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Chapter #5

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...number 5...

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Again with the beeping! The evil green digits flashed showing it's 8:00. Seriously? Who the hell set it on that time? Oh, me... I must've been crazy to set it on this time. And haven't I made a mental note to destroy the devil's machine? Obviously not...
"Emma! Get down here!" My mom called from downstirs
"Comin', comin'!"
I litteraly rolled out of bed and landed face first on the pile of chlotes on the floor.
"Ugh... I hate mornings..." I muttered to myself as I was slowly dragging myself down the stairs. Finally I reached the bottom.
"Hey, mom...what's up?"
"Good morning hun. Would you go up and wake up Ally while I make breakfast for the two of you. You two need to start packing, I'm leaving tomorrow morning."
I went up and entered Allys room. I opend the blinds and started shaking her...nothing.
"Ally!" still nothing...
"Ally, I'm gonna go get the squirt guns and if you're not up by then I'm gonna start spraying you with water until you're wet from head to toe. do you understand?"
"I'm up! I'm up!" oh, so now she moves...
"Come on, mom's calling."
"Okie!" Geez, how can she be so hyper? Even in the morning?!
As we were walking down the stairs the smell of bacon entered my nose... That must be for Ally since I'm vegetarian.
"Good morning Ally! I'm making bacon for your breakfast. Emma, what do you want for breakfast?" mom greeted us
"Uh... nothin' I'll just grab an apple..." I replied walking over to the fruit basket
"Okay... girls after you have breakfast you need to start packing okay? I'm gonna be out all day... I have meetings and other stuff to take care of for the tour..."
"Emma, after you finish packing make shure to check up on Ally and help her pack okay?"
"No problem.."
"Oh, and at abot 2 o'clock Gerard or Lyn-Z will come to pick you up and help you move in so make shure you're home."
By the time we were done talking and eating breakfast it was already 9:30 and mom was already gone to one of her meetings. Me and Ally just started packing when I heard the doorbell.
"Who the hell..." I walked downstairs and opened the door only to find Bandit standing there.
"Hey, Bandit what's up?"
"Hey...mommy said to see if you needed help..." she said studying her feet
"BANDIT!" Ally shrieked seeing who's at the door.
"ALLY!" this piercing shriek was Bandits
"Well, I guess you can help... but you two need to pack, not talk, not play, not draw, pack. Okay?"
"Okies!" they smiled and went upstairs...
After 3 hours we were finally done packing. So now it was 1 p.m. Considering I had an hour to spare I left Ally and Bandit watching Spongebob. Yes, Spongebob again. I went to my room and started playing Na Na Na on guitar... that is until I was interupted in the middle of the song when Bandit and Ally popped their heads into my room.
"That's one of daddys songs" Bandit said smiling.
"Told ya she loves them" Ally said
"Okay, and you're here because...?"
"The doorbell rang!"
"Okay... I'm gonna go get it."
I went downstairs and opened the door. And there was Gerard. Sorry but I just can't get used to the fact that he's my neighbour...or the fact that I'm going to move in with him and Lyn-Z.
"Hey..." I greeted him
"Hey, you ready?"
"I thought you were going to pick us up at 2 o'clock."
"Did I? Sorry I thought I said I was coming at 1... anyway I'm here now, and my brother's coming at 2 o'clock but I think you know who he is considering your shirt..."
Dang it! I mentaly slapped myself. I just HAD to wear it didn't I? My Mikey fuckin Way shirt... welll there's nothing I can do about it now, is there?
"Haha, yeah..."
"So... Are you a fan or something?"
"Are you kidding me? I have been listening to your music for 4 years now."
"Oh, cool... so are we going?"
"Yeah... let me just get Ally..."
"ALLY! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE! WE'RE GOING!" I yelled "She'll be here in a minute." I said to Gerard who was now utterly confused
"We're here!" Ally jumped
"Daddy!" Bandit jumped on Gerard
"I'm gonna go get the suitcases." I went upstairs, took my bass and guitar case and 1 suitcase in one hand, in other hand I took allys backpack and suitcase and in my mouth I was holding my backpack. Maybe that's the reason they were screaming with laughter once I got downstairs, I don't know.
"Waf's fo fummy?" I managed to ask
"C'mon let me help you" Gerard said ant took mine and Ally's suitcase. Ally took her backpack and bandit took mine, so now I was only carrying my bass and my guitar. We got out of the house and locked it. Then we walked over to Gerards house and rang the doorbell. Lyn-Z opened.
"Hey, hun she said to Gerard and Bandit as we walked inside, and man it. was. HUGE.
"Hey!" they replied
"Hello Ally! And you must be Emma, right?" she said naw talking to me
"Yeah... nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet ya too. Bandit, sweetie why don't you show them their rooms."
We were now following Bandit who was showing us the house.
"This is mommys and daddys room, this is my room aaaand that's Ally's room aaaand that's your room!"
"Okay, we're just gonna put the things in our rooms and we'll be down in a sec..."
"Okie!" And she was off.
I put my things in my room and waited for Ally to do the same. We went downstairs and the secon we reached the bottom the doorbell rang.
"Oh, that mus be Mikey" Gerard announced
"Oh, cool..." wait...WHAT?! i was still in my mikey fuckin way shirt! I need to change! I just turned on my heel when I heard:
"Seriously Gerard did you even hear the doorbell? I needed to use my key to get in!"
Well... I guess it's too late to change now...

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