They hadn’t called her asking for her back. She knew they wouldn’t, but a tiny, minuet part of her thought, maybe they couldn’t manage without her. Shaking her head, she quickly downed the rest of her wine, and frowned into her glass when, out of the corner of her eye she saw a flash of black, and then a man sitting next to her. Reine quickly finished her drink, and set it back on the bar in front of her, and heard the stranger next to her order a large whiskey, no ice. She turned her head slightly, and eyed the man who had sat next to her. He looked about her age, 24 and he had medium length black hair, with pale skin. She smiled slightly to herself, and ran her finger over the rim of her now empty wine glass.

“Nice to see somebody smiling” She heard the mans voice come from next to her, and Reine saw his eyes meet her, where she was taken aback at the stunning hazel coloured eyes that bored into hers.

“I shouldn’t be smiling really” She honestly answered him, and nodded at the bar man who pointed to her empty glass in front of her, and handed him the glass for him to refill.

“Gerard” The man smirked to her, holding his pale hand out to hers.

“Reine” She smiled back, and shook his hand, which for some reason, Reine expected to be cold from the paleness of it.

“That’s a nice name. Where’s it from?” Gerard asked, turning slightly in his chair to get a better angle to be talking to her.

“France. It was my grandmothers name” Reine smiled softly as she remembered her loving grandmother, and knew she would have to get in contact with her soon. She accepted the now full wine glass off the waiter, and smiled a thank you to him.

“Well, its very pretty. So what brings you to this dingy, horrible bar in New Jersey then?” Gerard asked, and Reine saw him scowl around them both at the bar.

“I lost my job today, so I’m here drinking the world away. I’ve never been in this bar before, but it was getting dark, and I didn’t think it was very safe walking around at night on m own” She quickly told him, her stomach dropping as she thought about what she was going to do now she was jobless.

“Well, that sucks. Sorry about your job. Where did you work?” He questioned, then took a large gulp of his whiskey which Reine saw him grimace slightly at.

“The ball mall. The rock club in New York. I was sort of a promoter there” She told him, and saw him smile slightly.

“Yeah I know there. They wouldn’t accept my band to play there… Said we were too new” Gerard told her, frowning.

“Shit, really? Sorry. What band are you in?” She asked, genuinely wanting to know.

“We’re not very big.. My Chemical Romance” He told her, and Reine’s face lit up.

“I’ve heard of you guys… I’m surprised the Ball Mall didn’t allow you to play, there’s a lot of people looking to sign you guys, and you‘ve got the singer from Pencey Prep right? Playing guitar for you?” Reine smiled to him, and then pulled out a packet of cigarettes and popped one in her mouth and then offered Gerard one, which he gladly accepted.

“Yeah, Frank… How’d you know that?” He asked, lighting up the cig in his mouth and taking a long drag.

“Like I said, I worked in the promoters area of the club, I know a lot about the new music scene” She grinned to him, and Gerard laughed, blowing out smoke as he did, and Reine felt her body respond to how sexy he looked when he did it.

“So what are you going to do now then?”

“I honestly have no idea. But I need a job desperately, my rent is due next week, and I literally have nothing saved up” Reine told him, then inhaled deeply on her cig.

“Well, we’re in need of somebody to come and do some merch for us, and come to gigs, sell cd’s. And we’re recording a album next month” Gerard told her, and Reine smiled widely at him.

“You would hire me? Without even knowing me properly?” She smiled, her bright blue eyes lit up with excitement, which made Gerard smile.

“Yeah, well, you’ve been in work which deals with this sort of thing… And we’re in desperate need of somebody who will be able to sell things.. The only problem would be cash, it wont be brilliant” Gerard honestly told her, and stubbed his cig out in the ashtray in front of them, Reine doing the same and then biting her lip.

“How much would it be? I’d need enough to cover my rent, and help me get food” Reine slowly asked, and she saw Gerard bit his lip.

“You’d maybe get $30 a week..” He quietly and slowly told her, and Reine shook her head.

“I’m really sorry Ge-” Reine was cut of by Gerard.

“But! My friend, Ray, whose in the band.. He’s just moved into a 2 bed roomed apartment, and he’s looking for a room mate. You could move in with him, the rent is nothing!” Gerard quickly explained to her, and Reine sighed.

“I don’t know Gerard… Your asking me to do a lot, move house, shitty wage” Reine mumbled, and took a long drink of her wine.

“I know, but I just… I think you’ll be good for us, I think you’ll be able to get us noticed, so we can do what we want to do” Gerard slowly explained, and Reine could see the emotions behind his eyes.

“What is it you want to do?” She asked, frowning slightly.

“Save peoples lives” Gerard slowly answered, and Reine smiled softly to him, nodding her head.

“Alright Gerard. I’ll come do your merch for you. And you’ She pointed at his face. ‘Have to speak to your friend Ray about me moving in”

Gerard smirked, and Reine could see his eyes lit up slightly.

“You won’t regret this Reine. I promise”

“I better not” She laughed nervously, and took another swig of her wine, and Gerard continued smiling at her.

“Welcome to the crew of My Chemical Romance”
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