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Basically auditions!

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I know. I'm a horrible person. But, I swear I'm working on definitely new chapters! But I got an idea!! OK, Mel's a girl who's been in a crappy rundown orphanage for three years now. (She needs like, three best friends) Her dad was abusive. He beat her senseless. Told her she was dirt, no one could ever love her, she was a waste of space. In the dead of night she ran away, and ended up in the orphanage. She's been depressed, almost suicidal. Aaaand... That's as far as I got. Now, I was thinking the guys of MCR could come, each looking for a kid. I need your input on who she should get adopted by as well, and I need some family friends, guys at school, and some kids for an art class. I have half a mind for the guys to go on tour, and bring the kids with them, but I'm not sure... Oh, and this is in the Revenge era :). Oh, if you want your character to fall in love with one of the guys too, tell me.

Adopted by: (Also, if you want to fall in love with someone else, list it here!)
Style: (Like outfits and such)
Anything Else:

And if you want, please list who Mel should be adopted by.
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