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Inspired by Lollipop by Framing Hanley . Part one of two R&&R pwetty Please XO

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A sleek black lamborghini pulled up outside the mansion , the hulking building eerily framed by the full moon . Gerard flipped down the mirror , raking his hands through his untidy flame red hair "Looking good " he smirked at his reflection before snapping the mirror shut and sliding out of the car. He picked his way across the lawn pulling his leather jacket closer.

Gerard sauntered in the front door . Pulsating bodies lined every inch of the room and the heavy hypnotising bass shook the house. Shrugging off his soft leather jacket he lazily scanned the room . Hot scantily clad girls grinding against each other as far as the eye could see . Gerard smirked to himself this was his kinda party.

He made his way across the room spotting a heaving table laden with all things alcohol . He cracked open a bottle of Jack Daniels and took a long sip , hungrily eyeing the hot sweaty bodies that filled the room . Then he spotted her. She commanded the attention of all in the room as she dropped low to the ground and shimmied her way back up arching her back as she ran her hands down her front and stopping just short of the rim of her low rise skirt that hung dangerously low on her hip bones .

She ran her hand through her short blonde hair and licked her plump red lips. She was wearing a black BVB tshirt which was cropped showing of her toned stomach , with skin so pale it shimmered. He scanned lower over her red and black tartan skirt that came closer to flashing everything she got with every move she made , her black fishnet socks , her knee high black converse.

He shook his head closing his gawping mouth . He pushed himself away from the wall and put his trademark crooked grin , The one that had a girl stripped of her clothes faster then you could say fuck me, and sauntered towards the girl who was now grinding up against an almost equally hot black haired , carmel skinned girl wearing a high waisted pencil skirt and a red ruffled bra. The blonde haired girl had one leg between the other girls spread thighs as they moved in time with the music.

He came to a stop in front of them and shot a smile at the blonde . She
looked him up and down taking in every inch with her glittering green eyes. She smiled back at him and untangled herself from her hot friend and pressed herself against him , whispering in his ear "Follow me she drawled , grabbing his hand and pulling him up the stairs and into a al white bedroom. She pushed him down on the bed . "Let me introduce myself , Im Alice and your about to enter wonderland " Gerard laughed at her cute if some what cheesy line " the names Way , Gerard Way " He replied .

She answered by smashing her lips against his and tangling her fingers in his hair . She straddle him , hungrily kissing him as she pulled his tshirt of roughly exposing his pale muscular chest. She moved lower kissing as she went and swiftly unbuckled his skinnies , soon he was down to his boxers . She massaged his throbbing cock hard . "Time for a little show" she drawled standing on the soft shagpile carpet . The sounds of lollipop , the framing Hanley version , came through the floorboards and she squealed in delight . she began to sway rocking her body back and forward in time with music .

She slowly pulled her tshirt over her head , confirming his suspicions that she was wearing no bra , her perfect perk breasts bouncing deliciously with every movement. She slowly wiggled out of her skirt , it dropping to the floor , leaving her standing there , in a black lacy thong and her fishnet stockings . Gerard crawled of the bed and across the floor towards her. Slowly he dragged each fishnet down carefully with his teeth , feeling her shiver as his teeth brushed off her pale skin. He discarded them over his shoulder and grasped the flimsy lace of her thong with his teeth and chuckling as she gasped .

He picked her up and threw her to the ground and lay down against her pressing his hot body against hers . He bit down at her neck drawing blood earning a whimper . she whispered in his ear "Just fuck me already "She growled , digging her nails into his arms.

"Your wish is my command" he whispered as she wound her legs around his waist and kissed him hungerily .He pounded into her earning a lusty scream that got louder with every thrust . He kissed her , forcing his Tongue into her mouth , exploring as she panted into his mouth , making him hornier then before , He sucked her swollen bottom lip ,

She moaned into his mouth as he hit her spot , sensing a shudder up her spine as she threw her head back and screamed his name . They rolled over so she was on top .She sucked at his neck as she bounced up and down on his stiff penis, hitting that spot everytime . She moaned one last time before collapsing to the bed in a spasm of ecstasy.

He strolled from the room buckling his studded belt , leaving the satisfied blonde reclining on the bed in his tshirt. The party was still heaving . Time for round two .

Ola chicas , New Fic - R&&R pweease and let me no what you think , Enough reviews and I'll post the second half which involves Some Frankie action ;)
Major love ;)
-DisenchantedDestroya XOXO
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